One of Harvey Weinstein's ex assistants speaks out

A former assistant who worked for Harvey Weinstein for more than a decade has spoken out to CBS This Morning. 12-10-17
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One of Harvey Weinstein's ex assistants speaks out
A former assistant who worked for Harvey Weinstein for more than a decade has spoken out to CBS This Morning.
Do you respect male actors for their grovelling and pandering? What. like after first grovelling to Harvey Weinstein. Nope Personally I think some of em because of their past grovelling to the likes of Harvey Weinstein (and they did) in full view of all the world's media I don't respect any of them who grovelled, not one of them Man or Woman alike and neither should anybody else. They are a disgrace not only to their gender but also to their fellow profession's who they systematically badly let down. How they now have the front to call Harvey Weinstein after what they did year-on-year-out is breathtaking.
With all of the liberal democrat men being fired for sexual harassment, liberals are now saying that there should be some "due process".? you know . . . if you want a quid pro quo, then let's do it . . . all the "liberals" now on the table, as being reported in "the liberal media" as gropers, sexual manipulators for your gropers . . . let's clean house ... as Harvey Weinstein certainly has been banished, off the map...Roy Moore is, like Harvey Weinstein, a sexual predator, a powerful male manipulator of vulnerable females . . . there's enough evidence of that along with Moore's other cowardly actions...
Harvey Weinstein is a Democrat. If Harvey expresses true remorse for his crimes, what harm was done?
What will cons do when President Oprah puts President Obama on the Supreme Court and Michelle becomes Attorney General? She can put Harvey Weinstein in charge of the EEOC too, right? Cause she and Weinstein are long-time buds.
Jennifer lawrence wants to date Scott Disick and says she is rude to her fans. Why? She’s desperate for publicity now that Harvey Weinstein has been outed as an abuser of women, she was a ‘Weinstein girl’, and is scared that her career will flop as he won her all of her awards. She will probably say anything for attention now.
Was Hurricane Harvey named after Harvey Weinstein??
Harvey Weinstein’s former assistant speaks out The woman who asked to be known as Karen (pictured) described the disgraced film producer as a 'genius'. But speaking on After The News, she described his behaviour as 'disgusting'.
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Harvey Weinstein's Brother Speaks Out
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Bob Weinstein reveals 'sick and depraved' brother Harvey Weinstein abused him "I am not looking for one bit of sympathy from anyone," he said.
Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein Co. Face Class-Action Racketeering Lawsuit Over Sexual Harassment The mountain of litigation stemming from allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Harvey Weinstein continues to grow. On Wednesday, six women filed a proposed class-action lawsuit in federal court in New York against the disgraced film producer and his former companies, claiming that the system that exposed them to harassment from Weinstein was akin […]
Weinstein Co board ousts Harvey Weinstein after harassment allegations
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Harvey Weinstein: 'Business as usual' at Weinstein Co, brother insists Harvey Weinstein's brother Bob insists their production company is not facing closure or sale.
Bob Weinstein says 'sick and depraved' brother Harvey Weinstein abused him "I am not looking for one bit of sympathy from anyone," he said.
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