Cruella De Vil' dog breeder DENIES animal cruelty charges

Christina Fay, 59, has denied a dozen charges of animal cruelty after 84 dogs were seized from her Wolfeboro, New Hampshire mansion in June.
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  • Photo: Screengrab via Dallas Marshal’s Office/SPCA of TexasA Balch Springs man has turned himself in on animal cruelty charges after abandoning a dog on the side of a southern Dallas road. Gorge Spears, 52, was captured on surveillance video leaving his dog near Teagarden Road and Dowdy Ferry Road. Gorge Spears, 52, takes a dog out of his car to leave it on the side of a southern Dallas road. Witnesses found the dog the next day and Dallas Animal Services took her on Aug. 6. According to the SPCA of Texas, it was the first time the cameras – installed by the Dallas Marshals Office – recorded an incident of alleged animal cruelty. I am a bot written by a Mathematician Posted at Mon Sep 18 21:51:50 2017
  • Law Against Animal Cruelty in India Indians have been known for their love for animals, with great names such as Mahatma Gandhi and Emperor Ashoka being amongst the animal lovers of this country. Till date, many efforts have been made by the Indian Government to curb the cruel practices against animals. The main legislation in this regard include The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and The Wildlife Protection Act 1972. We… View On WordPress
  • Seafood company convicted of animal cruelty for improperly killing lobster [ad_1] The Nicholas Seafoods company of Sydney, Australia, is in hot water with an animal rights group for causing “immense pain” to one of its catches. Australia’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) reportedly observed workers from Nicholas butchering lobsters with a band saw, before properly stunning or killing the crustaceans, reports The Guardian. Investigators… View On WordPress
  • Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges After Abandoning Dog On Texas Road [ad_1] One of the best qualities about dogs is how they put all their trust in us, but unfortunately, that’s what makes it so heartbreaking when the people they love betray them. On August 4, surveillance cameras installed by the Dallas Marshal’s Office in Texas recorded a man pulling up to the side of a road known for being a hot spot where people abandon their pets. His reason for being… View On WordPress
  • Websites and books often suggest pet buyers ask to inspect the breeder’s breeding facilities. It is also popular among animal rights extremist groups to say a breeder must allow buyers to see where the rabbits are kept and if they are not allowed it must mean the breeder has “something to hide”. The fact is there are good, valid reasons why breeders refuse to allow people into their rabbitries. The following article explains the reasons why a breeder will maintain a “closed” rabbitry. None of these have anything to do with providing inadequate care. Ironically in many cases, irresponsible breeders allow buyers to see where the animals are kept. There seems to be a disconnect in their minds, they really think conditions are fine when they aren’t. So the reverse seems true of what animal extremists recommend, those who should be hiding their conditions are more than willing to show them off. Valid Reasons A Breeder Says NO to Buyer Inspections 1. A breeder does not want unruly children in the rabbitry. Sure, nobody thinks their kids are a problem but many breeders have had bad experiences with buyers and their children disrupting the rabbitry. Rabbits can be easily spooked by strangers, and when the strangers run around the rabbitry screeching and poking fingers into cages and rabbits, well those conditions are less than ideal for the bunnies. We find this to be especially upsetting to our does that are pregnant or have new kits. The same is true of adults. The rabbits are very used to us coming into the barn and they are easily scared by strangers. In addition to risking injury to the rabbits there are liability issues. Suppose a child gets injured in the rabbitry? What most people probably don’t know is that insurance companies do not cover rabbtries, they will not cover people who have buyers come onto their property to purchase a rabbit. Children out of control in a small rabbitry can fall, get cut or scratched, or even bitten. 2. Risk of Disease Breeders have no control over where a buyer has been and what infectious agents they may be carrying on them. So to allow someone into the rabbitry puts every rabbit at risk. If a breeder brings rabbits to a buyer separate from the rabbitry they can better control and minimize disease risks. The US has had several outbreaks of VHD, a foreign animal disease that the USDA will kill every rabbit on the property if just one rabbit becomes infected. Due to VHD, breeders have been told they should keep a “closed” rabbitry and not allow visitors in. 3. Risk from animal rights activists. The secret is out, animal rightists opposed to animal use do pretend to be pet buyers in order to get into breeding facilities. They can be working alone or for animal control in order to gain access and then lie about conditions so AC can obtain a search and seizure warrant. This is a very real threat as many animal control agencies are anti-breeder and do target breeders who are taking proper care of their animals. Or the activist may be working on their own and plan to come back at a later date and steal the breeder’s rabbits. 