Mom screams with excitement after Marine son's homecoming

Rekita Lee hadn't seen Tre'Vaughn Lee since August 2016 and was not expecting to see him over the holidays at her parent's home in Jacksonville, Florida.
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  • by: Megan Hulsman  The Homecoming football game is this weekend, and many events are planned around it.  Homecoming week is one of Texas State’s longest-running traditions. Many of the events this week are organized by the Student Association for Campus Activities. They include a volleyball tournament, carnival, talent show and a spirit rally. Mac Bryant, a Homecoming Queen nominee, said she’s most excited for this year’s Homecoming talent show. “I know it’s so nerve-racking for all these students to perform,” Bryant said. “To be the girl that they chose to nominate fills me with so much joy and happiness.” The events lead up to the Homecoming football game and are organized to boost school pride and unite students, which is also achieved by adding Homecoming royalty to the mix. Organizations are able to recognize some of their members by nominating them for Homecoming King, Queen or Gaillardian. Voted on by the students, the nominees are often leaders in their organizations and known by many.  Homecoming week will continue with the Soapbox Derby and end at Bobcat Stadium where the football team will play New Mexico State. The Homecoming King, Queen and Gaillardian will be announced at halftime. 
  • Warrior Wednesday: A U.S. Marine with 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, watches for anything suspicious...
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Mom screams with excitement after Marine son's homecoming
Rekita Lee hadn't seen Tre'Vaughn Lee since August 2016 and was not expecting to see him over the holidays at her parent's home in Jacksonville, Florida.
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mom screams after Marine son's surprise homecoming | mom Screams - mom screams after Marine son's surprise homecoming | mom Screams A Florida mom got a huge surprise when her Marine son returned home early from his ...
MARINE WIFE IN LABOR AT HOMECOMING!!! - Monday, May 15th was one of the craziest days of our lives... Daddy made it home RIGHT in time for Miss Julianna to be born. Our hearts are so full!
Pregnant Wife Goes Into Labor While Anxiously Waiting For Marine Husband’s Homecoming - Pregnant Wife Goes Into Labor While Anxiously Waiting For Marine Husband's Homecoming Do not forget to share, like, and subscriber on our channel: ...
Alcorn State University Marching Band - Homecoming Parade - 2017 #HOMECOMING - Support : WATCH IN 4K!!! Headphones are suggested for full surround sound. Please Subscribe!! Thanks for Watching!!
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