Conor McGregor storms ring and has altercation with referee after Charlie Ward's victory in Dublin

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  • Bellator MMA & Bamma Dublin- A great night of fights that will be remembered for the antics of Conor McGregor DUBLIN (Sun, November 12, 2017)– Bellator & Bamma joined forces once again for an explosive night of fight from Ireland capital city Dublin. Unfortunately this night of fight will be marred in controversy caused by what was Irelands favourite son Conor McGregor when he entered the cage after team-mate Charlie Ward won his fight. Lets get the elephant in the room outa of the way first. Conor… View On WordPress
  • Scannain caught up with producer Jamie D’Alton and director Gavin Fitzgerald about new documentary Conor McGregor: Notorious . Follow one of sport’s most unforgettable journeys as the unflinching and brutally honest documentary,  Conor McGregor: Notorious . Boxing since the age of 12, Dublin-born Conor McGregor has gone from a plumbing apprenticeship and a life on benefits to being the current UFC… View On WordPress
  • #Review: Conor McGregor: Notorious ★★★★ - Highly entertaining, energetic and thrilling Everyone knows Conor McGregor, he’s too loud and audacious for you not to at least heard of some of his exploits so when the time came to tell his story director Gavin Fitzgerald picked up a camera, followed McGregor for 4 years and documented his meteoric rise to fame in Conor McGregor: Notorious . The first element you’ll take note of when you watch Conor McGregor: Notorious is how magnetic… View On WordPress
  • Conor McGregor Baptizes Conor Jr., Wild Party Ensues How does the Conor McGregor clan get down with the Lord? Fire dancers, fireworks and bass-thumpin’ live music … in celebration of Conor Jr.’s christening over the weekend.  It all went down at Luttrellstown Castle in… View On WordPress
  • Conor McGregor’s Coach Has A Specific Date For The Diaz Trilogy Fight [ad_1] Getty Image Now that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is behind us, it’s time to move onto the next thing, and the only fight that matters for Conor McGregor now is the trilogy fight with Nate Diaz. He doesn’t need to unify his belt with whoever wins the interim title fight at UFC 216’s Ferguson vs. Lee. This is what the fans want and what MMA needs. McGregor and Diaz have… View On WordPress
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  • [04-11] With WCF29 - Autumn Altercation just around the corner does Team Monkey have what it takes to win in the ring? (3/3…
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  • [01-11] 🔴🔴 RED CARDS | Drama as Ibrahimi of Guiseley and Dodd of #ftfc have both been dismissed by referee Conor Brown for their pa
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Conor McGregor storms ring and has altercation with referee after Charlie Ward's victory in Dublin
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Conor McGregor storms cage, pushes referee at Bellator 187 after teammate's victory
Conor McGregor jumped into the cage to confront a referee at Bellator 187. After the Irishman was reprimanded by referee Marc Goddard for walking around the Octagon and being a distraction at UFC Gdansk last month, McGregor took things a step further at Bellator 187 by jumping into the cage and confronting Goddard after watching his training partner score a knockout victory. It all took place at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, where Charlie Ward of Team McGregor faced John Redmond in the Spike preliminary card (which will air on tape delay Frida
Conor McGregor involved in altercation at Dublin MMA event
UFC fighter entered octagon at 3Arena and confronted referee and officials
Commission Rep Says Conor McGregor Assaulted Referee, is in Talks With UFC
UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor caused a stir at Bellator 187 on Friday in Dublin, and the official in charge at the event is now pursuing further action. McGregor was at Bellator 187 to support his SBG Ireland teammates, including main card fighter Charlie Ward. After Ward knocked out John Redmond, but before the referee and other officials could check on the health of the fighters, McGregor scaled the Bellator cage and tackled his teammate in celebration.
