VC firm DFJ's founding partner takes leave amid sexual harassment probe (TSLA)

Nov 13 (Reuters) - Steve Jurvetson, founder partner ofventure capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), said onMonday he would take a leave of absence while an internal probeinto sexual harassment allegations against him continues. 13-11-17
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VC firm DFJ's founding partner takes leave amid sexual harassment probe (TSLA)
Nov 13 (Reuters) - Steve Jurvetson, founder partner ofventure capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), said onMonday he would take a leave of absence while an internal probeinto sexual harassment allegations against him continues.
Do you agree with Liam Neeson about the #metoo movement being a witch Hunt on all men? I sort of agree I think that sexual harassment is absolutely dreadful. however, they should really look into cases of sexual harassment before even jumping to a conclusion. and we really need to define sexual harassment, just a petite flirt, is that sexual harassment?
Do you support the me too movement? No. in many cases it attempts to vilify people without due process. It is an ignorant attempt to circumvent the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" and even more ignorantly takes the position that the more people alleging something, the more proof that one is guilty. But interestingly enough, there has been one recent and interesting change in Sexual Harassment law: It used to be sexual harassment meant whatever was offensive to the victim. Which would leave organizations open to all sorts of frivolous lawsuits, (I could dream up millions of lawsuits, like lawsuits over shoelaces, or a lawsuit because someone wears an ordinary wrist watch, or ordinary glasses etc etc.) Now it is whatever is offensive to the victim, within the context of reasonableness (you can't say wearing an ordinary wrist watch is sexual harassment). Additionally, over the years since 1991 and the Anita Hill controversy women are having less fun at work. That's right women are having less fun, because women's improper behavior (far more than men's improper behavior) have changed due to sexual harassment law.
Why are there so much sexual harassment in the workplace? There isn't. The problem is that we are considering things that are NOT sexual harassment as sexual harassment. The TRUE definition of sexual harassment is for a person with AUTHORITY over another at work to PRESSURE a subordinate into doing SEXUAL FAVORS (that is, having sex or doing sexual things) in order to avoid a reprisal, usually related to their employment, compensation, duties, etc. Under that definition, sexual harassment is extremely rare. However, we started going down a slippery slope. We went from that very clear and narrow definition, to include virtually anything now. Nowadays, just saying to someone that you like the way they styled their hair, or their clothes, or their makeup, or any simple compliment can be twisted into "sexual harassment". A simple pat on the shoulder can be construed as "inappropriate touching". What this will actually accomplish is to turn the workplace into something more stressful. It will create distrust of women, since any male will see them as a potential threat. Men will be less willing to work with women. I fear this will reduce willingness to work with us.
What should I do because I feel so guilty..? They needed to learn this lesson. When they are old enough to be in the workforce this sort of talk in a workplace can get them fired for sexual harassment, and in many places it is illegal. In my country sexual harassment law applies to educational institutions as well as to the workplace, and male pupils can be charged with sexual harassment once they are over the age of sixteen.
Is it sexual harrassment if I extended my hand for handshake but my date kissed me on cheek? Your pretence of not understanding what sexual harassment is disturbing. Either you're in fact some idiot or you're willing to pretend to be an idiot in order to diminish any actual discussion about sexual harassment, because you're likely the type of guy who'd be a sexual harasser.
The Grammy's had Hillary pre-record her bit. Is that because Granny Clinton couldn't stay up late enough to do it live? Yeah, the ones carrying the banner of Anti-Sexual harassment had as their special guest one of the biggest enablers of sexual harassment ever reading a book by a guy who smeared a successful woman insinuating that she slept her way to the top with no evidence and who shielded a sexual harasser from her campaign. And yet, we're supposed to take these virtue signaling idiots seriously lol
Doug Ostrover, Founding Partner of Blackstone’s GSO, to Leave Firm Doug Ostrover, Founding Partner of Blackstone’s GSO, to Leave Firm Doug Ostrover, one of the founding partners of Blackstone Group’s credit arm GSO Capital Partners, is leaving the firm.
