Outlander studios in Cumbernauld set to expand in 2018

THE Scottish home of the hugely popular Outlander TV series is to be transformed into a major international film studio.
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  • I know I’ve been gone off tumblr for a long time, but I’m tentatively back. My presence may be sporadic, but I miss the outlander community and I want to get back into it. A lot has changed in my life since I’ve been on last, but I’m hoping to give tumblr a lil nook where I am now. Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with my (inactive) blog, I hope we can have some fun with the new outlander and other fandom content. I really love talking with all of you about Outlander and can’t wait to start that again.
  • Bus for Cumbernauld leaving Buchanan Street bus station, Glasgow (via here)
  • Hope everyone is having a great launch day! (I swear I could hear Jay at 8am from here in Cumbernauld) ~this is how I've spent...
  • #Scotland from the past . Via Outlander Community . #OutlanderSeries #Outlander #OutlanderSeason3 #OutlanderStarz
  • 🎨 EDIT OUTLANDER CHARACTERS  [Credit Pics: outlander-online/FarFarAwaySite]
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Outlander studios in Cumbernauld set to expand in 2018
THE Scottish home of the hugely popular Outlander TV series is to be transformed into a major international film studio.
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THE idea of the jury as a “little parliament” of citizens, and as one of the foundations of our liberty, looms large in British and Scots law. Yet if a jury is a parliament, it’s one where the members are usually obliged to sit in silence, not even allowed to ask direct questions; and the idea that this system is no longer fit for purpose is the driving force behind Grid Iron’s latest show, co-produced with the Traverse Theatre. As the show opens, the audience enters a Traverse One transformed into the High Court of Edin
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Where was the main character in Outlander from? The main character from Outlander was clearly from a futuristic society, but he also ended up in early medieval Norway. His computer system was clearly aware of earth and its culture since it knew ...
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How does Claire travel through the standing stones in Outlander? In Outlander the book by Diana Gabaldon, I recall (although it has been several years) Claire falling into the stones and accidentally back in time. In the new television adaptation, however, the ...
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How far is cumbernauld from aberdeen? About 100 miles
Is there any landmarks in cumbernauld?
Do any Celtic players live in cumbernauld? mark Wilson lives at smithstone
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