Theresa May must fight for right to lead Conservative Party — and sort out a Brexit position the Cabinet can agree on

REMARKABLY, the Cabinet has never had a proper discussion about the really big Brexit question: What should the final deal with the EU look like? This is frustrating Cabinet ministers, breeding distrust and contributing to the current breakdown of discipline within the Government. “The million-dollar question is the trade-off between regulatory compliance and market access […] 13-10-17
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Theresa May must fight for right to lead Conservative Party — and sort out a Brexit position the Cabinet can agree on
REMARKABLY, the Cabinet has never had a proper discussion about the really big Brexit question: What should the final deal with the EU look like? This is frustrating Cabinet ministers, breeding distrust and contributing to the current breakdown of discipline within the Government. “The million-dollar question is the trade-off between regulatory compliance and market access […]
She doesn't miss a trick does she this woman from stabbing in the back from afar (Brussels) to running around telling porkies, she really is irritating. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to make out she's something that she's most defiantly not, she doesn't have any sort of veto except the one that Theresa May has offered her. http:// About a third of the way down the link, it reads. Theresa May indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she would not start the formal process for leaving the EU until there is a "UK approach" backed by Scotland.and all the other representatives of the Union, in that she wants their co operation take along . The link goes on to say. In a sign that the new Prime Minister was committed to keeping the Union intact, Mrs May said she would not trigger Article 50 - the formal process for withdrawing from the EU - until all the devolved nations in the country agree . That's her so-called veto, her so-called strong position, its nothing of the sort, what it is however, is Theresa May being courteous. The woman is an absolute disgrace for even suggesting she has a veto, because she doesn't have anything of the sort, what she does have or had is an offer of co operation from somebody trying to do the right thing. That without a second though of anything except herself, has thrown it back into the face of the person who offered it, which to me is an absolute disgraceful display of shameful behaviour, not becoming of somebody that she most certainly is not. This woman needs to be put firmly in her place.
How come the Labour Party did not make known its position on Brexit? Many traditional Labour voters did not know what the Labour Party's position was before the referendum. Even a small swing would have blocked Brexit. As for the bill - nobody from any party knew about such matters.
1. Work for a major corporation 2. Become a multi millionaire or a billionaire. 3. Absolutely hate whatever department your cabinet position is for. 4. Absolute loyalty to Trump, the public be damned. 5. Be completely unaware of what the department you wish to lead does. 6. Republican/ultra conservative. 7 Once again Absolute Loyalty to Trump.
The EU probably cannot believe their luck at being able to get rid of the UK and be paid for doing so too. But's that's just a tad too cynical. Certainly the UK electorate were lied to by the Brexit side and not told what they really needed to know by the remain side, lest David Cameron might look like a rat cornered by the anti-EU wing of his Conservative Party. However, when given the opportunity to cancel Brexit (by voting Lib Dem at the last election) the vast majority couldn't be bothered. Clearly there is one hell of a lot of 're-educating' to be done!
they were whingeing in the corner like frightened old grannies while conservative PM theresa may let the terrorists into UK oops theresa may was also home secretary, but don't let the facts get in the way
Sooner or later the Scottish National Party's bubble will burst as voters see that some of their financial policies are unachievable long term due to financial constrictions.whatever some of their more vocal supporters say It is true that the Conservative Party has all but been obliterated in Scotland and this position it finds itself will remain for the foreseeable future. The Scottish Nation Party have also noticed this trend and are concerned that a possible new centre political party emerging that is why we see derision and scorn being levelled at the UKIP party where not long ago their leader was manhandled. As Shakespeare said. ' Would a rose smell as sweet under any another name' So Would the Conservative Party in Scotland overcome the apathy and ill will it it labelled with at the present time under another name? Some political analysts would say why change its name and logo when it is already represented in Holyrood. Thank you Taff,I bow to your wisdom.
Conservative conference 2017: Theresa May says she does not want 'yes men' in her cabinet Continue reading...
Weaker pound reflects Theresa May’s Brexit position Markets are not alone in their unsparing verdict on Theresa May’s bickering cabinet
Theresa May Joins U.K. Conservative Party’s Leadership Race Theresa May Joins U.K. Conservative Party’s Leadership Race British Home Secretary Theresa May announced her candidacy for the U.K. Conservative Party leadership race that will also decide the next prime minister, positioning herself as a safe pair of hands at a time when Britain’s future has been thrown into question.
Theresa May 'resilient' amid Conservative party infighting "It has never been my style to hide from a challenge," says the PM, after her mishap-strewn speech.
Someone just handed Theresa May a P45 during her speech at the Conservative Party Conference
Britain’s Theresa May Begins Sounding Out Europe on Brexit Negotiating Position Britain Begins Sounding Out Europe on Brexit Conditions Britain’s Theresa May met with Germany’s Angela Merkel for the first time Wednesday, declaring that the U.K. wasn’t walking away from its “European friends.”
UKIP Nigel Farage - Theresa May Has No Support In The Conservative Party
Theresa May Wins First Round of U.K. Conservative Party Leadership Vote May Wins First Round of U.K. Conservative Party Vote Home Secretary Theresa May established herself as the front-runner in the race to become the next U.K. prime minister by convincingly winning a first round of voting for a new Conservative Party chief.
