Bakery chain Greggs has been forced to apologise

Bakery chain Greggs came under fire after one of their publicity photographs for their new advent calendars showed one of their sausage rolls in a manger instead of baby Jesus. 14-11-17
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Bakery chain Greggs has been forced to apologise
Bakery chain Greggs came under fire after one of their publicity photographs for their new advent calendars showed one of their sausage rolls in a manger instead of baby Jesus.
Who was the last sole king of Scotland? maximum butchers could have their very own pies, yet they are able to be offered at bakery's in case you have a BAYNES or GREGGS bakery they have a tendency to be quite stable. yet purchase the final it relatively is going to be properly worth it
I'm a Christian bakery owner, and I'm being persecuted! Why should I be forced to conform to a law that says I'm not allowed to discriminate? It's simple--you aren't being forced. Sell your bakery, and go find a job where you aren't serving the public. You don't sound like a very good businessman anyway. Besides, you don't really own a bakery, do you? . .
Do you buy from your supermarket bakery or your local bakery? We have no local bakery. I bake my own stuff, unless I just happen to be in a town with a bakery. Bakery items from Walmart or Kroger are okay with me. I really don't often buy them anyway.
I'm a Christian bakery owner, and I'm being persecuted! Why should I be forced to conform to a law that says I'm not allowed to discriminate?
Why to liberals gays and lesbians think they can force a private business to make them a cake? I'll preface my answer by saying that I know more about making wedding cakes than you ever will So let's make this personal. If a gay bakery wouldn't make you and your fiance a wedding cake how many hours would you be willing to travel to find a bakery that would ? Would you expect the gay bakery to compensate you for your time and.effort
Should a cake maker be forced by law to write whatever a customer wants on a cake, including Nazi slogans for example? MOSTLY YES (1) I don’t give a sh\t if a bakery owner doesn’t like gays. If a customer requests ‘Elliot and Andrew’ on his cake then the bakery owner should have to inscribe it. (2) A Satanist bakery owner should not be permitted to deny service to a Christian, and, A Christian bakery owner should not be permitted to deny service to a Satanist. (3) I would however, grant the bakery owner the right to refuse to inscribe something that promotes or represents illegality such as: ‘To great an\l sex with 6-year-olds’ or ‘My first illegal weapon’. I might even go so far as to allow storeowners to refuse to inscribe hateful speech such as: ‘a dead jew is a good jew’ or ‘muslims are terrorists’. But there would have to be clear guidelines and fines to storeowners who abuse this exception.
Working at Greggs - the perks staff get at Britain's most famous bakery chain You won't just be bringing home a salary
Spanish Chain Zara Forced to Apologise for Children’s ‘Holocaust Shirt’ The Spanish retail giant was forced to withdraw the offending item from the website and multiple stores following a barrage of complaints
Greggs Bakery Considers Selling Sushi Greggs' chief executive said the bakery has not ruled out selling sushi.
Greggs bakery launches advent calendar for Christmas Greggs' advent calendar contains tokens behind each window and a £5 gift card for Christmas Eve. The vouchers can be exchanged in store for a different festive treat every day.
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RPG-Sanjiv Goenka group to invest Rs. 70 cr for bakery chain roll-out
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Austrian bakery chain opens fully vegan branch at tourist hotspot (English in comments)
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Greggs opens another store in Glasgow- here is where it is A POPULAR baker is opening a new shop in the city creating 25 jobs in the process.
Greggs is opening a new store - and there'll be 10 new jobs They need 10 people to work at their new shop in Kirklees
New Greggs targeted by thieves ... for a third time Just what is so enticing for the burglars?
Greggs sausage rolls have gone up in price And people are outraged.
Plans unveiled for new Greggs store in Huddersfield Greggs is looking to move onto Huddersfield retail park
Greggs puts an all day breakfast in a WRAP on its new menu Thai chicken soup and toffee apple doughnuts among other items launched in high-street bakery chain
Here's how to book your candlelit Valentine's dinner at GREGGS Britain's most popular bakery is offering a four-course dinner with booze... and pasties
Students hold secret rave in GREGGS Student Nikki Gardner, 21, asked Greggs if they would host a party for her and her friends when they returned to university in Birmingham following the summer break.
Enlarging from a home bakery to a commercial bakery I am presently a dessert baker in my licensed home kitchen and am moving to a retail storefront location with a commercial dessert bakery. My proprietary recipes for cheesecakes, layer cakes, brownies,...
“Bakeshop” vs. “bake shop” vs. “bakery” vs. “bakery shop” vs. “bakehouse” for a baker's shop, and “bakeries” for “baked goods” in AmE Are all four terms in current use in AmE today to refer to a bakery's shop where bread and other baked stuff like cakes and pastries are sold? As far as I know, "bakeshop", "bakehouse", and "bakery" ...
Is there a South African equivalent to Greggs? Apologies for the random question! It came up in office conversation.Greggs is a low cost Bakery chain in UK. My colleague was concerned that, should he visit South Africa, he would not be able to find the vital sustenance he gets from his daily Greggs, or a local equivalent - i.e., to make it more pertinent to travel, how alike are South African and British culinary habits?
“If I were you, I'd apologise to my/your mum” I'm stuck with this example which I don't know how to solve: A: I've said bad things to my mum. B: If I were you, I'd apologise to your mum. Is it supposed to be your or my instead? My feeling ...
You can apologise *for* something, but can you apologise *that* something? An interesting discussion came up in the chat following a sentence I suggested in another question where I said something along the lines of "I apologise that I have a prior commitment." or "I ...
I apologise in advance for this – A man has 17 cigarettes. He gives half of the cigarettes to his oldest son. He gives one third of the cigarettes to his middle son. He gives one ninth of the cigarettes to his youngest son. ...
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