The Guardian view on data protection: privacy is not enough | Editorial

Now we have woken up to the situation where a handful of giant companies have grown unfathomably rich by processing and then selling on our personal data. Social networks have come to be seen as a way to turn personal information into money, but the data is yours and the money is some squillionaire’s in Silicon Valley. 09-11-17
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The Guardian view on data protection: privacy is not enough | Editorial
Now we have woken up to the situation where a handful of giant companies have grown unfathomably rich by processing and then selling on our personal data. Social networks have come to be seen as a way to turn personal information into money, but the data is yours and the money is some squillionaire’s in Silicon Valley.
Should I make a new Stormfront website that offers data protection and encryption and privacy?
Nikon D7200 photos have gone missing on the camera? yes, that can happen when the data is damaged or something in the cam does not work right to process the data, a help can be then to take the memory card out of the cam to put the memory card into a computer to read the data out, if the data is not damaged, then a computer should be able to properly process the data to show the images as they are supposed to look. if the photos are very important and the computer cant process the data either to show the photos properly, then a data rescue service can be used. if the photos arent very important, then the memory card should be formated in the cam by the cam and new photos taken to see if the new photos can be found in the cam, maybe it needs a new memory card or a new cam or both. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170920182954AApAonl edit : if he had formated the memory card with the cam, then the cam wouldnt tell that the memory is same as before but tell the capacity of the memory card and that there is no data on the memory card. it rather appears that he has not formatted the memory card at all or in the computer with the wrong format, in that case the cam wouldnt be able to write the photos on the memory card but maybe tell that there is data on the card as it attempted to write the photos into the memory. maybe the problem is much easier, there is some write protection on some memory cards, a little knob on the memory card that is set to "lock" (write protection) or "unlock", that knob then simply needs to be set to allow writing data into the memory. the computer with the card reader shows the card "blank", apparently there is nothing saved on the memory card.
Do you agree with all public toilets becoming unisex? I personally don't see a problem with unisex toilets that are fully enclosed, i.e. contains a private door with a lock, a toilet and a wash basin. It actually provides for more privacy. They're costly, but I'd rather have my privacy than have to view others trousers down to their shoes and hear every sound they make, and then have to fight for a space to wash my hands. If we're talking about one large room in the same design as same sex public toilets where they skimp on privacy, I agree that's a problem. Most of the complaints were from Muslims. It's east London.
When will Rosenstein fire Mueller? He did not break the law. While there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy” with the Fourth Amendment, because it does offer some protection against unreasonable searches and seizures—meaning the government would have to go to a judge to obtain a warrant based on probable cause, in a situation such as this, where a third party holds the records, courts have found there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.
Difference between MAR and AR? In a computer, the Memory Address Register (MAR)[1] is the CPU register that either stores the memory address from which data will be fetched to the CPU or the address to which data will be sent and stored. In other words, MAR holds the memory location of data that needs to be accessed. When reading from memory, data addressed by MAR is fed into the MDR (memory data register) and then used by the CPU. When writing to memory, the CPU writes data from MDR to the memory location whose address is stored in MAR. MAR which is found inside the CPU goes either to the RAM(Random Access Memory or Cache) Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, haptics or GPS data.[1] It is related to a more general concept called computer-mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. Augmented reality enhances one’s current perception of reality, whereas in contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.
I'm curious to know. My brother owns a bunch of synology nas server. Is it possible to open a storage business. If so how's that possible? Read the following Wikipedia article: You could set up a web site that offer File or Cloud data storage facilities. Just be aware that if you do this as a business you need to make sure you have adequate protection backup systems to protect against server failure, disk drive failure, virus infections, and network failure. If you charge people to store data, they expect to be able to get it back even if you suffer from various faults that can lose data or cause it to be inaccessible. I hope this helps.
The Guardian view on Britain and the customs union: just do it | Editorial A form of words may still get the UK government over next week’s negotiating hurdle in Brussels. But the real answer is a change of policy In 2016, more than 17 million British people voted to leave the European Union. But – as the journalist to the 2016 Conservative conference . Later, they were included in the Mr Timothy lost his job .
The Guardian view on the Reformation: justification through faith | Editorial Luther’s 95 Theses were supposedly nailed to a church door in Wittenberg 500 years ago on Tuesday. It is impossible to read Luther, for all his coarse vitality, as an apostle of common sense. The reformation was an argument within western Christianity, not a rejection of all that had gone before.
