Video: Rare footage of Edinburgh in the 1930s

A rare piece of footage showcasing Edinburgh life in the 1930s has proved a big hit online. 07-11-17
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Video: Rare footage of Edinburgh in the 1930s
A rare piece of footage showcasing Edinburgh life in the 1930s has proved a big hit online.
Which is better being famous with pictures rare footage but no video interviews like Picasso or famous with lots of interviews etc like Ali?
How can I make custom thumbnails for YouTube videos? What are programs for doing so? Just use any bog standard photo editing software... personally I use "Corel Paintshop Pro", which is basically the same idea as Adobe Photoshop only generally cheaper (one off purchase fee instead of a monthly subscription). Just take a still image from the camera, or take a screenshot from your video footage (I do that via video editing software "Corel VideoStudio Pro")... size it to around 1280 pixels x 720 pixels (the dimensions of 720p HD footage), then save it as either a "JPG" or "PNG" graphics file.
What evidence do the proponents of the "the world is not flat (yet)" use? That the video footage of 24 yours of daylight at the south pole is fake. They say it's a looping video. That is their evidence.
Isn't it amazing that police can't find 5 black youths who stabbed a man on a bus but can get a woman for speaking her mind? And politicians expect people to use Bus's instead of their own means transport. But, No not really as her face and voice were clearly visable. I'm not getting into the rights and wrongs on what this woman said and did on a bus from a short and no doubt edited peace of video footage, but I suspect we're going to allot more of these types of video. But here's a though, if a video like this has been edited (for whatever reason) and then posted on the internet to make a person or group of people look bad, shouldn't the person responsible be held accountable for posting such edited material. In my mind there's too many of these types of video being posted that don't show the whole story.
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How is this possible ? Past video footage when they were alive. That or they found look alikes.
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University of Edinburgh Selects Echo360 Video Platform to Reinvent the Student Learning Experience EDINBURGH, Scotland, Sept. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Echo360, the academic video platform used by over three million students in 30 countries, announced today a new, long-term partnership with the University of Edinburgh, one of the leading universities in the world, to improve the student...
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How did they catch video footage of world war 1? A photographic branch was established within the U.S. Army Signal Corps, on July 1917. It was responsible for both ground and aerial photography. 93,000 still images were taken during the war and 900,000 feet of movie film. Kodak developed aerial cameras and trained aerial photographers for the U.S. Signal Corps during World War I.
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Would you be traveling clockwise or counterclockwise if you were going from Edinburgh to Cardiff to London and back to Edinburgh? It would be a triangular clock but you will be travelling anti-clockwise.
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