I've always bought MY houses' Labour MP mocks Hilary Benn in EPIC Parliament slap down

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  • [28-11] Labour MP Hilary Benn objected to the suggestion that #labour could 'not be trusted' to respect confidentiality.R…
  • [11-11] #Labour #TorySleaze36#AusterityKillsPetition: Make Houses of Parliament alcohol free.
  • [29-10] Hilary Benn has finallly said what everybody but the cabinet knows -there can be no trade deal by 2019. #bbcsp
  • [15-11] The rate the allegations are coming they will have to close the Houses of Parliament across all borders. #AlexRowley #Labour
  • [02-11] Hilary Benn MP tells us that UK has more Nobel laureates per head of population than #USA, #Germany or #Japan.…
  • [26-09] At @OpenEurope fringe Hilary Benn says #Brexit has split the UK and parties down the middle and he supports meaning…
  • [02-12] Slight change in #marr line up. Hilary Benn won't now be on tomorrow, instead we will be talking to departing Chairman of the
  • [02-08] 6 built houses all the time the labour/libdems were in power in Scottsh Parliament, yes six. @scottishlabour #Indyref #Indyref2 #Scotref
  • [10-12] TheLastLeg: .MrDDyer IS Hilary Benn. Josh Widdicombe IS David Davis... And it all gets a bit wierd... ?? #TheLastLeg
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  • [06-12] Grown adults can act like 5 year olds in their own houses but surely not in the Houses of Parliament?#DavidDavis is re
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  • [12-10] #Tories & #Labour just as bad. lets not pretend we had it much easier with Labour in Gov.all Parliament must chan…
  • [05-11] @johnprescott giving advice re sleaze in Parliament. First hand experience, having affair with secretary. #johnprescott #labour #parliament
  • [21-11] @Slime_Blaster Mr Slimey is in London vistiting the houses of parliament #traveltuesday
  • [07-12] Great to see that all the hard work of our researchers has gone to the Houses of Parliament! #thetruthaboutmuslimmarriage h
  • [24-08] The Houses of Parliament has 1,000 rooms, 100 staircases, 11 courtyards, eight bars and six restaurants #tour
  • [17-09] Visited Houses of Parliament and especially the chapel of St Mary Undercroft, totally blown away. I mean, WOW.…
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  • [11-01] I don’t condone violence but...Harvey Weinstein deserved that slap! 👋🏽 #sexualharassment #HarveyWeinstein #slap…
  • [11-01] @RedmiIndia just bought this phoneon 19 dec 2017 but look at the screen .I had bought it for wife and I give it t…
I've always bought MY houses' Labour MP mocks Hilary Benn in EPIC Parliament slap down
Is it bad if Scotland want to be independant from England? On the whole it would be OK for the rest of the UK. Probably Scotland will be the worse off if it becomes independent. But there is one interesting political point. A lot of Labour MPs are Scottish. Scotland elects almost no Conservatives. If and when all those MPs go, the rest of the UK is likely to have the Conservatives winning and forming the government every time there is a general election because Labour will be so much smaller. That'll make even more likely that more people won't vote because what will be the point? It's important in a democracy that there should be opposition. We need opposition to question what the government is doing, make it explain what it's doing, and be an alternative to vote for. We even recognise that in how MPs are paid - Ed Miliband is paid an extra salary to be Leader of the Opposition. Effective opposition MATTERS and means the government can't get away with doing just as it pleases without explaining it to anyone. If they can, we have an elected dictatorship. There have been MPs I have totally disagreed with but I like that they're there. An obvious one is the late Tony Benn. He was VERY socialist and I can't think of anything I agreed with him about, but he was highly intelligent and any other MP had to be too if they were going to win an argument with him. A healthy democracy needs Benns! But if one party is going to win all the time, even another Benn can't do much. It could be good for the Liberal Democrats because then they could be the real English opposition (though they're pretty strong in Scotland too). Go back over 100 years before Labour was formed and that's what they were when they were just called Liberals.
Do you agree? 'You're more interested in a civil war than taking on the Tories': Lord Mandelson (the Mail)? Corbyn is a sanctimonious WAFFLER - worse than Wedgie Benn and Michael Foot. Under HIS 'leaderahip' Labour will be UNelectable - which a few experienced party MPs realise. Brown inherited the leadership and LOST in 2010. Miliband squeezed through on the Union vote and LOST in 2015 Corbyn WILL lose in 2020 so Labour will be OUT of power until 2025 and even then, their chances would be slim. Whatever Mandy Meddlesome opines...the prospect of Labour not winning a General Election until, perhaps 2030 is obviously a matter of great concern to some of Corbyn's Front-benchers.
