BRIEF-Alcoa reaches early termination agreement for power contract tied to curtailed rockdale smelter in Texas (AA)

Oct 13 (Reuters) - Alcoa Corp: 13-10-17
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BRIEF-Alcoa reaches early termination agreement for power contract tied to curtailed rockdale smelter in Texas (AA)
Oct 13 (Reuters) - Alcoa Corp:
Can I get my cable company to lower my bill back to what it was? Calling in to cancel doesn t work if you are locked into a contract. They will remind you of the $200 or whatever it is early termination fee for cancelling early.
Could you please help me with this contract termination letter? The letter is a jumble, showing lack of clarity of thought. Unfortunately, so is your question. You ask for "help with this contract termination letter" but don't say what help you need. Do you want to send this letter and need help to write it better? Have you received it and need help to understand it? The second option is easy: The deal is off, you are out of there unless paragraph 1 of the cooperation agreement offers a possible defence. If you need to send this letter, it will not be easy to pick up all the points. For example, is the termination 'subject to paragraph 1 of the cooperation agreement' or was it raised with the committee 'subject to paragraph 1 of the cooperation agreement'. In either case, I strongly suspect you mean 'in accordance with' rather than 'subject to'. I suspect 'the Committee' and the 'Cooperation Agreement' are defined term in the contract so they should have a leading capital if that is how they have been defined. Are the project authorities a defined term? Who are they? Is this matter within their authority? Is that their correct title? How do they differ from 'the Committee'? In what way do the project authorities have to 'consent .... to your performance'? Did the project authorities also lack consent to your 'not compiling with the administrative principles in the work environment'? In what way are the 'administrative principles in the work environment' applicable to and binding on the person to whom this letter is addressed? Is there a clause in the contract that makes them applicable? If not, they can't be used as a reason to end the contract. We don't know what 'paragraph 1 of the Cooperation Agreement' says so we can't be sure of its relevance or applicability. That makes it difficult to include reference to it reliably in any suggested amendment to the letter. The general principle in any business communication is 'KEEP IT SIMPLE. STICK TO THE POINT'. When that communication has potential legal implications 'SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY'. What's the key point? Your participation under the Cooperation agreement is terminated from the date of this letter. Additional relevant points: This decision was reached by the Project Committee (or whatever you call it) due to your unsatisfactory performance. If you think there is more that is relevant, include it. If any of that sounds harsh, I wouldn't have bothered to answer if I just wanted to be rude. There's nothing in it for me.
How old do you have to be to either buy a car right off the lot or get a car note? In the USA, Federal law says that 18 is the minimum age to enter into a contractual agreement. That includes a purchase contract for buying a vehicle outright as well as financing. You cannot even legally sign an "purchase as-is" agreement because it is a type of contract that releases the seller from certain responsibilities. A contract is a contract. This does not prevent you from purchasing a used car from a private seller for cash, but you cannot buy one from a licensed dealer unless you're 18 or older.
Can you sue potential landlord for denying rental and refunding deposit at the last minute? legally yes she offered you a contract (the rental agreement) you gave her the cheque That means both parties entered into the legal agreement specified by the lease Dont matter that the cheque wasnt cashed- her accepting it as the deposit finalised the contract If it were me I would go see a lawyer and sue her . you cant sue for lost money cos she gave the cheque back , but you can sue for breach of contract and the inconvenience
My Fiancé is a Subcontractor for a Satellite company here in California and has not been paid for 3 jobs he did, what are the laws against..? It would all be spelled out in the contract/agreement he had with his customer (the satellite company). If he believes they're not living up to their end of the agreement, then he would have to take them to court to get payment.
I signed a contract (unknowingly) for someone else. Is that contract null and void, because the other party wasn t aware of the agreement?
Fixed contract early termination, Working without a permit in Cyprus as EU Citizen & Holiday disputes
Alcoa to Close Smelter in Brazil Alcoa to Close Smelter in Brazil Alcoa will shutter its Poços de Caldas primary aluminum smelter in Brazil, a year after curtailing production due to market conditions
Alcoa Considers Closing Australia Smelter Alcoa Reviews Australia Smelter Alcoa put an Australian smelter under review, joining the ranks of companies casting doubt on manufacturing in parts of Australia.
Alcoa to Close Australian Aluminum Smelter Alcoa to Close Australian Smelter Alcoa will close a large smelter in Australia, as stubbornly low raw-aluminum prices mean the 50-year-old facility "has no prospect of becoming financially viable."
Alcoa to Permanently Close Italy Smelter Alcoa to Shut Italian Plant Alcoa Inc. plans to permanently close its Fusina aluminum smelter in Italy and book a charge of up to $35 million for the move in order to cut capacity amid sluggish demand.
Alcoa to Close Remaining Potlines at Massena East Smelter Alcoa to Close Remaining Potlines at Massena East Smelter Aluminum Maker to Keep Massena West Facility Running
Alcoa to Book Charge as It Shuts Down Costly Italian Smelter for Good Alcoa to Book Charge as It Closes Italian Smelter Alcoa said Monday it will book a big charge as it permanently shuts down an expensive smelting facility in Italy that had been curtailed for nearly two years.
