Comment: One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain

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  • Affordable Housing Losers – Are You One? Find out here Affordable Housing Losers  are almost everywhere you look these days. Affordable Housing Losers even include those that “win” at an auction in Sydney! The housing market and the economy combine with our taxation system to punish just about everyone in the housing stakes. Except investment property owners, Women Pensioners Young People Average Workers BUT just in case you think you aren’t one of… View On WordPress
  • Comment: Enough post-colonial self-loathing: partition was Nehru’s fault, not Britain’sThis week, India and Pakistan both celebrate 70 years of independence. Britain’s role, however, will be less celebrated. These days it’s fashionable to blame British divide and rule for India’s partition and the millions of lives lost and disrupted – a lie echoed recently by the absurdly unhistorical film, Viceroy’s House. Today, the time has come to correct this falsehood. The man who did most…View On WordPress
  • The political health of Britain has deteriorated very sharply. The Conservative Party must do something about it. I am the man...
  • The political health of Britain has deteriorated very sharply. The Conservative Party must do something about it. I am the man...
  • In the past I have been a notorious wise ass. A lot of people considered me funny and I always thought I had a pretty good sense of what was funny. Recently, I posted a picture on Facebook that I felt was funny and I was certain that others would too. By the reactions I was right however, someone commented with what I thought at the time as an ignorant comment, and I started to give a glib smartass comment, aimed at the person.  After typing the comment, but before posting it, the Lord asked me “was that funny or hurtful?” Reading back over it I could see how it could be hurtful even though I thought at the time it was funny.  I erased the comment and answered the comment in a straight forward manner and when the person replied they were honestly looking for clarification of why it was funny because despite being something I thought everyone should know and understand, obviously I was mistaken. Matthew 15 10 And he called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand”: 11 “it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” We need to be aware, that not only as Christians, but as simple human beings, that our words can, and do defile.  Not only ourselves but that they in turn can cause harm and hurt to others, even when it is unintentional. To live in Christ means to have the heart of Christ, make sure that when you speak you do so with no harm and with a new heart.  Certainly, I am not saying that there is anything against humor, as the Bible itself does display humor, just make sure that you know from where your heart speaks. The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Mt 15:10:11). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.
  • [05-08] @CatchingMyDrift I believe that #Brexit is an expensive and time wasting folly, not in Britain's best interest. Wh
  • [13-10] As housing quickly becomes one of the biggest issues in Britain, we're joined this Sunday by Minister for Housing…
  • [25-08] Instead of building more houses and making the #uk a housing estate. Do this instead @Number10gov #Britain #housing
  • [04-10] #Libya comment by @BorisJohnson shocking the @Conservative audience laughing after the dead bodies comment wld this be OK 4 Man'tr/London
  • [06-10] Aye! #Tories tearing themselves apart and taking Britain down the toilet! #Goodwork @theresa_may
  • [30-09] She breaks my heart in this one. I've never known why. Is she tearing up? #TCMParty
  • [04-08] Brexit crisis tearing apart UK’s Conservative Party. #Brexit #TheresaMay
  • [15-10] #BayernMunich: #FranckRibery’s injury more heart-breaking than knee-tearing
  • [16-11] Gary the Goat taught me everything I ever needed to know in life. His passing away is tearing up my heart but all I…
  • [16-11] On god, I’ve never felt this way for a tv show.. I meaaaan, #ThisIsUs is like tearing my heart apart at each damn episode 😭
  • [14-11] Isn't it all very nice Grand Designs. Expensive builds in an era of lack of housing for people that can't get affordable homes #granddesigns
  • [16-08] @3AW693 Melbourne, Drug ice, Home invasions, carjackings, housing is more expensive then #London, daily traffic jam
  • [01-10] Sajid Javid has shown how this Conservative Government will address injustices in the housing market. #CPC17
  • [02-10] Zoopla reveal the most expensive #streets in #Britain
  • [06-10] Pretty much lost it when Sandi Toksvig started tearing up this week. Ah #GBBO - my heart is ever so warmed
  • [16-11] Interactive map reveals Britain's most expensive MPs #BorisJohnson #PritiPatel
  • [02-10] I just watched the Snapchat story from Vegas and immediately started tearing up. I cannot even imagine. My heart is broken #PrayForTheWorld
  • [27-09] Corbyn says Tories "tearing up their manifesto and tearing themselves apart" - hard to argue with #Lab17
  • [02-10] We reveal #Britain's most expensive street where the average #home costs £35M...
  • [02-10] The most #expensive street in #Britain @Telegraph bit of of my price range tbh #bargain
  • [14-08] “Sovereignty is very expensive, isn’t it?” New ep. of Britain's best #Brexit podcast up now – stream or download:
  • [06-10] On the most expensive road in #Britain, the average #property price is more than £35 million:…
  • [02-10] Revealed: The most expensive street in #Britain, where #property prices average £35m.
  • [02-10] Flight: $550 Hotel: $300 Game Ticket: $500 Luck signature : free #Colts tearing your heart out in person : priceless #Fi
  • [16-11] Gary the Goat taught me everything I ever needed to know in life. His passing away is tearing up my heart but all I…
  • [16-11] On god, I’ve never felt this way for a tv show.. I meaaaan, #ThisIsUs is like tearing my heart apart at each damn episode 😭
Comment: One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain
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Minister’s Resignation Exposes Fresh Splits in Britain’s Governing Conservative Party
U.K. Minister’s Resignation Exposes Splits in Party The resignation of work and pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith, citing differences over economic policy, has exposed fresh divisions within Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative Party already split over membership of the European Union.
Does Adding Expensive Housing Help The Little Guy? - The Market Urbanism Report
Smashing housing records!" - 1954 Conservative Party Poster
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Story about a young time traveller who travels to a post-apocalyptic Britain A young person travels in time to post-apocalyptic Britain where the wheel is outlawed. I seem to remember there were, perhaps monks, ruling from underground. They revered a book of mathematics ...
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Who is the conservative in Great Britain? David Cameron is Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.
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When you ask a question and someone answers it on here how do you comment on it it always says update answer then deletes the comment the person left?
Why is SoulSilver more expensive than heart gold? It is more expensive because soul silver comes with a pokewalker holder.
What are your comment about working part time job among university student? I think its a must. A parttime job for a student would be wise as well as an asset. It helps responsibility, confidence and lets face it financially. It also keeps you grounded and away from the party scene that is so easy to fall into and just incur more debt. When I attended college fulltime I also worked fulltime. Although it was trying I managed and did it. I would go to school from 0630 - 1400 then come home change and go to work from 1500 - 2300. When I got home from work I would do any school work I needed done and still be able to get 6hrs sleep. On the weekends is when I would do any
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When is the priority time to apply for housing in new york university?
Comment One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain - Comment One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain. Unaffordable housing has claimed two more victims: the ...
Tory housing crisis: the shame of Britain - BBC News at Six 5 October 2017 IMPORTANT NOTICE: UPDATE: 1/10/17 - due to the pressure of exams through October & November the daily upload of ...
Home affront: the outlook for housing for young people across Britain -
'Terror at the heart of power' - and brave MP hailed -- Business rates a 'ticking time bomb' for small firms -- Rents fall for first time in six years -- EDF raises electricity prices for second time this year --
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