Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May set for Downing Street talks

Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May will hold talks in Downing Street tomorrow in a bid to break the deadlock over Brexit legislation. 13-11-17
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Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May set for Downing Street talks
Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May will hold talks in Downing Street tomorrow in a bid to break the deadlock over Brexit legislation.
Scotland voted to remain part of the UK- The UK voted to leave the EU- Is N. Sturgeon fighting for Scotland or to be President? Nicola Sturgeon is fighting to enact the manifesto of her party, the SNP - independence for Scotland. She has a mandate from Scottish voters to do that. Where is Theresa May's mandate to abandon the Conservative Party's 2015 manifesto, and rule? The situation in Scotland has changed since they voted to remain part of the UK. One of the main arguments of the 'better together' campaign was that Scotland would do better remaining in the UK, so it could retain its EU membership. Since the Brexit vote, that no longer applies, even though the Scots voted heavily in favour of remaining in EU It's reasonable to now go back to the Scottish people and ask them if they still feel the same now the promised continued EU membership won't happen. But Nicola Sturgeon would be foolish to go for another independence referendum, unless she has assurances from the EU that an independent Scotland would be granted EU membership
Tories have,needlessly,broken UK (just wait 2 yrs), in usual inter-Tory rivalries.Can even Trump match that,for Country scale destruction? Theresa May is the reason why the UK will break up every bit as much as Nicola Sturgeon. She has bloodymindedly slammed the door shut in Scotland's face by not allowing it in on what is being concocted by the Tories behind closed doors. English people haven't got a clue any more than we have on what is being planned by the Tories and that can't be right. The Union of the Crowns was formed on the understanding that it would be an equal partnership (nothing to do with the size of England's population) but the equal partnership just did not happen, England always suppressed Scotland, and this was the case long before the SNP was formed. It was Anglified nobled gentry who sold off Scotland ( this is what Robert Burns meant when he wrote, "we were bought and sold with English gold, such a parcel of rogues in a Nation"). There were riots in Scotland against a union. Sturgeon is right in the timing of another Referendum within the next two years, she is waiting to see what the EU negotiations produce. Theresa May you no longer have an Empire, this is the 21st century not the 1700s.
Does Mad Maggie May realise that her delusional mooing at the Scottish Tories - all three of them - is bringing independence closer? I think Theresa May, of anybody, has to tell Ms Sturgeon a few home-truths. She doesn't need to make friends where Sturgeon is concerned and I for one, applaud what May said about all of this. Splitting up the UK would be a huge mistake much as right now, I'm starting to think okay Scotland, PUSH OFF. The rest of the UK might save a considerable sum of money without Scotland.
Will the Queen sell the rest of Scotland to the big bully Trump, so he can build a 2785 hole golf course,? Only if she gets rid of Nicola sturgeon.
Where is Nicola Sturgeon these days ?
Nicola Sturgeon is all for taking an 'independent Scotland' into the EU. Am I missing something but the majority vote from the UNITED? KINGDOM was in huge part because the public is sick of inteference into the internal affairs of the UK, by Brussels. Has Sturgeon conveniently overlooked this fact in her unwavering agenda to get Scotland out of the UK. Is she willing to be ruled from Brussels?
Theresa May Meets Nicola Sturgeon for Brexit Talks Prime Minister May told Scotland she believed "with all my heart" in keeping the U.K. together.
Nicola Sturgeon holds talks with Theresa May on Brexit The Scottish First Minister arrived at No10 where she said she will demand 'clarity' from the PM Britain's departure from the  bloc.
Nicola Sturgeon pokes fun at Theresa May with Strepsils gag Nicola Sturgeon poked fun at Theresa May yesterday during the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference by turning up with a packet of Strepsils.
Nicola Sturgeon mocks Theresa May with box of Strepsils – video SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon holds up a packet of Strepsils throat lozenges before the beginning of her speech at the Scottish National party’s annual conference in Glasgow. The move was a reference to Theresa May’s cough-stricken speech in Manchester last week
Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May’s union claim was clutching at straws Theresa May was clutching at straws when she claimed that the Conservatives had saved the Union, Scotland’s First Minister said.
Devolved administrations `cut out´ of key Brexit talks, says Nicola Sturgeon Ms Sturgeon called on the UK Government to make good on its promise to give the devolved administrations a "genuine role" in EU exit talks.
Nicola Sturgeon calls Brexit talks a ‘slow-motion car crash’ First minister keeps options open on Scottish independence vote
Theresa May leaves 10 Downing street for Prime Minister's Questions
Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street for Prime Minster's Questions
Politics: Video shows alleged Russian spy walking into Downing Street with Theresa May Stanislav Yezhov can be seen walking behind the prime minister in July, as part of the entourage of Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Groysman. Ukraine's SBU security service arrested an alleged Russian asset this week. He has been named in Ukrainian and UK media as Stanislav Yezhov...
UK foils terror plot to blow up Downing Street gates, kill Theresa May Two men, 20-year-old Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman and 21- year-old Mohammed Aqib Imran, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court
Security Services Foil Islamist Plot to Blow Up Downing Street, Kill Theresa May
Nicola Sturgeon: Need for independence has never been greater The First Minister has said the need for Scottish independence has ‘arguably never been greater’ as she opened the annual SNP conference in Glasgow on Sunday.
Nicola Sturgeon: Focus is on the next ten years and beyond Nicola Sturgeon will today unveil plans to spend £840 million a year on “transformational” plans to introduce a system of full-time state childcare as she set her sights on another decade in power.
Nicola Sturgeon: Catalonia referendum ‘cannot be ignored’
Nicola Sturgeon 'concern' over images from Catalonia
Nicola Sturgeon: BBC should accelerate progress on 'unacceptable' pay gap The BBC's gender pay gap is "unacceptable" and the broadcaster should "accelerate progress" towards making wage packets more equal, according to Scotland's First Minister.
Nicola Sturgeon: I have indyref2 mandate until 2021 Nicola Sturgeon has insisted she still has a mandate to hold a second Scottish independence referendum before the next Holyrood election in 2021.
Jim Sillars brands Nicola Sturgeon ‘out of her depth’ Nicola Sturgeon has been branded "out of her depth" as SNP leader and lacking "political nous" by former party Deputy leader Jim Sillars.
Nicola Sturgeon: We will always make the case for independence
SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon: A Potential Kingmaker From Scotland A Potential Kingmaker From Scotland Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon backs Labour leader Ed Miliband for prime minister, but could end up helping David Cameron back into office in Thursday’s U.K. election.
Nicola Sturgeon, Britain's Most Passionate Politician No other politician ranks in the top 20.
Indyref2 “not dependent” on Brexit, says Nicola Sturgeon SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, insisted a second independence referendum was “not dependent” on Brexit at the party’s conference in Glasgow yesterday.
What Next For Nicola Sturgeon's SNP After Their General Election Pummeling?
Bing Maps can't find 10 Downing Street
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