Comment: Public meeting in Edinburgh has to be about Scottish Golf listening

A six-figure package for a new chief executive and hiring out the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for next month’s national conference. Scottish Golf is certainly sparing no expense in its bid to “shape the future” of the sport in its birthplace. 14-11-17
  • [25-08] ?? FUTSAL | Golf Top Golf offer courtesy of our sponsors @rathoparkgolf ⛳️⛳️⛳️ #Edinburgh #Scottish #Golf
  • [19-07] Love the golf topiary figures in the lobby of @The_Balmoral. A wee nod to the recent Scottish Open #Edinburgh .
  • [18-07] Meeting in #Edinburgh with Scottish Gov Rep and #EU citizens regarding our future after #Brexit.
  • [18-07] Less than 3 weeks until @foodiesfestival in #Edinburgh - our #CarolinaReaper will get its #Scottish public launch!!
  • [15-12] Pleased to welcome Scottish welfare groups for a positive meeting with @DamianHinds in Edinburgh yesterday, talking…
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  • [29-07] Environment agencies oppose Trump plans for Scottish golf course | UK news | The Guardian #Scotland #Golf
  • [19-09] Amazing listening to this Women in Golf Panel this morning at the Ultimate Ladies Golf Day #YGTLadies ??⛳️??
  • [04-07] A wonderful day of golf at Machrahanish The highlight? Easy.. Meeting the legendary Belle Robertson..#golf #Scotland h
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  • [17-08] Young Mensa North's first meeting in #Edinburgh last Sunday - the Scottish invasion has begun! #Mensa
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  • [20-09] Great meeting with Scottish Minister for #Education, @JohnSwinney at the Scottish Learning Festival. #SLF17
  • [28-07] Environment agencies oppose @realDonaldTrump plans for Scottish golf course #Scotland #Golf #environment
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  • [29-09] @realDonaldTrump Golf Golf Golf Golf #Dotard gonna Golf. Sad clueless bigoted incompetent sociopathic piece of shit. You're such a loser.
  • [18-09] I grew up listening to songs by @angeliquekidjo on the radio. Meeting and listening to her speak & sing in person f…
  • [15-08] Golf Fit Lothians Boys QF on this lovely evening in #Edinburgh at the iconic Braids Golf
  • [16-07] Cracking day for a smack about. ?⛳#edinburgh #sundaygolf #golf @ Liberton Golf Club
  • [17-07] Good swing! Golf @kingsfieldgolf this morning in Activity Week @cargilfield #golf #edinburgh #summer
  • [25-08] "The #Edinburgh Festivals play a key role in showcasing Scottish artists and the very best of Scottish culture and creati
  • [23-07] Scottish buskers and Scottish country dance on the Royal Mile - #Edinburgh , #Scotland #busking
  • [01-07] from the old Scottish Office in #London to the new devolved Scottish Executive in #Edinburgh.
  • [24-11] @realDonaldTrump Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf. Stay off the golf course and do your job.…
  • [20-07] #Edinburgh #golf break offers at Dalmahoy Edinburgh from £119. Contact us today
  • [03-08] Kingsbarns Golf Links The only Scottish course to be built on links land in over 70 years. #golf #Kingsbarns #links
  • [25-08] Turnberry: #Trump's golf hotel given £110,000 Scottish #tax rebate | The Guardian
  • [03-07] So has #dRUMPf stopped pressuring #Scotland for a seawall near his Scottish golf course? >
  • [30-07] Trump Golf Plans Stymied By Scottish Law on Sewage and Environmental Protection
  • [28-07] #Aberdeen: Environment agencies oppose Trump plans for Scottish golf course
Comment: Public meeting in Edinburgh has to be about Scottish Golf listening
A six-figure package for a new chief executive and hiring out the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for next month’s national conference. Scottish Golf is certainly sparing no expense in its bid to “shape the future” of the sport in its birthplace.
