May accuses Putin over fake news - as Russian bot linked to viral anti-Muslim tweet after Westminster attack

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  • Putin accuses the US of interfering in Russia’s presidential election Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of interfering in Russia’s presidential election. Putin says the US wants “to create an atmosphere of discontent” by suggesting that the Russian government was allegedly involved in the scandal that found six Russian skiers guilty of doping at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Following is a transcript of the video. Putin says the US may be interfering in… View On WordPress
  • Vladimir Putin’s morning routine involves a late wake-up and breakfast from the country farm of a close political ally Vladimir Putin is a night owl. The Russian president has been in the US news lately due to — among other things — an investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign, tensions around Syria, and the car bomb attack that killed a prominent Ukrainian officer. While he’s in the press 24/7, Putin gets most of his work done at night. The former KGB agent doesn’t roll out of bed until the… View On WordPress
  • Putin’s potential successor was just arrested. Here are a few things to know Russian leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny. (REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin ) Alexei Navalny, the man who is planning to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 2018 Russian presidential election, was just arrested. Here’s a quick breakdown of who he is, why he was detained, and why it seems that will do little to dissuade his political ambitions. Who is Putin critic Navalny? Alexei… View On WordPress
  • Putin to Chair $22 Bln Russian Crisis Funding Meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin is to chair, on Wednesday, a government meeting over a plan that is worth 1.7 trillion rouble ($22 billion) aiming at protecting the Russian economy from major economic crises, according to a report by the RBC daily newspaper, citing government sources. At least 737 billion roubles were included in a contingency plan sent to Prime… View On WordPress
  • US preparing another strike on Syria, plans afoot to ‘fake’ gas attack to discredit Assad, says Putin Highlights 1 Putin said he has information of the US planning another strike on Syria. 2 There are plans to fake a chemical attack in Syria, he indicated. 3 Putin compared events in Syria to the 2003 alleged discovery of chemical weapons in Iraq. Amid the ongoing international row over Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday made a provocative allegation that the United States is preparing to launch fresh missile strikes targeting Syria. US President Donald Trump recently ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase allegedly used to carry out a gas attack. Putin on Tuesday also seemed to suggest that there are plans to fake a chemical attack in Syrian capital of Damascus. The fake gas attack, Putin indicated, would be used to discredit Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Putin’s comments came during a joint address with the visiting Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Moscow. President Putin was responding to a question about whether he believed the US military under President Donald Trump would launch another strike against Syrian targets. “We have information from a variety of sources that such provocations (I cannot find another word for this) are being prepared in other parts of Syria, including in southern suburbs of Damascus, where they are planning to plant certain substances and accuse Syrian authorities of using them,” Putin said, according to a copy of statement published on the official Kremlin website. CALLS FOR PROBE INTO US STRIKE Putin, who has strongly condemned the US strike of the Syrian airbase, said Russia plans to ask the international chemical weapons watchdog — the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons — to launch a probe into the strike. His comments came just hours before top US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Moscow. The top US diplomat’s visit to Russia is the first under President Donald Trump and Tillerson arrived in Moscow carrying a message from world powers denouncing Russia’s support for Assad. US STRIKES SYRIA The provocative statement comes against the backdrop of the recent United States missile strike on a Syrian airbase. The strike, US President Donald Trump said, was in direct response to this month’s Syrian chemical gas attack, in which scores of civilians, including children, died. The West blamed President Bashar al-Assad of orchestrating the gas attack, a charged denied by the Syrian regime. Russia, a long-time ally of Assad, has backed the Syrian regime, calling the allegations untrue. ‘SEEN IT BEFORE’ In his comments on Tuesday, President Putin compared the accusations against Assad to the 2003 alleged discovery of chemical weapons in Iraq. Putin said the accusations remind him “very much of the events of 2003, when US representatives in the (United Nations) Security Council showed alleged chemical weapons discovered in Iraq.” “A military campaign in Iraq ensued, which ended with the destruction of the country, an increased terrorist threat and the emergence of ISIS on the international scene – no more, no less,” he said. “The exact same thing is happening now, and their partners are nodding approvingly. In this connection, our remarkable writers, Ilf and Petrov, come to mind, with their famous line, “It’s boring, ladies.” We have seen this all before,” the Russian president added. ALSO READ | Syria: Who is fighting whom WATCH | This video of a Syrian father with twin kids who survived chemical attack will move you
  • [29-09] @CNN #DotardTrump wants to tweet so bad about this being Fake News he probably suggested this to Putin.