4. Avoid upsetting owners when they want a rabbit not for sale. Many breeders report experiences where a buyer sees rabbits they want but they are not for sale. Perhaps there are younger babies not yet ready to leave or the breeder doesn’t know if they will be for sale. Sometimes a buyer falls in love with one of the breeders best show rabbits. In any case it makes it easier to show the buyer only those for sale vs. letting them into the rabbitry. 5. Risk of strangers No matter how much correspondence or conversations a breeder has with someone every perspective buyer is a total stranger. Think about that, would you allow a stranger into your home to “inspect”? Besides privacy issues breeders face serious risks letting buyers into their homes or breeding facilities. The buyer my not actually be looking for a rabbit, they could be a thief, or worse. Most probably have heard the news report about the pregnant dog breeder who allowed a woman in she met at shows who ended up murdering the woman after cutting out and stealing her baby. With all the reports out there about bad people one should be able to understand why breeders are reluctant to allow people in. Think about it, would you be willing to let strangers into your home to look around? 6. Concerns about Town Ordinances Some cities, towns, and counties have unfortunately come up with number limits not based on facts, logic, or common sense. A breeder may not allow visitors because they live in an area where the government has seen fit to remove the rights of breeders. 7. I’m a breeder not a petting zoo! Sometimes “buyers” aren’t serious about getting a rabbit, they just want to use the breeder like a petting zoo. Raising rabbits requires a lot of time and work. In addition to the rabbits breeders are attending shows, dealing with other buyers, and of course we all have our own families and jobs. Rabbitries aren’t here to serve as petting zoos so keeping people out of the breeding facility helps prevent “window shoppers”. Credit Rabbit Education Society.
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Cruella De Vil' dog breeder DENIES animal cruelty charges
Christina Fay, 59, has denied a dozen charges of animal cruelty after 84 dogs were seized from her Wolfeboro, New Hampshire mansion in June.
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external battery claimed iPhone 6 charges versus my calculated charges mAh vs Wh and voltage step down confusion I did a charge on this page and could not find the answer I was looking for. Perhaps it was over my head, or perhaps I was using the wrong search terms, so here goes nothing: I am trying to ...
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Who is Cruella de Vil? Cruella De Vil is a fictional character and the villain in The One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Cruella kidnaps dalmatian puppies for their fur. Cruella's name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is emphasized by having her house be nicknamed "Hell Hall". In some translations, Cruella De Vil is known as "Cruella De Mon" to change the play on the word "devil" to one on "demon". She drives around a black limo and demands for the puppies. When the puppies were not there, she loses her temper. She has black and white hair. Half black, half white and she never leaves home witho
Who is cruella de vil's assistant name? Jasper and Horace (Hugh Laurie and Mark Williams) are Cruella de Vil's henchmen .
Who invented Cruella De Vil?
Who played cruella deville? In the live action Disney films of The 101 Dalmations, it was Glenn Close. She did a marvelous performance as well. I do not know the name of the person who voiced the part in the 1960's cartoon version of 101 Dalmations by Walt Disney. I think it could have been Eartha Kitt, but I am not sure.
What kind of car does cruella de vil drive? In the cartoon, it's a red 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental.
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What is the black breeder's club? Well unless its something I can't find, I Googled the term and it looks like its a club for breeding livestock.
Which puppy did Cruella DeVille want to take in 101 Dalmatians? She wanted all of the puppies!
In the movie 101 Dalmatians what does Cruella Devil want? Cruella Devil wants to make coats out of the puppies, but her plan was foiled, so no fur coats for her.
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