The Guardian view on cyberwar: an urgent problem | Editorial The internet is now used as a low-level weapon of war. How should Britain best defend itself? In the desperate scramble to rearm before the second world war there was always an undercurrent of pessimism. “The bomber will always get through,” Stanley Baldwin the extraordinary case of a teenage hacker, Kane Gamble , operating from his bedroom in Leicestershire, who managed to impersonate the director of the CIA and the deputy director of the FBI and gain access to part of their emails, which included a great deal of classified material.
The Guardian view on the ANC’s new leader: a fresh start | Editorial With the election of Cyril Ramaphosa South Africa has a chance to recover its moral authority, which the rainbow nation gained in its birth but has been lost in the tawdry dealings of the present South Africa’s African National Congress has done the world a favour in state has been conspicuously failing . Contracts were awarded to cronies; 783 counts of corruption if she had won . Her victory would have paved the way for South Africa to become a hereditary kleptocracy. By contrast Mr Ramaphosa is the best chance for recovering the optimi
The Guardian view on Mugabe’s resignation: the end of an era in Zimbabwe | Editorial Zimbabweans cheered and sang as they learned that their president’s 37-year rule was over. But they understand the dangers ahead Robert Mugabe’s liberation hero to his people. When he lost their support he hung on by every means at his disposal. Now his brutal reign is over. But the hope is shaded this time by deep concern about what lies ahead. Forcing his resignation was hardly simple: it took much manoeuvring, a military intervention and the opening of impeachment proceedings before he had to bow to the inevitable. What comes next is mur
The Guardian view on opera: still powerful, still relevant | Editorial The V&A’s new exhibition, the first to be shown in its elegant, recently completed extension by architect Amanda Levete, is devoted to the gloriously extreme world of opera. The show, a collaboration with the Royal Opera House, tells a story that begins with the birth pangs of the artform amid the new sounds of Monteverdi’s Coronation of Poppaea in Venice in 1643, continues with the Handel-obsessed London of the early decades of the 18th century, and passes on to the shock of the premiere of The Marriage of Figaro in 1786, with its dangerou
The Guardian view on the SNP conference: deals and ideals | Editorial It is a mistake to write off the Scottish National party on the basis of the 2017 election. But Nicola Sturgeon faces tough practical challenges on Brexit and the public finances The 2017 general election was
The Guardian view on ‘the mutineers’: protecting parliament | Editorial They are presented as a threat to democracy. But all MPs who challenge the government play a part in strengthening it The “mutineers”, the 15 Conservative MPs pictured on the front of Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph, looked more like new members of a golf club than a clique determined to undermine the will of the people. But this was not meant as a joke, and it had consequences that were not in the least amusing. The 15, all of them potential rebels against the government’s decision to write the EU exit date on to the face of the withdrawal
The Guardian view on translation: an interpretative and creative act | Editorial Translation is always an interpretation: an act of creation that also, paradoxically, demands a fierce loyalty to the original text. Translators are our guides into other times and territories. The sonnet was a southern European form brought to England through Thomas Wyatt’s translations of Petrarch.
The Guardian view on the Brexit talks: no veto for the DUP | Editorial Britain, Ireland and the EU had agreed a form of words. The Democratic Unionist party may be playing to its gallery but it cannot be permitted to override the wishes of the people of these islands The former Irish taoiseach in Brussels on Monday was consistent with such cynicism, it also became clear that something must give on the British side if the multiple disaster of no-deal, still craved by the Tory party’s anti-European and deregulatory zealots, is to be avoided.
The Guardian view on Theresa May: struggling to survive | Editorial The prime minister’s authority is broken. Yet the Tory party has little confidence that anyone else would do the job better Tory party politics, says a leftwing character in James Graham’s new West End play, Labour of Love , consist largely of “posh squirrels fighting in a bag”. This week, the Conservatives look all set to provide spectacular proof of Graham’s character’s scathing comment. Theresa May has come to the party’s conference in Manchester with her authority broken. In June she squandered her majority in an election she
The Guardian view on the UK’s next census: counting what counts | Editorial The Office for National Statistics is trying to find an accurate way of measuring the number of trans Britons. It’s harder than it looks Britons have been describing themselves more or less honestly to government at 10-year intervals since 1801, producing each decade a mirror that reflects back the changing world: more populous, healthier, more diverse and (nowadays) getting older. Each time, a few people declare themselves conscientious objectors, and some
The Guardian view on Yemen: a catastrophe that shames Britain | Editorial The world’s worst humanitarian crisis is deteriorating as a Saudi blockade prevents desperately needed food, fuel and medicine from entering the country. London’s unstinting support for Riyadh makes the UK complicit Twenty years ago, Tony Blair acknowledged the British government’s responsibility for the Irish famine that killed one million people: a healing gesture needed because, even after a century and a half, pain and anger endured and the responsibility of another famine – perhaps the worst for decades, millions are on the brink
The Guardian view on Trump and Jerusalem: undiplomatic diplomacy | Editorial Donald Trump used to brag that he would bring his dealmaking skills to the world’s most intractable problems. Instead he has folded without a card being dealt Thirty years ago this weekend the Continue reading...