Reasons why Glasgow is better than Edinburgh and should be capital? Edinburgh is historically Scotland's capital. The Labour Party, which has its Scottish power base in Glasgow, decided that the new parliament building should be built in Edinburgh. This means that the Scottish people's elected representatives made a decision, which was one of their election pledges, to ensure that Edinburgh is the capital in perpetuity. They could have put the parliament in Glasgow. It is too late now. The fact is that the Glasgow Labour party prefer Edinburgh as a place to work. It really says it all.
Historical London attractions? The London dungeon shows the history of torture and is interesting. Go to Westminster Abbey where the majority of the kings and queens were crowned, married and buried (there is also an interesting museum in there with their death masks in). Try Hampton court where Henry V111 lived. You can visit inside Buckingham palace and the houses of parliament (book first) in the summer months. The houses of parliament are built on the site of the first palace of the early kings - the palace of westminster - you can visit westminster hall in the houses of parliament one of the last remnants of this old palace. There is also the cabinet war rooms in Whitehall where Churchill worked from in the war. There is the banqueting house which was the scene of Charles 1st execution and the only surviving remnant of Whitehall palace but its a bit boring. The museum of London is interesting and explores London throughout its history with lots of archaeological finds That should keep you going for a while Have a great time!
Current Events what are your thoughts on the petition against May's deal with the DUP, calling for her to resign rather then have this deal? I have little time for petitions. Its the role of Parliament and the Queen to decide. If the 10 DUP MPs decide they will support the government I dont see how anyone can stop them. Its like if the SNP MPs supported Labour. Despite all we must not forget despite all they offered Labour has badly lost this election David GH UK
Why do we have a bedroom tax that effectivley forces poor UK people from their homes ? There is no such thing as a "bedroom tax" it's an expression dreamed up by Labour. The whole purpose of the exercise is to make the best use of Council Houses - oops! sorry "social housing". Let us just remember that the tenants do not own the houses - he Council does and the Council has an obligation to make best use of it's assets. No one is making anyone homeless, the Councils are just asking people to live in houses that fit the size of their family. I must have missed the stories about people taking their own lives because of this.
Notable & Quotable: Hilary Benn on ISIS Notable & Quotable: Hilary Benn on ISIS ‘We are here faced by fascists . . . we must now confront this evil.’
Read the Full Text of Hilary Benn's Speech on Brexit "Let's go out there and win this battle for the future of a great Britain," the shadow foreign secretary said.
Who is Conor Benn, how old is Nigel Benn’s son and what is his record? CONOR BENN is preparing for just his ninth professional fight when he takes on Nathan Clarke in Manchester on Saturday night. The unbeaten welterweight has cruised through all his fights so far and is catching the eye for his punching power and skill. And as the son of a former champ, he’ll have valuable advice […]
Davis mocks Labour over Brexit 'ambiguity' Brexit Secretary David Davis answers questions on the so-called 'great repeal bill' before it goes to the Commons floor to vote next week. .
Angela Rayner defends Prince Harry after Labour MP mocks his military record Shadow education secretary says prince doing ‘fantastic job’ after Emma Dent Coad questions his ability to fly a helicopter The shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, has defended the royal family after a fellow Labour MP mocked Prince Harry’s military record and said Prince William should stop receiving public funding. Emma Dent Coad, whose constituency covers the princes’ official residence at Kensington Palace in west London, reportedly questioned Harry’s ability to fly a helicopter during a republican fringe event at the Labo
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Houses of parliament in autumn sun
Houses of Parliament, London
You get to bitch slap anyone you want live on TV who do you slap ?
[Exposure] Houses of Parliament, London
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Arrest echoes in Parliament, both Houses adjourned
Parliament clears Bill to amend Labour laws
Parliament houses could shut for five years for repair work
Protest against Brexit held outside Houses of Parliament in London
Behind the scenes in Britain's crumbling Houses of Parliament – in pictures Photographer David Levene toured the obscure passages and dusty basements of the Palace of Westminster as part of our investigation into its desperate state of disrepair – and parliamentarians’ chronic indecision over how to fix it • Continue reading...
Crackdown on child labour: houses of Tibetans raided
Demonstrators opposing Brexit seen outside Houses of Parliament in London, Britain
Tory MP's aide cleared of raping woman in Houses of Parliament Sam Armstrong, suspended as Craig Mackinlay’s chief of staff, was accused of rape and sexual assault in MP’s office A Conservative MP’s aide has been acquitted of raping and sexually assaulting a woman within the Houses of Parliament. Sam Armstrong, who was suspended as chief of staff to the South Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay, was cleared by the jury of seven women and five men at Southwark crown court of two counts of rape, one count of sexual assault by penetration and one count of sexual assault.
