Trove of 'Russian troll' posts exposed by Congress

US senators reveal further examples of divisive social media propaganda they think Russia created.
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  • Sudan: Dignitaries honour late-Russian ambassador Shirinski in Khartoum Diplomats and officials came to the Russian Embassy in Khartoum, on Monday, to sign a book of condolences in honour of Russian ambassador to Sudan, Mirgayas Shirinski, who died in his home on August 23. Dr. Ali Al Haj, the Secretary General of the Popular Congress Party, stated “On behalf of the People’s Congress Party in Sudan, we have extended condolences to the Russian Embassy and the family… View On WordPress
  • Rahul Gandhi confidants get posts in Congress piecemeal changes [ad_1] By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published:September 10, 2017 2:27 am Congress appointed Lok Sabha MP Sushmita Dev as the president of its women’s wing — the All India Mahila Congress. As part of the piecemeal reorganising of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretariat, the party on Saturday divested general secretary Mohan Prakash of the… View On WordPress
  • U.S. Senate releases trove of Russian Facebook ads, revealing sophisticated influence campaign
  • I am in awe of my aunts treasure trove of gems! A Russian Rainbow Hematite ... . . . . #familylore #theapprentice #inawe...
  • Why do people read (and comment on) blogs they don’t like? This is going to be a pretty short post.   Someone who I won’t name had been commenting frequently on my political posts, and their views are almost the polar opposite of mine.   I can’t say this person is exactly a troll, because their comments weren’t offensive or abusive enough to qualify as troll comments, but their views were certainly at odds with mine and he/she wasn’t always very nice… View On WordPress
  • [29-09] @GuardianRover Why are you defending #DotardTrump? This is not about Russian trolls. No Russian troll attacked Trump. This fascism 101
  • [19-11] is this what a russian troll says?
  • [09-10] 1/ Why do some think that #280Characters will help trolls? Troll posts I’ve seen are short. My favorite one directed at m
  • [29-09] "Russian Troll T-shirt" from Tagpopr
  • [30-09] Russian Troll T-shirts by TagPopr!!!
  • [07-11] #IAmHillary Is all you need to Tweet to get the Russian Troll Farm activated.
  • [22-09] @Kingfan44z Here is another #dotard who escaped from the Russian troll farm.
  • [20-11] Russian troll describes work in the infamous misinformation factory
  • [05-11] This is a pro #indyref2 Russian troll. Who spells his attempt at colloquial language in their bio.
  • [03-11] Liam Fox Unmasked As Creation Of Russian 'Troll Factory' #LiamFox
  • [18-11] #Puigdemont is 'Moscow #spy Cipollino': Russian pranksters troll #Spain's minister
  • [17-11] #isitok that the Russian troll factory is under Sydney harbour bridge #thelastleg
  • [27-08] @CharlesTannock Have you seen the analysis on the David Jones #brexit #troll a/c ? Its a russian bot ! I've blocked a
  • [20-11] Apparently the Russian Troll factories are now trying getting #BoycottKeurig to Trend.It's so blatantly obvious.Keurig n
  • [02-10] @Woman4Trump @cnnbrk You're clearly a poorly programmed Russian bot troll that your grasp of English is so tenuous…
  • [29-09] This is mind-blowing: Russian troll farms tweeting with hashtags #boycottnfl, #standforouranthem and #takeaknee
  • [10-11] @beckybower651 @jpodhoretz @benshapiro Good to see Russian troll account Becky is placing the blame on the 14 year…
  • [29-08] @OwenJones84 Are you still content to support a #Brexit supported by a Russian troll factory spewing neo-fascist propag
  • [22-11] A second Townsville @PaulineHansonOz One Nation candidate exposed for sleazy posts on his Facebook. Mundingburra ca…
  • [31-10] Facebook: 126 Million Americans Saw Russian Campaign Posts
  • [02-11] Russian troll farms & #PaidTwitter hard @ work in South Africa. Bro Putin wants his #NuclearDeal real bad and #CR17…
  • [30-09] #LGBT EXPOSED - Hard-Hitting, Major Russian TV Film (SODOM)
  • [04-10] Sometimes I read comments on posts by @realDonaldTrump (#DotardTrump) and I can only think that he was an awful lot of Russian support. #ugh
  • [31-07] #KennethMejia for #Congress - Posts | Congratulations to #Scotland on setting a target goal......
  • [19-11] is this what a russian troll says?
  • [20-11] Russian troll describes work in the infamous misinformation factory
Trove of 'Russian troll' posts exposed by Congress
US senators reveal further examples of divisive social media propaganda they think Russia created.
i don't like being exposed to diversity?
Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying **** what Trump posts on social media?
Is Australia slightly exposed when it comes to military conflict?
An ex St. Petersburg ‘troll’ speaks out: Russian independent TV network interviews former troll at the Internet Research Agency
The tech bros exposed by alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos' emails
The dudes exposed by alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos' gross emails
Accenture left a huge trove of highly sensitive data on exposed servers
The four exposed servers had no password, but contained the "keys to the kingdom."
How to use Facebook like a Russian political troll
Notorious Russian Twitter troll may be back
Twitter suspends more than 2,500 Russian troll accounts
Twitter has uncovered and suspended 2,752 accounts — many of them automated — that are linked to to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. The Russian propaganda accounts issued a total of 1.4 million tweets during the 2016 presidential election, the social media company plans to reveal in congressional testimony. The updated number of Russia-linked troll accounts...