  • [31-10] COLLUSION: #HillaryClinton Set Up #DonaldTrumpJr.; Bankrolled Putin-Linked Russian Lawyer Meeting #GPS...…
  • [28-09] @ananavarro @KingJames Fake tweet, from FAKE NEWS CNN. WAIT, DID U AND UR DRINK TWEET THAT POOLSIDE? #FAKENEWS…
  • [29-09] We know who owns #dotard RT Exclusive: Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government#cnn
  • [01-10] @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr Fake news? This is fake news. Didn't think you'd have time to tweet between courses at the club. #Dotard
  • [29-09] #TuesdayThoughts can’t wait for Dems to stop the Russian collusion linked to Trump fake narrative, after Roger Stone testi
  • [26-08] @realDonaldTrump forget fake news, it's a fake poll if people can only pick positive answers. And how is an attack
  • [14-11] It seems some western leaders are waking up - Theresa May accuses #Russia of interfering in elections and fake news…
  • [05-10] @daylinleach They are busy investigating the fake news that your boy Putin injected into our media, so you could wi…
  • [14-11] Man who said BBC's videos of police brutality on #1Oct #CatalanReferendum were fake news says it's a Russian plot. Yes
  • [30-09] @realDonaldTrump @ricardorossello You are a fake president what's real is news sources brought to light Putin pupp…
  • [11-11] Russian Embassy slams Spanish media for 'fake news' on alleged meddling in #Catalonia crisis .
  • [03-11] Russian casualties in pharmacies from cooperation on fake news nonsense is in #Iraq's Interior Ministry #Libya
  • [29-09] @CNN #Trump knew of this fake news supporting him and declared real news organizations fake so that these fake stor…
  • [18-09] #HereWeGo #shedoftheyear Amaq↞News Agency↞linked to IslamicState↞publishes details↞of the attack↞on American Military↞base west of↞Makhmour
  • [06-11] @Jmylessmiles @SenJohnMcCain Who has been arrested based on fake news liberal leftists Russian created dossier paye…
  • [13-11] This ~ Russian Twitter fake news ~ saga would be a lot easier to avoid is people had decent critical reading skills. #mediawatch
  • [30-10] @realDonaldTrump Your tweet is fake news!!! #DotardTrump
  • [05-10] @realDonaldTrump Why? Because they as well as everyone else knows, most everything you say/tweet is Fake News. Wors…
  • [31-10] So confirmation bias fueled by the thousands of Russian backed fake news ads on every social media platform elected Trump...#DotardTrump
  • [01-10] It's a put up job. Fake news. #Tories can't attack #Labour policies so resort to underhand tactics!
  • [24-08] How I Became Fake News. I witnessed a terrorist attack in #Charlottesville. Then the conspiracy theories began.
  • [14-11] It seems some western leaders are waking up - Theresa May accuses #Russia of interfering in elections and fake news…
  • [14-11] Man who said BBC's videos of police brutality on #1Oct #CatalanReferendum were fake news says it's a Russian plot. Yes
May accuses Putin over fake news - as Russian bot linked to viral anti-Muslim tweet after Westminster attack
Anti muslim terror attack?
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Why do "islamophobes" attack Muslim women and say, with the same breath, that Muslim men treat their women badly?
That tweet trolling a Muslim woman during the Westminster attack was actually by a Russian bot
#WestminsterAttack (via pic.twitter/2sHFb56lEu — TellMAMAUK (@TellMamaUK) Read more... More about Westminster Attack , Russian Bot , and
Russian Bot Promoted Anti-Muslim Sentiment After Attack
The U.S. elections weren't the only votes Russian bots tried to influence.