@WSJ: ’s Theresa May plays down cabinet divisions over Brexit
When is Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference today and where in Manchester is it taking place? THERESA May will bring the 2017 Conservative party conference to a close by becoming the first PM in decades to unveil a major programme to build council houses. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of her speech in Manchester as she tries to get her party back on track…   When is the Conservative party […]
Theresa May's cabinet agrees to pay more to break Brexit deadlock Divorce bill may total £40bn but senior leave campaigners insist it will be withheld if EU does not offer acceptable deal Theresa May’s cabinet is prepared to increase its financial offer to the EU in an attempt to break the deadlock in Brexit talks but will make clear that any figure is contingent on the successful completion of trade talks. A crunch meeting of the prime minister’s new Brexit sub-committee, set up to discuss the government’s strategy for critical negotiations, agreed to a calculation of the divorce bill that would resul
Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter: "Watch my speech this morning at Conservative Party Conference
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Boris Johnson says ‘whole cabinet is united’ behind Theresa May’s Brexit strategy
A new cabinet won’t save Theresa May. Brexit has doomed her | Steve Richards Talk of a reshuffle is toxic. This prime minister’s fate is sealed, and sacking Boris Johnson could hasten the end Forget about a
Does the Conservative Party of Canada have a ban on abortion in its platform? It would either be an outright ban (outlawed) or a ban on the public funding part (health care being all public in Canada). But I'm just asking: is there such a thing in their platform?
Is there a clear statement from the DUP on their position on the post-Brexit border with Ireland?
A political party that can't agree internally on policy I've been amused recently by the US Republican party struggling to pass healthcare legislation, and by Mitch McConnell's mixed metaphor of it being a Rubik's Cube that somehow has "dials that need to ...
Do you agree with Hegel's assertion: 'quantity changes lead to quality changes'? [closed] Material things change every second (through natural (atomic) "decay"). However. things in the mind seem to not change at all. For example, 1+1=2 never varies. What is the difference between '...
Why does using Lorentz tranformations lead me to a result that doesn't agree with Einstein velocity addition?
Is there any sort of bonus for winning a fight without losing a fighter? In the fighting games I've played in the past (a very limited number... basically Street Fighter IV and Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax), I seem to recall getting a bonus for not taking a certain amount of ...
What is the difference between the Tory party the labor party and the Conservative party in Britain?
With which of the following statements would a conservative most likely agree?
Why did Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great fight two wars against each other?
Which party are conservative?
Where was the conservative party?
What is the Conservative party in US?
What is a Conservative Party?
What does the conservative party believe in?
Who was the leader of the Conservative Party? Benjamin Disraeli
Which party in seen as more conservative in its views?
How many seats are in the conservative party in the UK?
What is the US equivalent of the UK conservative party?
Which party is seen as more conservative in its views?
When did conservative party come to power?
Who is the leader of the conservative party? David Cameron is the present leader of the Conservative Party. He is also Prime Minister of Great Britain as of 11th May 2010.
Why did the conservative party start? You need to say which country you mean. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Canadian Conservative party is the current ruling party of Canada and was created in 2003 out of a merger of the Canadian Alliance Party (Reform) and Progressive Conservative (PC) Party. But that isn't really the why answer. The PC party had it's roots back to the founding of Confederation and Canada's first Prime Minister. Like the Liberal Party of Canada by the 21st century had lost much of it's support due to corruption and scandals while in government during the 20th century. B
How many Scottish Conservative Party members are there? As of May 6th 2011, the Scottish Conservative Party has 15 MSPs.
Is the UK Conservative Party similar to the Democrats in the USA? Actually, UK conservative party is more in line with the US Democratic Party than it is with the US Republican party on most issues, including abortion, same sex marriage, national healthcare, and renewable energy. They're actually to the left of the Democrats on issues like the Death Penalty and National Healthcare. So you're answer is more yes than no.
Lord Patten on China, the Conservative Party and Brexit (extended interview) - BBC Newsnight - Evan Davis speaks to Lord Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, about China, the Conservative Party and Brexit. Newsnight is the BBC's flagship news ...
'STOP,Brexit', ,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - STOP,Brexit',-,EU,ready,to,CURB,immigration,to,appease,Theresa,May,,pleads,Nick,Clegg,'STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg.
'They’d walk ALL OVER you!' Tory mocks Labour MP for party's 'weak' Brexit position - A TORY mocked a Labour MP over his proposed negotiation style in the Brexit talks saying the European Union would “walk all over you”. Nadhim Zahawi ...
'STOP Brexit' EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg - STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg. The arch-Remainer, who lost his seat at the general election in June, has said it was “unforgivable”...
BREAKING - 'STOP Brexit' - EU ready to CURB immigration to appease Theresa May, pleads Nick Clegg - EU LEADERS are ready to “bite the bullet” and curb immigration in the Brussels bloc to convince Theresa May to stop Brexit, Nick Clegg has claimed. · ebreaking
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