Theresa May's Brexit plans in disarray after Tory rebellion forces delay to flagship Brexit bill

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  • [11-08] @OwenJones84 Who cares? #Brexit is brexit. There is no socialist paradise brexit. It will be the same as Tory brexit.
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Theresa May's Brexit plans in disarray after Tory rebellion forces delay to flagship Brexit bill
So way should we leave the EU? Therese May didn't secure a mandate in the elections to leave the single market.? do we have to keep doing this, I voted to remain by the way. It wasn't a vote on Brexit, Corbyn also said Brexit should/is going ahead, according to your reasonoing, you could say 80% of people voted for Brexit, since Labour and Tory achieved about 80%
Will Britain be able to get a "hard Brexit"? Or will it be blocked? Obviously Britain voted to leave the EU on 23 June. However, some remainer politicians are trying to either keep us in the single-market ("soft Brexit") or stop Brexit all together. Will Brexit be blocked? Or in other words: what are the chances of Brexit being blocked? If the Supreme Court rules that...
Ms Sturgeon and her 'taking another vote on a UK split' - so she gets a stay together vote, again, what then. So she gets a leave, break? It looks like self-harmers have taken over the UK. Tory cutters and Tory brexiters. And now another attempt at an internal divorce petition. If her new one isn't really democratic in the sense that more than 50% of the total Scottish electorate votes to quit the UK, then it will cause an additional and similar layer of chaos to that of Brexit. Independence needs to be clear, not a fudge. People should be enthusiastic about it. Minority vote independence (as with Brexit) causes unending internal strife and makes everyone sullenly work to rule.
What is going to happen now with Brexit.? Brexit still on. Under May's appointed leadership UK PM talks Brexit plan with EU leaders PM Theresa May "emphasises commitment to delivering the will" of UK to leave EU in phone calls with European leaders http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-36570120#"
Is Tory need for secrecy on brexit, a ruse?We've had secrecy on Brexit $,yet we find we will pay $ exactly which EU asked for.Is only UK pub?
Ryanair has been Taking the Mickey for too long- Will passengers who have swallowed to get cheap flights finally person-up and go elsewhere? its brexit its brexit its brexit im taking all my planes to another country. can you hear O'Leary telling the press and media who's fault it really is.
Theresa May faces Tory backlash over putting Brexit date in EU withdrawal bill as debate starts - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including MPs debating and voting on the first day of the EU withdrawal bill’s committee stage 11.07pm) by 316 votes to 296 - a majority of 20. The voting figures are exactly the same as they were in the vote 15 minutes ago.
Tory disarray the hallmark of rolling Brexit agenda Analysis: Unsettled Conservative benches show little inclination to unite around PM
May warns against Tory rebellion on Brexit legislation British Prime Minister Theresa May is attempting to prevent a Tory rebellion over Brexit ahead of the first Commons votes on the legislation to withdraw from the European Union.
Theresa May to back Brexit compromise to quell rebellion over date To avoid second Commons defeat, PM will throw weight behind amendment giving MPs power to amend deadline if EU27 agree Theresa May is ready to throw her weight behind a Brexit compromise from Conservative MPs in order to quell a growing rebellion over the government’s attempt to enshrine the date of Britain’s EU departure in EU law. The prime minister will support an amendment that leaves the Brexit deadline in place but gives MPs the power to push it back if the EU27 agree, in order to avoid a second Continue reading...
Tory Brexiteers, not EU, stoking Theresa May’s Brexit hell Conservatives claiming EU transition deal will reduce Britain to status of ‘vassal state’
Tory MPs advise Theresa May not to increase Brexit exit payment Downing Street rejects claims PM was ready to double UK divorce bill offer to €40bn
Theresa May rebukes ministers as Tory tensions rise over Brexit
PM bids to stop Tory Brexit rebellion while Number 10 sources reject claim of £50bn exit price If would-be rebels attempt to water down the Repeal Bill, they risk putting Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10, Mrs May's allies have warned.
Tory rebels urge Theresa May to form cross-party alliance for soft Brexit Backbenchers who defeated government last week believe PM should reach out to Labour MPs and face down hard BrexitersConservative backbench rebels who defeated the government last week are urging Theresa May to reach out to Labour MPs and form a cross-party alliance for a soft Brexit.A..
Is Theresa May Right to Delay Brexit Negotiations? Delaying till 2017 could mean January or December—and that could have high costs.
Boris Johnson tops poll of Tory activists to be next party leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over Brexit meddling BORIS Johnson has surged back to the top of the rankings for who Tory activists want to be their next leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over his Brexit meddling. The Foreign Secretary leads the monthly ConservativeHome survey on 21 per cent as Jacob Rees Mogg sits in second place on 15, […]
May rejects Tory MPs' pleas to clarify her Brexit plans
Theresa May to Lay Out Brexit Plans in Brussels May to Lay Out Brexit Plans in Brussels Prime Minister Theresa May heads to her first Brussels summit of European Union leaders on Thursday as she wrestles to balance demands at home on how to extract the U.K. from the bloc.
Philip Stephens: Merkel’s message to Theresa May - Brexit means Brexit We have been here before. Misreading Bonn and later Berlin has been one of the more reliable threads of 44 years of British EU membership
[Bloomberg Business] RT @Brexit: Theresa May is surrounded - plus Monday's other Brexit headlines
Theresa May pledges to listen to MPs on Brexit Bill British prime minister defends legislation on UK’s EU departure amid growing opposition
Theresa May suffers second Brexit bill defeat
Why Brexit Could Thwart Theresa May's Housing Plans Plans to build more rental properties could come to nothing if housing developers can't see the benefits.
So David Davis won't be found in contempt... 10 Tory MPs and one DUP voted that he had complied with resolution on releasing Brexit impact assessments. Rest of Brexit committee (8 opposition MPs) said he hadn't.
Theresa May sets out trade plans for a no deal Brexit PM says Florence speech set new dynamic but white paper prepares for vacuum
Theresa May sets out trade plans for a no-deal Brexit PM says Florence speech set new dynamic but white paper prepares for vacuum
Scotland Plans to Join Challenge to Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Scotland Plans to Join Challenge to Brexit Plan Scotland’s government said it plans to join a challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May’s push to begin the U.K.’s withdrawal from the EU without parliamentary consent.
Theresa May asks for Brexit border plans help with EU deal worry The government has asked businesses for ideas for how to implement customs checks at the border after Brexit as Theresa May admitted the UK could crash out of the EU without a deal.
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Faces Pressure in Parliament Over Brexit Plans U.K.’s May Faces Pressure in Parliament Over Brexit Plans Prime Minister Theresa May’s government on Wednesday defended itself from accusations it isn’t giving lawmakers enough say in its plans to leave the European Union, saying it welcomed scrutiny but needed to protect its negotiating position.
What would Brexit mean for my immediate Europe travel plans from the UK? [closed] I am planning a trip from England to Croatia in this coming July 2016, one month after the EU referendum will have taken place in the United Kingdom. How would the possibility of Britain leaving the ...
Why are leave voters angry about proposed plans to give remain voters individual EU Citizenship after Brexit?
Will the UK be better after Brexit or not?
Why is Brexit considered so bad for the EU?
How do I prevent Brexit? One of the achievements for Plague Inc is preventing Britain from leaving the EU. Occasionally while playing I see a pop up saying that Britain voted for a referendum to leave the EU, so I assume it ...
Can the UK realistically back out of Brexit?
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