What if EastEnders' Pat Butcher got REAL high on weed?

Gone to Pot has the answer. 13-11-17
  • [01-12] First Time Being High On Here (I'm New To Weed) [8]:
  • [05-12] Never get high on your own supply #Weed ???#Scarface
  • [22-11] The Butcher of #Bosnia sentenced to prison while the Butcher of #Kabul is welcomed to #Afghanistan after 20 years.
  • [15-10] Butcher Search Consultancy are currently seeking an experienced Butcher/Mea... #Dundee #DundeeJobs #UKJobs
  • [17-01] If your butcher doesn’t look like this, you don’t have a butcher.??#meatassissin #trap’dandtri’d #boom…
  • [19-07] Butcher is best. Ask your butcher for advice on the best cuts for you. #Butcherisbest #beef #scotland
  • [08-12] #RewriteTheNextLinesInSongs You better not pout, you better not cry, cuz I've got some weed, and we're gettin' high!
  • [20-01] The Mad Butcher(1971 Italy)Director:Guido Zurlia mad butcher creates tasty sausage with human flesh.#horror :
  • [10-11] I’m already high as the hell but the weed so good so i keep rolling#Dolph
  • [24-11] Meanwhile the real butcher of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, roams free. #DoubleStandard #RatkoMladic
  • [08-10] Real #Halloween Horror Stories File # 12424 The Butcher of Plainfield #PodernFamily
  • [06-11] Alex Trebek Ate Six #Weed Brownies And Was High For Three Days Straight
  • [04-10] Went passed the Super Butcher this morning and seen this. #butcher #lol
  • [27-12] It’s high time we realised that#Evolution is not real#BigBang is not real#Gravity is not realIt’s high time the…
  • [03-01] #COP KILLER #California #MohammedAbraarAli doing 120 MPH high on WEED/Alcohol killed CHP officer Christmas day.He…
  • [27-09] My senior year of high school I got suspended for having the second floor smelling like weed. It was too loud??‍♂️ #ConfessToSomethingStupid
  • [15-11] You're a butcher! That's what you are! You're a butcher! #Scarface #TCMParty
  • [07-10] I missed the last 30 mins where is the weed farm? Is that what was in the cellar? #BlackLake if this is all because of weed. Shite storyline
  • [10-09] Weed on my lungs Weed on my mind Why the fuck am I smoking like a Rastafarian? #rilès #nsfw
  • [03-11] "WEED KILLER #2: He tips insecticides & weed killers into an attic cistern... #horror #murder"
  • [14-10] I can't seem to find a video of when Barbra says JE is buying kilos of weed... well whateva..pounds of weed#teenmom2 That was hilarious
  • [16-01] WEED is to 95 % from #Paraguay and "pressed weed" ( here in Europe much better quality, same price )
  • [21-12] #LivePD ppl smoke way more weed than I thought!! Seems like it's mostly weed y'all find!
  • [07-11] I hope #JoshGordon commits to his rehab cause that dude excelled as a WR even with alcohol & weed & with no real QB throwing him the ball
  • [15-10] #Eminem Spitn Political Spin.. Must B High Off Weed & Lots Of Gin Lookn Like Hillarys Twin From Mice Of Men..Slangn Books 2 Bums & Crooks..
  • [03-10] I don't need weed to get high anymore. Just get me a @JheneAiko Trip album but when you combine both, we in heaven already. ?#Trip
  • [05-11] Our states, counties, and cities could save so much money making weed legal. So much money spent just looking for a little weed.#livepd
  • [21-11] Once again I promote an idea 'guns for weed' cash in your guns for weed see crime drop #GunControl #GunControlNow…
  • [14-01] For all my stoners !My New Weed track. " Ganja"???[Link in my Profile]free download ?#ganja #weed #kush...
  • [02-10] WHEN YOUR WEED STACK STILL THICK AFTER THE WEEKEND! ??????YESSSS! #weed #weekend #hornofplenty
  • [23-09] Words = High profile action taken. Real overt racism = Disappear & keep a low profile as real racists threaten violence. That's #kickitout
  • [16-11] Good morning! It's Nov 16.Today: Windy, high 6.Tonight: Low -5.Tomorrow: High 2.Saturday: Rain, high 9.Sunday: High 2.#FoxKatZ1035
  • [07-11] It's Nov 7.Today: High 8. Tomorrow: Sunny, high 8. Thursday: 40% chance of rain, high 8. Friday: Flurries, high -3. #FoxKatZ1035
  • [07-10] The dog in "High Sierra" is Humphrey Bogart's real dog. #TCMParty
  • [24-12] Setting up stack them high for a real dog chase #Cowboybebop
What if EastEnders' Pat Butcher got REAL high on weed?