The Guardian view on Catalonia’s election: a mandate for compromise | Editorial Both sides in the dispute about Catalan independence have behaved provocatively. The balanced outcome of this week’s vote presents an opportunity to do things differently the new Catalan parliament in spite of, and perhaps because of, the jailing and exile of key leaders. Yet the result is hardly a triumph for these parties, which although winning 70 of the 135 seats, had the backing of only 47.5% of the votes in a very high turnout. There is no mandate for Catalan independence there. But there is no mandate for the status quo either. Both si
The Guardian view on Syria: Putin tests the west | Editorial As a new round of talks gets under way in Geneva, Russia seeks to cement its military gains in favour of the Assad dictatorship by securing UN validation One lesson of history is that peace plans are forged by the victors. Almost exactly a year after Talks, sponsored by the United Nations, are expected in Geneva this week. That is to be welcomed, even though hopes of a breakthrough are slim. Since 2012, numerous rounds of negotiations have come and gone, all essentially fruitless. All too often it was Russian vetoes that hampered effective
The Guardian view on Putin in Syria: victory and desolation | Editorial The Russian president has been on a victory lap to Syria and the Middle East, intent on showing that he has outplayed the US in the region Vladimir Putin where Russia had announced earlier this year that a ceasefire would take hold , children living under siege Continue reading...
The Guardian view on Saudi Arabia: the seventh son rises | Editorial A crackdown on dissent by the youngest heir apparent in Saudi history will not help the desert kingdom find a way out of an economic mess at home and misguided entanglements abroad The ascension in June of Muhammed bin Salman as crown prince of Saudi Arabia was an instant Rorschach test for observers of the desert kingdom. Is he a reformer prepared to drag his kingdom , a repressive regime that writes very large welfare cheques, into the 21st century or a callow princeling whose rise to power could destabilise the region ? The 31-year-old princ
The Guardian view on Brexit divorce: Tories divided | Editorial The puzzle of Northern Ireland has seen Theresa May commit to a soft Brexit. But politically she advocates a hard Brexit, outside the single market and customs union. This tension cannot be sustained Divorce is often a stressful, hostile process, riven by bad feeling on both sides. For Theresa May’s government, leaving a union with Europe is proving to be a humiliating experience. It has been embarrassing to witness ministers pursue a strategy of climbdowns to deliver the misguided exit from the European Union. On Friday morning the terms of
The Guardian view on white nationalism: a rising danger | Editorial Almost a century after the end of ‘the war to end all wars’, Europe is in danger of forgetting lessons from the 20th century In Britain, 11 November is known as Armistice Day, but in Poland the same anniversary of the end of the first world war is remembered as Independence Day. In the west it is a memory of triumph , although one that would be followed by still more crushing Eastern Europe was to be freed from the multinational empires that had ruled it from Vienna and St Petersburg, and in their place would rise a host of little nations f
The Guardian view on sporting diplomacy: scoring not shooting | Editorial The joint North-South Korean ice hockey team planned for next month’s Winter Olympics is a small win, whatever their fortunes on the rink Will a flag and half a dozen ice hockey sticks solve the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula? Of course not. If, as planned, a joint North-South women’s team strides forth under a pro-unification flag at next month’s Winter Olympics in the South, it will be a very small step forwards. But that is one of the paradoxes on which all sports diplomacy rests – it matters because it does not matter. The i
The Guardian view on BBC pay: Carrie Gracie tells the story | Editorial The former China editor has struck a blow for women everywhere by her brave stand for pay transparency and equality. She is a hero for our times Carrie Gracie’s 200 years . Her principled stand cannot be dismissed just because Continue reading...