Scotland Uniting With England Questions In Description? The 1701 Act of Settlement provoked anger in Scotland . The Act of Security of the Kingdom , passed by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh 1703 raised the possibility of a Stuart king . To rectify this situation the legal union of England and Scotland formally began in 1706 , providing for a single Parliament in Westminster , the Treaty provided for the Scottish church , education and legal ( judicial ) systems to be independent of those in England . England paid a one off payment of £400,000 and despite strong public opposition which fueled riots in Edinburgh and Glasgow - the Act of Union was passed on 16, January 1707 by the Scottish Parliament .Travel between the two countries was open but of course the modes of transport were slow . Certainly the culture in the Scottish Lowlands and Northern England were similar , as it would have been between Edinburgh and London , The Scottish Highlands were even strange to Lowland Scots . There were benefits for both countries , economic for Scotland and stable relations between both countries
What can you tell me about (life in) Edinburgh? hi,edinburgh is friendly,vibrant,cosmopolitan and great for all ages,lots to see and do,i never tire of it,word of warning!accomodation can be expensive,council housing,forget it unless you have deep connection with city and are willing to wait for years(24000 on list!)scottish people are very friendly and edinburgh is good for meeting all types of folk
glasgow or edinburgh? I am 20 years old and have lived in Glasgow all of my life. Glasgow is a great city for shopping,nightlife and meeting new people. There are so many parks and green spaces in the city which is an added bonus. It has a great culture and the people are usually very friendly. Glasgow also has a bad image. There are low levels of employment in some areas, resulting in the benefit ned culture. There are really bad areas in Glasgow that have to be avoided. That is expected in any large city. Edinburgh is a more historical city. In beautiful weather it can be a stunning place, but when it rains it is a very cold grey place. The city is very romantic and quiet compared to Glasgow. The buildings,churches etc remind me of Harry Potter. Personally for me, Glasgow will always be home. But if i had to choose where i would rather live, I would choose Edinburgh. I am very proud to be Scottish and there is nowhere more Scottish than Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a peaceful city that offers so much for me.
I'm dying to see Scotland, and planning a trip there soon; what are some must see places in Scotland? Thanks:)? I live in Scotland so you could say i know quite a lot about it... Visit: Edinburgh Castle Princes Street(for shopping in Edinburgh) St Andrews(St. Andrews is famously known for being the golf capital in Scotland and it has a beach and its a lovely town to visit!) Also, try Haggis, Porridge or a Stovie. These are popular scottish dishes - Hope this helps! PS: The above answer is right - we love Irn Bru (try it, its amazing!)
Edinburgh or Bristol? I've lived in Edinburgh since 1995, and it's an absolutely great place to live. The University itself, is spread all over the city, with different departments in different areas, but as far as educational standards go it's second to none. Edinburgh has a great night life, especially for students, who get special passes for pubs, clubs and bars with which they can buy drinks, e.t.c half price. There are also lots of restaurants, bistros, cafes, e.t.c with a great range of food types and nationalities. There are lots of great places to visit in Edinburgh to suit all interests. There are lots of historical monuments and buildings (including the castle of course), the zoo, the botanical gardens, two wonderful museums, lots of opportunity to play sport, golf courses and two major football grounds belonging to Scottish premier league teams (Hearts and Hibs), a great range of cinemas, theatres, e.t.c and all sorts of music to enjoy from rock to classical to folk. Then in mid-winter Edinburgh has the biggest and best New Years eve (Hogmanay) party in the UK and in late summer there is the Edinburgh festival, when all sorts of performers (comedy, music, you name it) descend on Edinburgh for three or four weeks from all over the UK and Europe, in addition to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Another advantage of Edinburgh is that it has a significantly lower crime rate than other Scottish cities. It was reported earlier this year that the crime rate has fallen by 30% in Edinburgh over the past 2 years. Although Edinburgh is a place where you will never be bored, and is a spectacularly beautiful city, it is also a quite expensive place to live. Since it is the capital city of Scotland, it has the highest council tax in Scotland, and the price of goods in general tend to be higher than elsewhere. This is most noticable with the price of alcohol, but as I mentioned students do get good discounts in selected establishments. So on the whole I can highly recommend Edinburgh as a great place to live, study and generally enjoy yourself. I've never been to Bristol, so can't comment on it.
What are the main differences between the Glaswegian accent and the Edinburgh accent? The broad Glasgow accent and the broad Edinburgh accent: not much. Edinburgh has longer vowel sounds, the they use the word 'doss' more, and there is less of an Irish influence, so there is less of the guttural R and less of the rounded 'a' sound (so Glaswegians pronounce 'car' as 'kerr'). And of course the main difference being the broad Edinburgh accent is not very common, most Edinburgh residents are either foreign, or have a sort of general Scottish accent (which is common also in rich areas of Glasgow). Professor McGonagall has a Morningside accent (a very posh area of Edinburgh). The characters in Brave have a very exaggerated general Scottish accent. Groundskeeper Willie has a non-existent accent that has no resemblence to any Scottish accent, except perhaps if you were to cross a Gaelic accent with an Aberdeen one.
