Florida high school senior kills himself on campus

A 17-year-old high school student in Florida killed himself Tuesday morning during a fire drill on campus, police say. Seth Sutherland was a student at Lake Minneola High School near Orlando.
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  • Dangers of Hypnotism: 3 Teens Died After Principal Hypnotized Them I have emphasized the dangers of hypnosis and its relations to the occult here.  On Tuesday, a Florida school board approved a $600,000 payout to the families of three students who died after being hypnotized by their high school principal, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. The bizarre case has its roots in 2011, when 16-year-old North Port High School quarterback Marcus Freeman died in a… View On WordPress
  • Confessions of an Older College Student 1. No one will ever let you forget that you’re older than 80% of the student population (except fellow international students your age) 2. Freshman year is a nightmare. Imagine being a 21 year old freshman surrounded by fresh outta high school 17/18 year olds, still with high school drama and telling anyone who’ll listen how they scored a beer can last night. It’s like your own personal hell. 3. Since all your friends are children, you have no one to go out with 4. The difference in maturity is stark, and it pretty much never goes away. Even though your classmates get older and get into their 20s, you’re growing up too. It gets to a point (this point is now for me) when you feel like you’ve outgrown the college experience 5. I’m a 23-year old senior, I live on campus, and I have a hellishly demanding major. Ergo, I have little to no time/opportunity to socialise outside of college. All the guys in my school year are typically 21. Suffice to say, I’ve been single for the past 4 years (I just don’t date guys who are younger than me) 6. For us who, because you have shit luck, look older than they actually are, everyone assumes you’re a graduate student Whatever the reason, you’re working towards a college degree and that’s amazing! That being said, I’m graduating in 6 months, and I cannot wait!
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Florida high school senior kills himself on campus
A 17-year-old high school student in Florida killed himself Tuesday morning during a fire drill on campus, police say. Seth Sutherland was a student at Lake Minneola High School near Orlando.
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