Golden Retriever in LA gives owner the perfect hug

Louie, a three-year old Golden Retriever from Los Angeles, appears in a heart-warming video lying on his owner and resting his head on her chin as she scratches his belly. 12-10-17
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Golden Retriever in LA gives owner the perfect hug
Louie, a three-year old Golden Retriever from Los Angeles, appears in a heart-warming video lying on his owner and resting his head on her chin as she scratches his belly.
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I have both, Yellow Lab and a Golden Retriever. Total different personalities, the Golden wants to sleep in, take things slow and the Lab wakes up early and hits the floor at 100 mph. Bothy seem to love people and kids, I have never had a concern about them biting anyone or being aggressive. The Golden sheds like crazy, every morning it's like I sweep a soccer ball worth of hair :-) If I had to do it over again, I would probably pick a second Golden rather that a Yellow...
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Golden retriever or golden doodle. Retrievers are high energy but if you only want to walk, it will suffice. They are good apartment dogs if you can train them young (before they turn 1) Doodles are hypoallergenic (I think) They don't bark much (especially if you train them right)
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What is the largest Golden Retriever ever officially measured? Ironically, if a golden retriever measures larger than the breed standard as defined by the AKC and other kennel clubs, then the dog is disqualified to show as that breed. The breed standard is this (note that the weight should not exceed 80 lbs.): Build: Sturdy, well-proportioned; chest and neck are broad Weight: 25-36 kg (55-80 lb) Height: 51-61 cm (20-24 inches) Coat: Double coat, medium-length, feathered, wavy or flat Color: Cream to golden-colored, possibly reddish Head: Broad, with a tapering, but wide, powerful muzzle and clear frontal stop Teeth: Scissors bite Eyes: Kindly and brown w
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