Edinburgh city guide: How to spend a weekend in the Scottish capital
Is anybody interested in listening to a Scottish based News & Politics podcast?
Man attacked after gang make offensive comment towards woman on Royal Mile during Edinburgh Festival A MAN was attacked after a group of men made an offensive comment towards a woman he was with.
Disc golf, nature education or both? Public weighs in on future of former golf course
Scottish Golf-Lover's House House of the Day Scottish Golf-Lover's House This modern home overlooks the 14th tee of the Queen's Course at Gleneagles.
Leader comment: Scottish Labour shoots itself in the foot again When Jim Murphy departed as leader of Scottish Labour in the summer of 2015, he did so with a specific timetable and agenda, to allow him to put in place reforms that would help his party both to rebuild and to avoid repeating the mistakes that had led to near wipe-out in Scotland.
Trump Loses $133,000 Tax Break On Scottish Golf Course Trump has a history of being at odds with the Scottish government.
Donald Trump's Scottish golf venture goes deeper into the red
Trump firm’s bid for new Scottish golf course blocked by sewage row Scotland’s environment agency rejects Trump Organization’s revised proposals for new course near Aberdeen The Trump Organization faces further conflict with Scotland’s environment agency after its revised plans for a second golf course near Aberdeen were rejected as inadequate. Solicitors for the US president’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire said the company had dropped plans to use a stream to irrigate the course and to supply a man-made lagoon after the
Losses at Trump's Scottish golf courses double to £19m Trump Turnberry lost £17.6m last year, while Trump International lost £1.4m.
Mexico Flag Raised at Trump’s Scottish Golf Course The Republican presidential candidate has made controversial comments about the U.S.’s southern neighbors.
Bad Smell: Trump Golf Plans Stymied By Scottish Law Trump's ambitious plans for the 1,800 acre estate near Aberdeen have run into a series of problems.
Meet the Other Steve Bannon, A Scottish Golf Fanatic Trump’s adviser is not active on Twitter. So his Scottish namesake is receiving the affection and vitriol sent his way.
Losses at Trump’s Scottish golf resorts have doubled DONALD Trump boasts of making great deals, but a financial records filed in the UK show he has lost millions of dollars for three years running on a couple of his more recent big investments, his Scottish golf resorts.
Scottish Golf Club Will Admit Female Members Scottish Golf Club Will Admit Female Members The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews will admit female members for the first time in its more than 250-year history.
Trump: Scottish Golf Course Prepared Me For White House "Scotland has already been won—and so will the United States," the businessman writes.
Trump Golf Course May Be Destroying Scottish Sand Dunes Conservationists say it is.
Trump Fights Wind Farm Near Scottish Golf Project Trump Fights Wind Farm Near Scottish Golf Project A spat over green energy has soured relations between Donald Trump and Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister.
Trump's Scottish golf plans face new obstacles after Charlottesville The Scottish government is facing calls to withhold support for President Trump's businesses following his response to recent racial violence.
Golf Singh hoping finger lets up for Scottish Open
Another Scottish Vote: Golf Club to Accept Women Members The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews votes to change men-only policy
Donald Trump's Scottish golf resorts suffer heavy losses US president had to plough £1.3m into debt-ridden Aberdeenshire resort as oil price crash hit its popularity Donald Trump’s loans to his golf resorts in Scotland have increased to more than £150m after their losses last year accelerated, partly because of the oil price crash and currency costs. The latest accounts for his network of Scottish companies show he had to plough another £1.3m into his debt-ridden resort in Aberdeenshire to keep it afloat after the North Sea crisis saw its popularity slump among local golfers.
Donald Trump-owned Scottish golf resort loses tax break
Marc Warren and Connor Syme give Scottish golf a timely lift What an encouraging few weeks it’s been for Scottish golf and well done to Marc Warren and Connor Syme in particular for putting a spring back in the sport in its birthplace.
How to visit Edinburgh during a layover at Edinburgh Airport? Is a 6 hour layover in Edinburgh enough time to get into the city (Apple Store) and back to the airport in time for your next flight? If so, how do you recommend I get to the city and back?
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