The Chase fans convinced THIS obvious reason is why the show is ‘fixed’

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  • You know what, the respect Seb and Lewis have for each other is second to none. It’s genuine. They don’t dislike each other. It’s understandable that Seb is disappointed and Lewis is jubilant. They are rivals who try to beat each other so it’s also obvious that there will be tension between them. But they have honour for each other. Maybe some fans missed the moment Seb was approached by Lewis after the race. I just wish the fans would show the same respect for each other and equally show respect for both drivers. Seb and Lewis wouldn’t like it. Let’s take a leaf out of their book and stop verbally bashing each other and the drivers because to be honest it’s just down right nasty behaviour.
  • Okay, I’ve been thinking and I see some similarities to what the fans of Ámbar say and Ludmila from Violetta. We found out in season 3 that Ludmila had a reason for being so bad. She had a horrible mother. The writers told us in the show that she was bad because her mother taught her to (if I remember correctly). Btw I don’t think that was a good reason for her being so bad. The fans of Ámbar are saying the same thing but this time, her godmother taught her to. I don’t like this kind of portrayal of a character. They both have their own minds and it was wrong of the writers to make it seem like Ludmila doesn’t.
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  • This is the exact reason I left tumblr for a while, at the end of the last season. Honestly, why do some people on here feel the need to judge other fans for their opinions? What makes your opinion better than others? I don’t see why there are people hating others for having different reactions to the past few episodes… Especially when none of us really know what’s happening in the show anyone; So how can you tell someone that they’re wrong?? The only people who know whats going to happen on the show are the cast, crew and production so why are people so adamant in proving others wrong? If you’re going to criticize the show or another fan’s opinion, can you at least do it in a polite manner, because some of the comments and posts I’m reading are appalling. Mary wouldn’t want this, just saying. I think we can all agree on that.
  • Ok so i had a little theory for a while now and ive kept it very quiet but kept and eye on the community ect and my theory seems to be proven by most. Ok so ive noticed that as much as miraculous ladybug is aimed for kids its seems to me that we as the fans are turning it in to more a late teens early adults show and here my reason why 1: when it comes to dubbing fan comics i pay very close attention to my veiws and ive noticed that not only on my channel but a few others as well that the most popluar videos are oftern the one where someone is hurt bleeding injured ect. Which is abit more graphical however it has the most veiws where as funny comics have a lower veiw count even though that what the show is aimed for based on commedy 2: i asked my fans to write down some ideas for me to draw comics for my channel and the most requested idea was marinette getting kidnapped and torchered o.o 3: thumbnails: i noticed that unless your thumbnail has some sort of negativity your video wonr get as many veiws the reason for this is because of society we live in we want to experience the negativity without actualy getting hurt 4: there this one youtuber who i noticed out a rule 34 image as there thumbnail for a video and instantly people recognised the image but also the video got very popular in the matter of hours 5: point 4 helps with point 5, why is there even rule 34 art of this show, i thought thomas clearly said not to make porn of the show but we have a whole rule 34 dedicated to miraculous ladybug 6: did you know the most searched fanfiction titles include : Marinette getting raped, hurt, bullying, sucide and self harm Now becauss of all the reason ive mentioned there and there are plenty more my question is this are we turning a good child tv show into something adult like with all the blood, gore, violence and rape obviously im not an angel and i myself enjoy and prefer reading the more darker comics but its just a thought i had are we actualy turning this show darker then intended? Comment below your thoughts id love to hear them :)
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The Chase fans convinced THIS obvious reason is why the show is ‘fixed’
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