Mice in the House costs UK Houses of Parliament a growing bill
Queen Elizabeth appoints 1st woman in 650 years to top job in Houses of Parliament
Foreign Ministry of Ukraine condemns terrorist attack carried out near the Houses of Parliament in London The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack carried out near the Houses of Parliament in London on March 22, 2017 that left four people dead and injured 40 others.
Ain't no slap like the genealogy slap
Two-ODI ban for Benn
Can you visit Parliament House in Brisbane? (the Queensland Parliament) Having discovered that there's wifi in many Brisbane Parks, I walked past Parliament House (the home of the Queensland Parliament) whilst visiting the City Botanical Gardens. It looked quite interesting (CC Flickr photo below).Is it possible to go around the Parliament? If you can visit it, do you need to book in advance (and if so how?), and does it tend to be booked up a long way in advance?
Did Tony Benn say this about “the establishment”? I don't think people realise how the establishment became established. They simply stole land and property from the poor, surrounded themselves with weak minded sycophants for protection, gave ...
Aside from containers in bought houses or guilds/organizations, are there other 'safe' containers which will store items permanently (won't reset)? In TES IV: Oblivion, you don't have to buy a house nor join a guild/organization to have access to containers where you can safely store items, without them being reset every few in-game days. Aside ...
Hilary Email Scandal
How to earn epic points when no epic project is available? I'd like to complete a task collecting 40 epic points. However, there's no epic project in my city at the moment. How can I collect epic points for that?
Explain Hilary Putnam's argument against Cartesian skepticism Hilary Putnam, in "Reason, Truth And History", attempts to argue against Cartesian (or hyperbolic) doubt, by proving that a 'brain in a vat' cannot actually think that it is a brain in a vat. Part ...
Why was the parliament of 1377 called the Hilary parliament? "Hilary" was a time of year. There were Hilary parliaments in various years. The 1377 Hilary parliament was held in February. There was another 1377 parliament held in October.
How much do the members of parliament pay for a pint of beer in the houses of parliament? dollar
Can you die in the Houses of parliament?
What are the 2 houses of the UK Parliament? The House of Commons - which is elected, and the House of Lords - which is unelected.
Is Big Ben a part of the Houses of Parliament? Yes.Big ben refers either to the clocktower or the clock or to one of the chiming bells.Officially the building is called the Palace of Westminster but it is generally known as the Houses of Parliament. (It is where Parliament meets,)
Were is the houses of Parliament located? The Houses of Parliament is located in central London by the London eye, and it is part of big ben.
[15-11] How many windows in houses if parliament?
Why is Big Ben attached to the houses of parliament? Big Ben is the largest bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster (aka Houses of Parliament). The clock tower was built along with the new palace after the old tower and palace were destroyed in 1834.
What are the two houses of the England Parliament? The House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Where are the houses of of parliament of Britain?
What is the role of the Houses of Parliament?
Is it illegal to die in the houses of Parliament? Yes, according to 8 out of 10 cats, one of their questions was 'What is Britain's weirdest law' and the answer was 'It is illegal to die in the houses of parliament'weird i know
Why are there two houses in the Australian parliament? the lower house is there to limit the power of the upper house by looking after the interests of a different group of people. In the federal Parliament the upper house represents the interest of the states as distinct from that of the other states.
[26-12] Why did v blow up the Houses of Parliament?
Can you sit in the houses of parliament if your not a member?
Who made the houses of parliament? the queen
Where is the houses of Parliament in scotand? Edinburgh
What is the purpose of houses of parliament? To have houese of praliaments, it adds order in it region. For example in british, they had a parliament to keep control of their country. this is some what like a government that debate whether the prices for taxes,adding laws and other similar things.
'I've always bought MY houses' Labour MP mocks Hilary Benn in EPIC Parliament slap down - A LABOUR Brexiteer mocked Hilary Benn in an epic parliamentary swipe in the House of Commons as he faced down Remoaners in his own party. Frank Field ...
Britain's Labour Party Leader Undermined by Labour Members of Parliament (1/2) - Thomas Barlow, the Senior Editor of Real Media, analyzes the electoral panorama for the upcoming June 8 general election in Britain Visit ...
Britain's Labour Party Leader Undermined by Labour Members of Parliament (2/2) - Thomas Barlow, the Senior Editor of Real Media, analyzes the electoral panorama for the upcoming June 8 general election in Britain Visit ...
Frank Field's jibe at Hilary Benn -
Frank Field's jibe at Hilary Benn -
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