Gone to Pot has the answer.
Vape Starter Kit / Weed Smoker Trying to Stop? Vaping is meant to keep people off Cigarettes, as it works as a healthier way to deliver nicotine to cut down on the cravings of a real cigarette. Vaping 0mg (no nicotine) eliquid MIGHT keep your bf from smoking so much weed BUT i highly doubt his weed smoking will stop as people smoke weed for the good feelings it provides and the high. No vape will offer that high ever unless yuo vape weed. Here is what I recommend as a decent starter kit at a decent price
Wellbutrin and weed? That weed could have been laced with something. You probably shouldn't use antidepressants and weed together because they both work on the brain and you could be counteracting the medicine by smoking weed. Weed slows people's mental function down and could possibly be a reason why you are depressed. I don't know of anyone that smokes weed and actually happy people. They get high to mask their problems, so quitting the weed might be beneficial for you. Definitely don't need to mix it with antidepressants
Should marijuana be decrimnalized in all 50 states? Why or why not? Weed shouldn't be legal. Pot smokers are so annoying. They think that just because they smoke weed makes them super cool. I'm tired of people acting like "OH I SMOKE WEED AND GET HIGH I AM SO DAMN COOL! WEED IS THE BEST THING EVA!!!!!"
Should alcohol be banned again? I am not against alcohol, but I am against recreation pot. Why, you wonder? A lot of alcohol drinkers drink because they like enjoying a nice drink with their friends and family. Recreational pot smokers, however, do it just to get high and act cool. Pot smokers also never shut up about weed. They constantly say things like "I LOVE GETTING HIGH!" or "Weed is the best thing eva!!!" They post pictures of them smoking on social media, thinking that it makes them look super cool (which it doesn't). Most pot heads are very lazy and stupid. Also, people who are high on weed can be a danger to other people when driving or operating dangerous equipment. I know that drunk people can be a danger to others as well, but in order to get drunk, you have to drink a lot. With weed, however, one joint will get you f***ed up. So no, I don't think alcohol should be banned for responsible people.
If you have a low tolerance to weed, can you get high at all if you touch a weed bud and then stick your finger in your mouth?
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Green rush, grey market: How free weed is firing up D.C.'s pot 'gifting economy' For an asking price of $50 for a grape lollipop, at least the vendor tossed in some locally grown goodies. The free samples, given away with a handshake in the hazy basement of an after-hours Ethiopian restaurant, came sealed in a plastic baggie — 3.5 grams of downright skunky marijuana buds.
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'Cone Weed' gets Christmas makeover in North Carolina town Now, the roadside attraction dubbed "Cone Weed" is something of a Christmas miracle to locals. The weed has been growing unencumbered across from the Huntersville Fire Station for a year and has amassed a cult following. A graphic designer has created a line of Christmas clothes and has sold more than 200 shirts, with proceeds helping local families through HopeMatch.org.
Is Melania Trump Miserable? First Lady Is a 'Real Mystery' and 'Quiet,' But Full of Surprises, Says CNN Journalist First lady Melania Trump has been subject to a narrative that she is unhappy with her life by President Donald Trump’s side since he took office in January. The public fascination with Trump has ranged from a Vanity Fair article about her “burden” as first lady, a Saturday Night Live sketch depicting her as a bored housewife, a short story by feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie painting her as lonely. As someone who follows her around everyday, CNN’s FLOTUS correspondent Kate Bennett can answer that question for you.
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Winnipeg cop asked sex-trade worker if she wanted to 'hang out' and 'get high,' court told Remi Van Den Driessche, 42, is on trial charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, extortion, criminal harassment and breach of trust in connection with four women. A fifth alleged victim passed away following Van Den Driessche's 2014 arrest. Within days, Van Den Driessche was calling her at home, the woman alleged.
'High-level Hollywood exec' groped Terry Crews in public: 'This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD'
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Donald Trump's lawyers realise charges against him are 'real and serious', says former US attorney Donald Trump's lawyers understand that obstruction of justice charges against the President are “real and serious", a former US Attorney has said. In addition to four congressional investigations, the US President and his 2016 campaign are under investigation by special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller, over claims they colluded with Russia. Mr Trump’s lawyers have met several times with Mr Mueller over recent months and have submitted detailed memos refuting the allegations.
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Interface a high-quality camera to a computer in real time? I have a project that requires high-quality video and stills to be acquired (almost) live with computer controls. By "almost" live, I mean that a five second delay is acceptable, but five minutes isn'...
Show that there exists a real function of the real variable that takes any real value on any interval
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