The Guardian view on Theresa May and Russia: keep pouring the sunshine | Editorial The prime minister’s annual speech on foreign affairs might have highlighted Brexit or the disruptive effect of Trump. But it was vital to call out Russia’s propaganda war too Britain’s prime minister makes the most striking lines of the speech, Mrs May said: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing.”
The Guardian view on Brexit transition: Mrs May must stand firm | Editorial The prime minister must stop indulging those Tories who would push her towards the EU exit without a deal There is no concealing divisions within the cabinet on Brexit but there is consensus that Theresa May’s speech in Florence three weeks ago is the basis from which talks should proceed. That is less impressive than it sounds, since there is no consensus on what Mrs May actually said in Italy. The main point of confusion, made apparent at the Conservative party conference last week, is the form of an “implementation” phase to begin on 2
Where does the “privacy protection password” come from? I wanted to insert a second sim card in my Umi phone. From then onwards, it always asks me for this 'privacy protection password'. I can only insert numbers, not letters... so I'm very puzzled about ...
privacy protection password Different Sims were switched back n forth out of my BluStudio5.0 and now after 3 factory data reset, the lock screen remains asking for a privacy protection password. I don't have a computer to flash ...
privacy protection problem an infinix hot 4lite was recently given to me. problem is I don't know what the privacy protection code was set as and have no means of contacting the previous owner. how do I get rid of this problem?
Privacy Protection password / stock ROM My Fero Royal A1 is asking for privacy Protection password. I activated anti theft and inserted another sim into it. Afterwards I tried the usual phone pin but it wouldn't work and was asking for the ...
How can I recover a Karbonn Privacy protection password? I'm using Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus. A few days ago I had a battery problem and my phone died. Afterwards, I charged the battery by taking it out and charging it in a multi-charger. After it was ...
how to access privacy protection pin -ausus mobile I forgot my pin. It has considered as theft when I changed my SIM card.Now I want to access my mobile-AUSUS mobile.Please help me.
Draw an ER-Diagram for the following entities card type with attributes card-type-idname and editorial-category with the attridutes editorial-category-id editorial-category-name and editorial with at? Definations Of Editorials An editorial (often leader or leading article in the United Kingdom) is a phrase or article by a news organization newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of the editor, editorial board, or publisher. ... the department within a publishing house responsible for the content of its titles, both by commissioning and acquiring but also subsequently ensuring accuracy and completeness of the finished publication Types Of Editorial == editorial of arguementation = Answered By, M.Faisal Shahid
Would an editorial be considered objective data?
Is An editorial in The Washington Post a objective data? Objective Data- expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived WITHOUT distortion by Personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations. hope this helps!
[11-12] What did the privacy protection act ensure?
[11-12] What did the privacy protection act of 1980 ensure?
How is the Internet challenging the protection of individual privacy?
What is federal protection for the privacy of personal health information?
What standards provide federal protection for privacy of health care records?
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means? Editorial- a type of newspaper article that states an opinion about a current topic of interest
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means?
In the types of editorial what do editorial information means?
Does the data protection act protect person data?
What will probably contain the most objective data a letter rebutting an article in a medical journal a memoir about working in a coal mine an editorial in the Washington post or?
What are data privacy issues?
How does computer technology threaten the privacy of your data?
Your health care provider made you talk about your birth control option in a room where other people could hear you. Is it against patient privacy protection law?
[16-11] What would be the minimum number of magazines needed to store NALCDODICs A577 A919 D544 and G890 (Select each highlighted NALC to view its data sheet. View the Storage Compatibility table as required?
Privacy Act and HIPAA - Timely and reliable access to data and information services for authorized users? Availability - Timely, reliable access to data and information services for authorized usersMinimum Necessary Standard - Does not apply to treatment activities and specific information authorized by the patient in a valid HIPAA authorizationTraining - A prerequisite before an employee, manager, or contractor is permitted to acces DoD systemsTechnical Safeguards - Designed to protect health information being created, processed, stored, transmitted, or destroyed
The guardian view on the grenfell inquiry: hear the victims’ voices | editorial - The guardian view on the grenfell inquiry: hear the victims' voices | editorial Exactly six months after the Grenfell Tower fire in which 71 people died, the first formal sessions ...
Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon on EU Privacy, Enforcement & Brexit - Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon on EU Privacy, Enforcement & Brexit.
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