EastEnders fans ecstatic as Winston breaks his silence

Winston has been in Walford for several years. 13-11-17
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EastEnders fans ecstatic as Winston breaks his silence
Winston has been in Walford for several years.
True/false. Silence is a true friend that never betrays you? really... will silence give you a lift to work when your car breaks down? will silence cheer you up when you are down? will silence bring you peace when your girlfriend dumps you? ...well okay, maybe that last one. but silence is really only good for introspective meditation...
Why is music so powerful? Because it speaks the soul. And it breaks silence.
Why is music so powerful? Because it speaks the soul. And it breaks silence.
Why is music so powerful? Because it speaks the soul. And it breaks silence.
Why is music so powerful? Because it speaks the soul. And it breaks silence.
Why is music so powerful? Because it speaks the soul. And it breaks silence.
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EastEnders fans despair after Johnny SHOT as lives hang in balance Thursday night's show caught up with the disarray on Albert Square, showing Johnny lay unconscious and bleeding on the floor
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