Humans Could Be Frozen Alive and Thawed to Continue Living, Says Russian Company

In pursuit of life everlasting, some turn to God. Others turn to science. Or rather, something science-ish. 13-11-17
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Humans Could Be Frozen Alive and Thawed to Continue Living, Says Russian Company
In pursuit of life everlasting, some turn to God. Others turn to science. Or rather, something science-ish.
Can you feed a snake raw chicken? Definitely not. Ball pythons are known to be finicky eaters. They will only eat rodents. Most ball pythons will eat frozen/thawed mice though. You should look for a well established ball python that has proven to eat frozen mice readily. Baby ball pythons will often refuse to eat frozen and only want to eat live mice. So a juvenile or adult would be better than a hatchling. Just be aware that sometimes even a ball python that has been eating frozen thawed mice for a while may suddenly decide to be a picky eater. In that case you will have to try several different techniques to get it to eat which can include splitting the head open on a f/t mouse, feeding freshly killed mice, feeding live mice, etc. so you have to be fairly comfortable with it. The only snakes that have been known to eat raw meat like that are big adult snakes like retics and burms. And even those snakes should still have whole prey to get full nutrition.
How long does a turkey take to cook? On average it takes about an hour for each four pounds. So a twenty pound turkey will take about five hours. That’s thawed. If frozen, double that time. You would also need to cook a frozen turkey at a low temp for a long time. Otherwise you’ll end up with a crispy browned turkey that’s still frozen in the middle.
Can you refreeze a cooked brisket that was frozen, then thawed. it was already pre-cooked before it was thawed?
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If you were frozen in 1982 and thawed out today, would things be shockingly different?
Have grocery stores ever been caught selling foods that are supposed to stay frozen that have been thawed out and refrozen? Many many times. Whole lorry loads of frozen food arrives at supermarkets thawed and are refrozen.
Frozen Food Market By Product (Frozen poultry & meat, Frozen fruits & vegetables, Frozen ready-to-eat meals, Others) and Region- Segment Forecast 2014 to 2024
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Humans adapted to living in rainforests much earlier
Neanderthals organised their living spaces like humans
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Living with leopards: don't remove them unless they attack humans, says Jairam Ramesh
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Why do humans continue to go about daily activities while consciously knowing one day they will die and it will be all for nothing?
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D'Angelo Is Alive and (Not So) Well and Living in Richmond by Andrew Bast How does it feel? Parsing the rumors about the return of onetime R&B sensation D’Angelo, it feels anguished. And sad. And even a little pathetic. You most likely remember D’Angelo, whose real name is Michael Eugene Archer, from the video that made him famous. It was for “Untitled (How Does it Feel),” from his 2000 Grammy-winning release, Voodoo, and there is really only one thing to remember: D’Angelo naked, ripped to the core, the camera lingering on his torso. And so a musical heartthrob was born.No matter how spectac
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Eating frozen cooked patties that has been thawed and frozen again [duplicate] I had a box of frozen cooked country fried steaks and accidentally let thaw and then refroze them. Are they safe to eat?
frozen blueberries kept thawed Had a couple bags of frozen blueberries. Put them in the fridge to thaw. They've been in the fridge for several weeks. Can I still cook with them?
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How should I deal with “thawed frozen puff pastry”? A cookie recipe asks for: 14 ounces good-quality thawed frozen puff pastry, such as Dufour So, does puff pastry mean this? http://nishamadhulika.com/baking/homemade-puff-pastry-recipe.html ...
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