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How a Russian 'troll soldier' stirred anger after the Westminster attack
A ‘proud Texan’ who delighted in tabloid coverage of his tweet misrepresenting a Muslim woman was not what he seemed A simple tweet, sent when a nation is in shock, is a quick and effective way of provoking outrage. That’s what @SouthLoneStar discovered after rebuking British Muslims in the wake of the Westminster terrorist attack in March. After the attack, the tweeter shared a photograph of a young Muslim woman walking along the bridge looking at her phone, and wrongly accused her of ignoring the injured. It was swiftly picked up in the
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Azam Khan accuses senior bureaucrat of being ‘anti-Muslim’
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It’s the latest sign of a rift in the ANC as it mulls its next leader.
What is a typical Japanese term for “fake”, like in “Fake News”? Besides obvious フェークニュース, is there a natural Japanese expression to express the idea of fake? On the same topic, how to say fake or shallow person? Is there an equivalent to plastic people in ...
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"fake Twitter accounts believed to be linked" Just yesterday it emerged that hundreds of fake Twitter accounts believed to be linked to the Kremlin had been used to influence British politics . Source: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/15/russia-meddle-western-politics-putin-superpower I suppose that the above sentence is grammatically correct. But the passage in bold in my non-native speaker opinion suggests that Twitter accounts have the capability to believe. Is this standard form? I would write: Just yesterday it emerged that it is believed that hundreds of fake Twitter accounts to be linked to the Kremlin had been used to influence British politics.
Who started the expression "fake news"? Who started the expression "fake news"? Who or what historical episode made it popular?
How does Russia’s fake news benefit them? – An article I saw on BBC News this morning was showing a clip where Teresa May accused Russia of creating fake news and photoshopped images during the United Kingdom general election last year. How ...
The severity of a viral infection is linked to what?
Is viral infection severity is linked to undernourishment as well as over-nourishment?
What birds make the sound tweet tweet? The chickadee! :-)
Which of the following has not been linked to causing cancer carotenoids high fat diet UV radiation viral infection?
Is the National Westminster bank and the Bank of England linked? Not directly. The Bank of England is the governing body of banking and finance in the UK and sets interest rates etc. National Westminster Bank (usually just known as NatWest) is a commercial banking organisation which is now owned by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
How do the anti-viral drugs work?
How were Muslim scholars linked to the revival of learning in Europe? Muslim scholars linking to revival of learning in Europe by making an important and original contributions in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, ect.
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[16-11] How are anti-viral drugs designed to be selective?
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Can Muslim people were nail polish or fake nails? as a tradition in Islamic faith, Muslim ladies are not permitted to color their nails. it has been a tradition to not color your nails or wear makeup of any sort since the start of Islam, in muhammads time. the tradition has nothing to do with men, so they are permitted to do whatever they please.
Should there be more coverage of the avowed Muslim who killed the student in NJ and has been linked to 3 murders in Washington state?
Why are all news on terror about Muslim terrorists but not about Christian Jewish or other religion follower terroists?
Who is the girl in all the fake news internet ads She has brownish blonde hair and blue eyes Who is she?
Are Maroochydore Australia People ANTI-Muslim? Yes Some of them are and those Some of them Stereotype. When People Stereotype They Don't Deserve any Respect or Trust because they aren't saying the True There is Good and Bad People in Every Religion
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Theresa May accuses Russia's President Putin of 'planting fake news' in a bid to undermine the - Theresa May accuses Russia's President Putin of 'planting fake news' in a bid to undermine the West. Theresa May last night accused Russia of meddling in ...
Putin: Russia Will Ban Western "Fake News" If West Ban Russian Media - Join and subscribe by clicking on the 'bell' notification Vladimir Putin: First, about the situation around our ...
Colbert accuses White House of ‘fake news’ for denying Trump campaign’s Russian links - Like & Subscribe Why? Chanel to update the latest video.
BREAKING: Vladimir Putin accuses the US of plotting to interfere with RUSSIAN ELECTIONS - RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of wanting to interfere with his nation's elections amid allegations he meddled in the 2016 standoff ...
BREAKING Vladimir Putin accuses the US of plotting to interfere with RUSSIAN ELECTIONS - BREAKING Vladimir Putin accuses the US of plotting to interfere with RUSSIAN ELECTIONS. The Russian figurehead, who has held his post since 2012, is up ...
BBC News at Ten -- Manchester attack: PM condemns 'sickening, cowardly' act -- Let's save Maya Angelou from fake quotes -- Macron warns Europe not to rebuff Trump and Putin --
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