Russian 'troll factory' stoked Islamophobia in Texas
On May 21 2016, a handful of people turned out to protest the opening of a library at an Islamic Center in Houston, Texas. Two held up a banner proclaiming #WhiteLivesMatter. A counter-protest began across the street; video shows a noisy but non-violent confrontation. 
Russian troll reveals 'merry-go-round of lies
In a nondescript concrete building secured by camouflaged guards and turnstiles, trolls worked around the clock to spread misinformation online.
Facebook says it sold ads to Russian 'troll farm' during 2016 campaign
Facebook told congressional investigators on Wednesday that it sold political ads during the 2016 U.S. presidential election to a Russian "troll farm" that was looking to target American voters.
Facebook sold targeted ads to a Russian 'troll farm,' and that's a big problem
So Facebook reportedly sold thousands of ads to a shady Russian company trying to influence voters around the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This much we know. What is less clear, perhaps, is just how big of a deal this is.  Unfortunately, the answer is complicated. But nothing about this looks good.  The company in question, which The Washington Post reports is tied to a Russian propaganda "troll farm," ran ads that Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos wrote "appeared to focus on amplifying divisive social and political mess
How does one obtain a Witcher 3 Troll Mutagen from a non-quest specific troll, at least one of which you never exchange dialogue with? I have played the Witcher 3, exchanged dialogue with 5 trolls already, and decided not to kill them. All 5 trolls were involved in specific quests. I have killed two trolls of which I did not exchange ...
How would I replace 4 posts and beam holding my covered patio with 2 posts? I have a covered patio that extends 10' from the house towards the yard/pool and has a width of 30-33'. The covered patio seems to be part of the roof, I even have access from the attic as we ran some ...
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Where can I find a free Russian Bible other than the Russian Synodal Translation? [closed] I am considering to translate my book into Russian. A stopper for this is that the standard Russian Bible (Russian Synodal Translation) is out of question very poor quality. (I once compared it with ...
Is it possible to get a Russian visa with a Dutch passport while holding the Russian nationality? In a discussion with travel buddies the following issue came up as the result of a Russian trip planning.The situation of the person is as follows:Born in Azerbeidjan (former Soviet state).In the possession of a Dutch passport.Due to being born in a former Soviet state he is also registered as having the Russian nationality (I found this causality weird, but that's how it was explained). He doesn't have a valid Russian passport though. In the Dutch passport it's obviously stated that he is born in Azerbeidjan.For some reason (the person was not really clear about this) obtaining a Russian passport is not an easy option. He said it involves a large amount of money, a lot of time and hassle.Is it possible for this person to obtain a Russian visa in The Netherlands on his Dutch passport?The story goes that this is not possible as the Russians will note the country of birth and then conclude that the person needs to be in possession of a Russian passport, hence denying access on another (in this case Dutch) passport.I could not find any hard facts supporting this story, that's why I decided to ask this question here.
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Will you need a Russian visa to go to Russia if you are a Russian citizen but your international Russian passport has expired and you have American passport and a green card? You need to have a valid greencard and an American passport to return to America after your visit. I'm not sure. Maybe, most likely. Or you could just consider getting the passport 'renewed' Recources - I am Russian
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[20-11] What would weather faster exposed limestone in southern Florida or exposed granite in northern Canada Explain?
Why do X-ray technicians use lead aprons and other forms of protection when they are exposed to X-rays while we are exposed to many radio waves all the time and are not protected?
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If a rancher is building a straight open-ended fence by stringing wire between posts 25 feet apart If the fence is 100 feet long how many posts should the rancher use? 5
If a Indian man on tourist visa marries his Russian girlfriend in Russia can he get a Russian citizenship? Only if the Russian girlfriend lives in Russia and has a Russian citizenship
Russian born painter in France whose subjects included dreams and Russian folklore?
What movie is it about a Russian guy whos out to kill the Russian or German men who killed his family and ate his sister?
The humiliating Treaty of Brest-Litovsk which ended Russian involvement in World War 1 was agreed to by which Russian ruler?
Why do sun burns usually show up after you are exposed to the Sun and not when you're exposed to the Sun?
When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian government in 1917 they moved the Russian capital FROM where TO where?
What two ranges separate Russian Asia from Russian Europe? The Ural Mountains separate European Russia and Asian Russia. The Caucus Mountains separate Russia (European Russia to be exact) from the Middle East (an Asian region), not Asian Russia.
[16-11] If an electrical wire is exposed and could electrocute someone what type of material should you use to cover the exposed wire?
Did Russian soldiers support the Russian revolution?
Are college field goal posts smaller than NFL field goal posts? No, they are the same. They used to be wider (23 feet 4 inches, same as high school), but in 1991 they narrowed them to 18 feet 6 inches, same as the NFL.
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Abella still Spokesperson, office's FB posts troll-like comment - Ernesto Abella's assistant China Jocson says he's still 'carrying out his mandate' amid rumors he may be replaced. During that briefing, the office's verified ...
Russian-Planted FB Posts Much Broader Than Disclosed - The company's general counsel will tell a Senate panel Tuesday, Facebook has identified 80000 Russia-linked posts on its platform that sought to interfere in ...
These are the most bizarre russian election-meddling posts that have just been released - These are the most bizarre russian election-meddling posts that have just been released. Hillary Clinton battling Jesus, a critique of police brutality and an ...
Facebook pressured to notify people who saw russian posts - Facebook pressured to notify people who saw russian posts WASHINGTON: Facebook Inc received several tongue-lashings during US congressional hearings ...
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