Comment: Never let Labour tell you that you cannot be both black and Conservative

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  • Comment: Sir Vince Cable has got Brexit voters wrong. We are the true liberals nowIn my greener days, I was a Liberal Democrat supporter. Growing up in a religiously conservative Bangladesh, with its heavily managed economy, instilled in me the importance of liberalism. Quite simply, when I moved to this country as a not especially political but certainly opinionated teenager, the other two options – the (then) socially conservative Tories and the (still) 
statist Labour Party…View On WordPress
  • This is the way to put down a mouthy Tory keyboard warrior. Check out the Labour spokesman’s comment at the end of this extract: A Conservative councillor has come under fire for a Twitter comment in which he compared the huge turnout at Jeremy Corbyn’s rallies with Nazi gatherings under Hitler. Cllr Chris Steward, a former City of York Council leader, has been criticised, with a call for him to… View On WordPress
  • [Image from Twitter.] This is very pertinent, from Labour’s Richard Burgon: The problems with a Conservative government don’t lie solely with the choice of prime minister. When Theresa May finally accepts her P45 – for real – it will most likely be for a Conservative to replace her. That means the government will be the same as before. The same policies of impoverishment for workers and enrichment… View On WordPress
  • Twilight for democracy: The Houses of Parliament are now the home of a dictatorship calling itself a Conservative government. What blatant disregard for democracy. It seems Conservative members of Parliament have been told not to bother voting in any Opposition Day debates. This would explain why the House of Commons supported both the Labour Party’s motions yesterday, without having to go to the… View On WordPress
  • Labour ousted by Tories in Copeland but sees off Ukip challenge in Stoke | Politics  [ad_1] Labour suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the the Conservative party in Copeland, a heartland seat dominated by the party since 1924, just half an hour after the party saw off Ukip leader Paul Nuttall in a bitter battle for Stoke Central. Jeremy Corbyn is under mounting pressure after Labour’s Gillian Troughton was defeated by the Conservatives’ Trudy Harrison, marking the… View On WordPress
  • [02-10] Two minutes into the #ThisIsUs premiere, and there's a smarmy comment about black conservative women. I will quit you.
  • [04-10] #Libya comment by @BorisJohnson shocking the @Conservative audience laughing after the dead bodies comment wld this be OK 4 Man'tr/London
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [01-10] #Marr Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's best asset, Theresa May is Labour's second best asset just edging out Boris. Conservative
  • [07-10] #Conservative #Labour #Scotland
  • [03-10] Under a conservative Government. LOL. #labour sucks
  • [29-09] Labour and Conservative records on the national debt
  • [01-10] #Labour and #Conservative conferences, compare and contrast.... :-P
  • [26-09] Fantasy #brexit with #conservative & #labour Disgusting.
  • [02-10] What do you notice about these people at the #Conservative conference? #Labour
  • [01-10] Who are these people trying to run our country we have had enough of, #austerity #conservative #labour it's time, n…
  • [01-10] A2z @petermu04344970 says that #Conservative, #Labour and #LibDems all have leadership problems. (Below r/t…
  • [05-10] Every #Conservative Gov that followed a #Labour one has had to sort out multiple problems. #LabourDoesNotWork
  • [04-11] Wish the #UnitedKingdom had more people like this, instead of the traitor #conservative and #labour parties that ar…
  • [15-11] #Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy'
  • [29-09] #bbcqt It's too Labour and also too Conservative. It's too Nazi and also too Communist. It's too Eton and also too Eastenders. l-u-l-z.
  • [04-11] Below: What J. #Corbyn #Labour won't tell 16-17 olds. Article below tweeted by #Conservative @AmandeepBhogal.…
  • [03-10] #Labour MP @LucyMPowell has to explain that her constituents mean the Conservative delegates no harm. Welcome to S…
  • [02-10] @realaleupnorth It just shows how much the beer drinkers are being ripped off by #labour/ #Conservative #MPs over t…
  • [18-11] CCHQ: Income inequality - DOWN under the Conservatives, UP under Labour. Unemployment - DOWN under the Conservative…
  • [17-11] Labour & Conservative at #LonConf17 agree international students must always be welcome to London
  • [29-09] The Conservative Government has given the NHS the money they asked for . Labour cut the NHS in Wales #bbcqt
  • [14-08] Hello 1970's Labour. #Birmingham needs @Conservative governance not unionized thuggery.
  • [15-11] #Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy'
  • [18-11] CCHQ: Income inequality - DOWN under the Conservatives, UP under Labour. Unemployment - DOWN under the Conservative…
Comment: Never let Labour tell you that you cannot be both black and Conservative
Are Labour voters demanding an early election the creme de la labour creme? Fingers on the pulse and in tune with the country?
Somebody replied to me on a comment I made on YouTube saying "Show us your boobs" do you think I should ignore or comment back an insult?
Does this woman sound more like a Labour MP?