Amid Sexual Harassment Probe, Democratic Rep. Ruben Kihuen Won't Seek Re-Election Democratic Nevada Rep. Ruben Kihuen said on Saturday he won’t seek re-election in 2018 just one day after the House Ethics Committee said it would investigate allegations of sexual harassment from two women.
Pelosi defends Conyers as 'an icon' amid sexual harassment claims House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi defended Rep. John Conyers on Sunday amid accusations of sexual harassment, calling the 88-year-old Democratic congressman from Michigan “an icon in our country” who “has done a great deal to protect women.”
Female 'SNL' Staffers Defend Al Franken Amid Sexual Harassment Claims Women who worked on “Saturday Night Live” say they are standing behind Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.),
'Sexist' sign taken down from House of Lords bar amid Westminster sexual harassment scandal A “sexist” sign which hung in a leisure club bar in the House of Lords has been taken down in the wake of the Westminster sex scandal. Lewis Bassett, a PhD student, shared pictures of the sign being removed on Twitter. It was on display in the Sports and Social Club bar in the House of Lords.
Meryl Streep slams Harvey Weinstein amid 'disgraceful' sexual harassment allegations
Kelvin Hopkins: Luton North MP suspended from Labour 'amid sexual harassment allegations' Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins has been suspended from the party after sexual harassment allegations emerged. The party said it is launching an investigation into the allegations, of which it did not provide further details, and takes the claims "extremely seriously". Mr Hopkins is facing claims he sent suggestive texts to a young woman and behaved inappropriately.
Harvey Weinstein to Take Leave Amid Sexual Harassment Report Harvey Weinstein, the larger-than-life Hollywood executive and Oscar-winner, is taking a leave of absence from his own company after an explosive expose revealing decades of sexual harassment against women, from employees to actress Ashley Judd, was published in The New York Times Thursday.
Harvey Weinstein on 'indefinite' leave amid sexual harassment allegations Harvey Weinstein will take an indefinite leave from his film company as it conducts an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations against one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.
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@abcnews: Harvey Weinstein taking leave amid sexual harassment allegations (Pic: Reuters)
Al Franken Just Resigned Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations. Here's What Happens Now "In the coming weeks, I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate"
Conyers steps down from key committee amid sexual harassment probe Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, has stepped down as ranking member of House Judiciary Committee amid a congressional investigation into sexual harassment and workplace abuse allegations by his former staffers.
Harvey Weinstein takes leave of absence following bombshell sexual harassment report
Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein takes 'indefinite leave' after sexual harassment claims
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Ontario's hospitality industry takes aim at sexual harassment Businesses in the bar, restaurant and hospitality sectors now have "no excuse" when it comes to tackling sexual harassment and violence in their workplaces, industry representatives from Ontario said Thursday as they launched a new training course. The effort is led by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA), in conjunction with tourism industry associations and the provincial government, which provided funding to develop the voluntary training. "I really think it's going to change attitudes," Ontario Labour Minister Kevin F
US Congressman quits House Judiciary Committee amid sexual harassment probe John Conyers quits US House Judiciary Committee
John Conyers Steps Down from Senior US House Post amid Sexual Harassment Probe
Uber's London boss to leave firm amid battle with TfL over licence Uber's London-based northern Europe chief has quit her post as the ride-hailing firm remains locked in a licensing battle with TfL. Jo Bertram announced on Monday that she will be leaving the minicab app after four years with the company for a “new and exciting” role elsewhere. Uber said her departure is not connected to TfL’s recent decision to revoke the firm’s licence to operate in the capital.
Anne Robinson says she is in 'despair' over 'fragile' modern women who are 'unable to deal' with sexual harassment in the work place  Anne Robinson says she is in 'despair' over 'fragile' modern women who are 'unable to deal' with sexual harassment in the work place 
4 Conyers steps aside as ranking Democrat on Judiciary Committee amid ethics probe of sexual harassment claims
Conyers steps aside as ranking Democrat on Judiciary Committee amid ethics probe of sexual harassment claims
3 Conyers steps aside as ranking Democrat on Judiciary Committee amid ethics probe of sexual harassment claims
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