Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan finally exposed as Anna traps him in shock twist?

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  • Coronation Street spoiler: Bethany dealt DEVASTATING blow as Nathan plot takes shock turn Viewers watched on as Bethany (played by Lucy Fallon) finally came to her senses in previous episodes, but despite her finally agreeing to take Nathan (Christopher Harper) to court, the family will end up being told that there won’t be any justice in her sexual exploitation case. In upcoming scenes, fans of the ITV soap will see Bethany confide in Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) about how scared she is… View On WordPress
  • It’d make sense if people also tagged coronation street posts with ‘corrie’ since the coronation street tag is full of spam and the corrie one isn’t
  • Anna Roberts Growing up her whole life in between Dubai and New Zealand, Anna was exposed to a great deal of travel, culture and...
  • Ms. Marvel #23 Reviewspoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers Guest artist, Diego...
  • Coronation Street actor leaves soap following internal inquiry Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley has left the ITV programme following an internal inquiry, the broadcaster says. The departure of Mr Langley, who played the character Todd Grimshaw for 16 years, follows claims he assaulted a woman in a bar, The Sunday Mirror said. He confirmed he had left the soap and denied any claims of wrongdoing, telling the paper he would “make a further statement in… View On WordPress
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Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan finally exposed as Anna traps him in shock twist?
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How Coronation Street's Bethany Platt will escape sex ring: the point teen starts to question evil Nathan?
What park was used to film Coronation Street in London over looking the London Eye aired on Sunday 24th April?
SPOILER ALERT – Does Coronation Street’s Daniel catch out Phelan?
Fed up with only being asked to write about boring local issues at the Weatherfield Gazette, Daniel wishes he could get hold of a juicy story. As luck would have it, he happens to overhear Yasmeen berating Phelan about his part in the Calcutta Street flats scam and immediately starts sniffing around the scandal. His […]
Coronation Street spoilers: Romance for Craig Tinker?
Corrie star Colson Smith was spotted filming with a mystery woman on Monday. Colson's character Craig Tinker has been unlucky in love but it seems romance may be on the cards.
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Will Aidan and Eva manage to say "I do" on Corrie or will Maria ruin their big day?
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A big reveal about Seb's mysterious personal life left fans of the ITV soap reaching for the remote
Coronation Street spoilers: Moment Kate Connor and Rana Nazir’s passionate affair begins revealed as the new couple get stranded in the middle of nowhere
IS THIS the moment Rana Nazir and Kate Connor begin their affair in Coronation Street? The married nurse – who is played by Bhavna Limbachia – and the waitress’s (Faye Brooks) feelings towards one another have bubbled under the surface for months but now they are about to embark on a passionate affair. New spoiler […]
Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt is spotted lurking outside a house in the dead of night as actor Jack P. Shepherd films a mysterious new storyline
CORRIE’S David Platt is spotted hanging around outside a house in strange new snaps that hint at actor Jack P. Shephard’s mysterious new storyline. Sporting a thick beard and longer hair, Gail’s son lurks in the rain looking serious – as he watches the property from his car, before going to the front door. Wearing […]
Corrie's Phelan chooses new target and 9 other spoilers
What does the unhinged killer have in store next?
Corrie triumph for Phelan as Anna is left horrified
Will she be able to clear her name?
Corrie SPOILER ALERT: Anna and Phelan head to head
The pair will go head to head again next week as the sinister Phelan plans to make Anna his next victim. Phelan will make the shocking move next week after murdering Andy Carver in dark scenes.
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Coronation Street departure?
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Is Liz Dawn who played coronation streets Vera Duckworth for over 30 years still alive I know that she left coronation street and got killed out of it because of her health. Thanks dan so is shealive? yep she is I had lunch with her.
What is the name of the adjacent street to Coronation Street?
Will coronation street end? Probably not, but it's fun making up endings, or more specifically last lines; like, NORRIS: 'No, Sergeant, I think you should cut the yellow wire.'
What does the p mean on coronation street? It means there is product placement in the show
How old is Coronation Street? It was first broadcast in December 1960, so is now (July 2014) going for over 53 years. This total will obviously change as this answer gets older.
What are the characters name in coronation street? tina,david,owen,fay,rita,betty,tommy,tyrone,kirk,ken,deirdre and steve
How many episodes of coronation street has there been? 7127 episodes from the 24th July 2009
Who dies on Coronation Street? Reita, Ashley, Charlotte and Molly
How many murders have there been in coronation street? As far as I know, there have been fifteen murders in Corrie.
What are names of couples on Coronation Street? Names of some couples on Coronation Street are: Steve and Becky McDonaldClaire and Ashley PeacockDierdre and Ken BarlowLeanne Battersby and Peter BarlowRyan Connor and Sian PowersSally and Kevin WebsterGail and Joe McIntyreNick Tilsley and Natasha BlakemanGreame Proctor and Tina McIntyre
What are the surrounding streets of Coronation Street?
Does Gail get out of jail on Coronation Street? Gail does get out of jail as she is found not guilty by the jury in court. The episode was screened on 10th June 2010.
When did Maxine Peacock die in Coronation Street? Maxine Peacock died in January 2003. She was murdered by Richard Hillman.
Who was born on Christmas day in coronation street?
Does baby jack die in coronation street? no Tyrone and Kevin try their best to rescue the innocent child and mother but molly unfortunately dies but which one save the baby? Tyrone or Kevin!
Who does John on coronation street hit over the head? charlotte
How has coronation street changed over 50 years?
What is Michelle Collins name in coronation street? The actress Michelle Collins plays the Coronation Street actress Stella Price. She came into Coronation Street and took over as landlady of The Rovers Return in a last desperate attempt to find her daughter Leanne Barlow (who she abandoned at birth). When she finally tells Leanne that she's her mother, she hates Stella but she warms to the idea after a while and they get on very well now.
Coronation street spoilers: anna windass is arrested on christmas day as pat phelan finally frames - Coronation street spoilers: anna windass is arrested on christmas day as pat phelan finally frames her for seb's horrifying ladder fall FRAMED AND SHAMED ...
Coronation street spoilers pat phelan’s exit storyline revealed in explosive twist? - Coronation street spoilers pat phelan's exit storyline revealed in explosive twist? Like / Share / Comment / Subscribe !! Thank you !!
Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan’s EXIT storyline revealed in expl*sive twist? - Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan's EXIT storyline revealed in expl*sive twist? #Like Our Fanspage Click here : #Follow ...
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Coronation street spoilers pat phelan to murder anna windass? new pics drop epic hint - Coronation street spoilers pat phelan to murder anna windass? new pics drop epic hint Like / Share / Comment / Subscribe !! Thank you !!
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