Lord Ashcroft Polls: The Conservative Brand: and how voters compare the Conservative and Labour agendas
Black Lives Matter comment results in suspension of university professor - VIDEO: Professor suspended for comment about Black Lives Matter
Conservative MP offended over hair comment on First Dates celebrity special
Michael Fabricant went on a date with a writer, who made some remarks about his hair.
Black Manta, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Black Talon, The Black Musketeers, Black Goliath, Black Racer and Black Spider (Eric Needham) Battle Royale
A Black Conservative's War on Poverty
A Black Conservative's War on Poverty The man who is showing Paul Ryan around poor corners of America talks about the real barriers to upward mobility and the 'poverty Pentagon.'
Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy
Emma Dent Coad says remarks were taken wrong way after Tory assembly member condemned them as racist and hate-filled The Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has apologised for referring to a Conservative London assembly member as a “token ghetto boy” in a blogpost written before she was elected, after two Tory MPs called for the whip to be removed. Shaun Bailey, who was then Hammersmith’s Conservative parliamentary candidate, said the MP had written “racist, hate-filled remarks”.
Labour and Conservative records on the national debt | Isn't it nice to have the whole picture?
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Key Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
Leader comment: After the chaos, a sign of Labour order
This has not been a good week for Scottish Labour. The party descended into near-civil war after interim leader Alex Rowley admitted that left- wingers had held “private discussions” about one of their own replacing Kezia Dugdale as leader, prior to her sudden resignation last month. So there had been a plot after all.
Leader comment: Scottish Labour shoots itself in the foot again
When Jim Murphy departed as leader of Scottish Labour in the summer of 2015, he did so with a specific timetable and agenda, to allow him to put in place reforms that would help his party both to rebuild and to avoid repeating the mistakes that had led to near wipe-out in Scotland.
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour
INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Nuance between « Comment tu as fait pour me trouver ? » and « Comment tu m'as trouvé ? » Comment tu as fait pour me trouver ? vs : Comment tu m'as trouvé ? Both sentences boil down to expressing the idea of "How did you (find me)?", but I seem to notice that the first construction ...
it is the labour itself, or the labour-to-be Does "labour-to-be" mean "the labour that is expected" or "the labour that is required for existence"? The world is made up of random encounters (Lucretius, Hobbes, Marx, Althusser). Art, too, is ...
What's a “labour of love”? I found that phrase applied a lot to women but then also to men (so that's probably not [only] related to being "in labour"). At first I thought it had to do with motherly/parenthood chores. But now ...
Stative verbs, “to be in labour” I was wondering if in the construction to be in labour, the verb be is stative, and for this reason we can't use it in the progressive aspect. Or, is this next construction grammatically correct: she ...
Is there injustice in division of labour? The division of labour is a "micro-level" as well as a societal phenomenon. It means that different individuals are "coerced" into doing different parts of larger projects and that the labour is ...
Judiciary/juridicial labour I know that uauslly we do not think of judging as 'labour', but if we wished to do so, would you prefer saying "judiciary labour" or rather "juridicial labour"? Do both of them sound just too odd?
Why was the labour party called labour?
When you ask a question and someone answers it on here how do you comment on it it always says update answer then deletes the comment the person left?
How do you make a MySpace comment link but not a comment box? Comment ? Comment beyocchhh(:
Why dont some people comment back on fb and see them online but they never comment back when you ask how are you? The way facebook works is kinda funky. Some people get a bunch of notifications and don't really check them. But if you really want that person to comment you back you should just say, "hey whats up?" when you see them online.
How do you put comment box in the website And where can I see the comment that people submitted on my website? You would need to learn PHP and MySQL try
11 What is a comment line How is a comment line noted within a file?
[22-11] What is the first labour?
What is labour?
What day is labour day on?
What happens during labour?
When is Labour Day?
What are the causes of child labour?
Can a baby come out of your ass during labour?
[21-11] Is labour law a career?
How do you copy a comment from one file with the same of given comment name to another file?
Is Walmart open on labour day?
Who is the labour party leader? The current leader is Ed Milliband.
When did child labour stop?
Labour vs Conservative: Manifesto breakdown | GE2017 - A direct comparison of the points from the Labour and Conservative manifestos, with some brief analysis and fact-checking, then a conclusion looking at the ...
Comment I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet Conservative benches are - Comment I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet - Conservative benches are fizzing with talent. After the concerning revelations of the past ...
Comment One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain - Comment One dog at a time, expensive housing is tearing the heart out of Conservative Britain. Unaffordable housing has claimed two more victims: the ...
Comment: New Zealand gripped by 'Jacindamania' as new Labour leader soars in polls - Jacinda ArdernJacindamania has gripped New Zealand, with the new Labour leader surging in the latest polls after only one week in the job. Newshub/Reid ...
Red Pill Black – Candace Owens Proves She’s Not a Conservative - Red Pill Black aka Candace Owens proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's a hardcore SJW by deflecting attention away from me and playing the “race ...
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