DC Comics Fires Editor Eddie Berganza Over Assault Allegations

Last week, a Buzzfeed expose revealed that DC Comics had a villain in its midst. Three former DC employees accused editor Eddie Berganza of sexual assault while they worked for the company. In total, five sources told Buzzfeed that they reported Berganza's behavior to superiors working at DC Comics, though it appeared that nothing come of the complaints.
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DC Comics Fires Editor Eddie Berganza Over Assault Allegations
Last week, a Buzzfeed expose revealed that DC Comics had a villain in its midst. Three former DC employees accused editor Eddie Berganza of sexual assault while they worked for the company. In total, five sources told Buzzfeed that they reported Berganza's behavior to superiors working at DC Comics, though it appeared that nothing come of the complaints.
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DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza fired amid sexual assault allegations
Eddie Berganza, a high-ranking editor at DC Comics, was fired by DC and Warner Bros. just two days after he was suspended amid claims that he forcibly kissed and groped three women.
DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza for Alleged Assault
DC Comics has fired Eddie Berganza, a long-time editor, just days after Buzzfeed published an expose revealing his long list of alleged sexual assault victims.
DC Comics Fires Longtime Editor Following Sexual Harassment Claims
The decision came two days after Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment launched a review into revelations that Eddie Berganza was promoted despite allegations he forcibly kissed and tried to grope colleagues.<br/><br/>View Entire Post ›
DC Comics fires editor accused of sexual harassment by three women
Eddie Berganza, a top editor at the company who oversaw Superman and Wonder Woman properties, faces allegations from several colleagues suspended after an Continue reading...
DC Comics suspends group editor over sexual harassment claims
Eddie Berganza removed from his duties as group editor, soon after publication of article detailing allegations by three women DC Comics has suspended group editor Eddie Berganza following allegations of sexual harassment made against him by three women. The suspension follows Buzzfeed’s Continue reading...
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