Conor McGregor: Sorry For Losing It In Dublin, But The Ref Sucks
Conor McGregor Sorry For Losing It In Dublin ... But the Ref Sucks 1 11/14/2017 10:00 AM PST Conor McGregor is apologizing for storming the cage and getting violent with MMA officials during Bellator 187 in Dublin last week ... but he's still trashing the referee.  "I sincerely apologize for my behavior at last weekends fight event in Dublin," McGregor said ... adding he let his emotions get the best of him after watching his training partner Charlie Ward win the fight.  "As a multiple weight UFC champion, executive producer, role model and p
Conor McGregor the movie: Dublin fighter on the big screen
A chance meeting backstage at the Late Late Show led Jamie D’Alton to make Notorious, the movie of McGregor’s rise and rise
Fighters React to Conor McGregor Pushing Referee, Slapping Official
UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was in attendance for Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland on Friday to support training partner Charlie Ward. Ward defeated John Redmond and all hell broke loose. McGregor climbed over the cage to celebrate with Ward and got into an altercation with referee Marc Goddard. After exiting the cage, “The Notorious” climbed the cage again and slapped an official. Fighters reacted to the mayhem via Twitter. TRENDING Anderson Silva Flagged for Potential UFC Doping Violation, Pulled Kelvin Gastelum Bout Follow MMA
Conor McGregor shove and berate a referee moments after Bellator 187 fight ends
UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was at ringside for Irishman Charlie Ward’s fight at Bellator 187 in Dublin Friday, and seconds after Ward scored a knockout victory, McGregor jumped into the cage and tackled Ward in celebration. McGregor’s invasion caused a heated confrontation with referee Marc Goddard. Goddard attempted to separate McGregor and Ward, and McGregor was irate.  MMA Junkie reports that McGregor was not an official cornerman for the bout, and security had reacted to McGregor’s presence at ringside. McGregor and God
MMA official chastises Conor McGregor for jumping into cage, ‘assaulting’ referee at Bellator event
Conor McGregor’s fists and loudmouth persona have made him one of the highest paid fighters in the world. On Saturday, however, his moneymaking attributes earned him plenty of scorn from many in the mixed martial arts community when he got into it with a referee at a Bellator event in Dublin on Friday. Among McGregor’s biggest critics is Mike Mazzulli, president of the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports, an entity that helps organize MMA and boxing events in the United States and Canada, where McGregor does most of his
Has Conor McGregor crossed a line with inexplicable antics at Bellator Dublin event?
Despite not actually competing in an actual MMA contest thus far in 2017, Conor McGregor has made all kinds of the wrong headlines this year, regardless. Then, just weeks ago he was caught on camera repeatedly using a homophobic slur, something that needs to be wiped out not just by Conor but by the alarming number of fighters who use the phrase to insult rivals seemingly out of habit. On Friday night in Dublin, however, there were no disclaimers and no additional fighters to share the blame when McGregor stole the headlines from a different MM
Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather offer one last bit of drama before settling it in the ring
Conor McGregor’s ability to visualize and realize the impossible has gotten him to this stage, a place where victory would elevate him to otherworldly status among sporting figures. Unfortunately for McGregor, the stage is a boxing ring. And there, unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. awaits , planning...
Paulie Malignaggi turns down Conor McGregor’s offer to face him in the octagon and says they must fight in the ring
PAULIE MALIGNAGGI has turned down Conor McGregor’s invite to fight in the UFC. Instead, the former American pro boxer turned commentator has challenged the ‘Notorious’ to take him on in the ring. Malignaggi, who won 36 of his 44 fights at light-welter and welterweight, sparred with McGregor in the build-up to the controversial Irishman’s showdown […]
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Conor McGregor storms ring and has altercation with referee after Charlie Ward's victory in Dublin - Conor McGregor storms ring and has altercation with referee after Charlie Ward's victory in Dublin.
Conor McGregor Rushes Into Ring To Celebrate With Charlie Ward Than Fights Referee - Make Sure To Like And Subscribe For The Latest Sports News.
Referee marc goddard speaks out over conor mcgregor altercation in dublin - Referee marc goddard speaks out over conor mcgregor altercation in dublin ======================== Thank You For Watch PL Sub & Share.
Conor McGregor Storms The Ring & Confronts The Referee -
Conor Mcgregor Storms in Bellator Ring And Slaps Referee Full video - Conor Mcgregor Storms in Bellator Ring And Slaps Referee Full video.
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