Union at Alcoa Canada aluminum smelter backs strike mandate
Obama-era solar power program reaches goal early A U.S. solar power initiative enacted by former President Barack Obama reached a goal for cost competitiveness three years early, the government said.
Infosys BPO renews contract with Alcoa
Alcoa Gets $1.5 Billion Supply Contract From GE Alcoa Gets $1.5 Billion Supply Contract From GE Alcoa has struck a $1.5 billion long-term supply contract with General Electric Inc.’s aviation unit, underscoring the aluminum producer’s efforts to offset difficult conditions in its raw-aluminum business.
We gave Intels more than a year, says NPA on termination of agreement The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) says it gave the Integrated Logistics Services (Intels) to comply with the federal government’s directive on the treasury single account (TSA). ..
Alcoa Reaches Deal With Elliott on Board Members Alcoa Reaches Deal With Elliott on Board Members Alcoa said it would add three directors to its board, reaching a deal with activist Elliott Management in which the hedge fund will support the aluminum company’s slate of directors up for election this year.
Alcoa to Supply Embraer in $470 Million Contract Alcoa to Supply Embraer in $470 Million Contract Alcoa said Thursday that it won a contract to supply aluminum sheet and plate to Embraer in a contract valued at about $470 million.
World Sport rejects BCCI's termination of agreement
Alcoa Reaches Supply Pact with Boeing Valued at More Than $1 Billion Alcoa in Supply Pact With Boeing Alcoa said it signed a multiyear contract to supply aluminum sheet and plate products to aerospace giant Boeing valued at more than $1 billion.
Contract workers termination deplored
Termination of 329 contract staff deferred
Termination of contract workers condemned
Alcoa to Close Indiana Plant, Idle Another in Texas Alcoa to End Operations at Two Plants Alcoa plans to close one of the country’s biggest aluminum smelters in Indiana and idle production at a plant in Texas, resulting in the loss of 1,270 jobs.
Gammon moves HC for stay on termination of contract
GMR claims $803 m for termination of Male airport contract
Termination of BSNL contract workers condemned
Proposed termination of TTD contract staff stayed
Defaulting on early termination charges out of a phone contract I was wondering what the consequences are: is your credit history ruined, or merely dinged? Is the blow recoverable? Can the carrier try to get the money back in court? I assume you'll wind up ...
Relocation assistance agreement outside of contract
How to diagnose the cause of no power reaching the spark plugs when power reaches everything else, after checking fuses? I've been trying to get my long-suffering Toyota RAV4 first generation (1998) to start after numerous different problems, the latest of which I've narrowed to the spark plugs not firing seemingly due ...
is there a simpler, early termination condition in primal dual algorithm for constrained quadratic function
Did the early Church Fathers have a complete agreement on how to interpret 1 Peter 3:18-20? Did the early Church Fathers have a complete agreement on how to interpret 1 Peter 3:18-20 or did they also have some differences in the way they interpreted these words by Peter? I specifically mean ...
Two 12 volt batteries lowering reaches power I just added an extra deep cycle 12 volt battery to my camper. I used half inch 15ft (or so) wire to connect the positive to the older batterys positive and the same for the negative. My older ...
How do you end a contract with AT and T without paying the early termination fee Or any contract as a matter of fact?
Is the early termination fee at AT and T on the phone or contract?
How do you get out of a sprint contract without paying early termination fee?
How can you get off a Verizon 2 year contract without paying an early termination fee?
Do you have to pay an early termination fee to upgrade a Verizon Wireless phone in the middle of a contract?
What happens when RNA polymerase reaches the termination signal?
Termination of contract cases?
Did you sign an agreement which relates to the assignment of Intellectual Property Rights after termination of employment?
What was the effect of the the termination of a licensing agreement between Japan Tobacco and Philip Morris and Company?
Can you return a used car in GA within 120 hours with a bailment agreement signed and a contract signed if the dealer is not up-holding the amount within the contract?
What is XO Communications Early Termination Fee for T1?
What are the risks of early termination of a car lease?
What are the consequences of beginning to make double auto lease payments monthly when you are halfway through a 3-year contract in order to pay the contract off early?
Are you tied into a lease purchase agreement for life even after it is paid off?
How much is a Samsung Galaxy S3's early termination fee for US Cellular?
What are the early termination fees for ATT data service?
What actions do you take when you are buying owner financed property with a self drawn non notarizied contract and do you file the contract in Texas? The very first action you should take is to consult with an attorney. You are taking a big risk by signing contracts to purchase and finance real estate without the benefit of legal counsel. You will probably need one at some point down the road. You can try filing your "self drawn contract" in the land records office. The staff will tell you if it needs to be notarized to be recorded.
Is a verbal contract legal in Texas with business contract? Verbal agreements are enforceable. There are some contracts that have to be in writing depending on the time frames and whether real property is involved.
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