British soldiers trial 4x4s controlled with Xbox-style controllers

British and American soldiers have been trialling 4x4s controlled by Xbox-style controllers.

They've also been working on unmanned trucks formed into driverless convoys and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Prioritising cutting-edge technology, the MOD is working with the US military on autonomous resupply. 14-11-17
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British soldiers trial 4x4s controlled with Xbox-style controllers
British and American soldiers have been trialling 4x4s controlled by Xbox-style controllers.

They've also been working on unmanned trucks formed into driverless convoys and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Prioritising cutting-edge technology, the MOD is working with the US military on autonomous resupply.
What is the best PC Controller for Uplay games? XBox One / 360 controllers are considered the Gold / Silver standards for PC gaming since they're made by Microsoft & supported by Windows natively (after a small download from Windows). XBox One controllers are only supported on Windows 10, while XBox 360 controllers are supported by Windows XP onwards as an individual download (Windows 8 & 10 have it as an automatic download from Windows servers). PS4 & PS3 controllers would work decently as well, but may require extra drivers & software to work with PC. I would include the Steam controller as an option, but since you're playing straight from uPlay instead of Steam, it would not work (unless you manually added the games or uPlay into Steam as "Non-Steam" game). Hope this helps!
Can i use an xbox 360 controller to play a game on steam even if the game isnt available on xbox 360? Yes. Whether the game is available on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One is irrelevant as to whether the controllers for those systems will work in the PC version of the game. Pretty much any PC game that supports a controller from around 2008 onwards will support the Xbox 360 controller (and also the Xbox One controller) and yes all of the Assassin's Creed games are included in that. The Xbox 360/Xbox One controller is pretty much the standard PC controller these days. If your 360 controller is wired then simply connect it via USB. If it is wireless then you'll need to buy a wireless adapter as the play and charge kit won't work in Windows (this isn't the case with the XBox One controller which can connect via the USB cable). Note that the 360 controller and the Xbox One controller have separate wireless adapters available so make sure you get the correct one. Windows 8 and Windows 10 will work straight away but if you have an older windows such as Windows 7 or earlier then you'll need to install the drivers from here: https:// Some older games that don't use the Xinput API (that the Xbox controllers use) may have a few issues (such as triggers not working, the right analog stick not working etc.) but even then there is usually a way of getting the controller to work properly in those games.
Were can u get a xbox 1 controller style for the ps4 cuz i hate the ps4 controller? First chuck your ps4 in the trash, then buy a pc and plug your xbox controller into it. You get a better gaming experience and can use xbox controllers!
Having a hard time choosing between xbox one s and a ps4 slim? As someone with both, I recommend you get the one more of your friends have. My PS4 collects dust, mainly because I have more people to play with on the Xbox. The Xbox One controllers don't recharge out of the box, but there's a $25 Play and Charge kit available that adds a rechargeable battery.
Do manufactures just want your money? Comparing the Xbox One to the iPhone is a bit fake. The Xbox One S doesn't add any new features. It's simply a smaller version of the Xbox One that is cheaper to manufacture. Xbox One X only adds 4k resolution. It is not a replacement for the Xbox One or Xbox One S but will coexist with the XBox One S as a high-end option for those gamers with a 4k TV. All Xbox One games will work on all models of Xbox One.
Is the cowardice in Paris another "false flag" attack? Yes, yes it is a false flag. Every single thing is a conspiracy controlled by the government (which government is never specified, by the way), an organization able to pull off this massive system without any credible leaks about it, despite the fact that most of the government normally functions at the level of your local DMV (I don't know what the British equivalent of very-low functioning government workers would be). In fact, all of us are controlled by the government, as well. Indeed, you are controlled by the government, but so well controlled you don't even know you're being controlled. Think about that!
My LB and RB buttons on my Xbox 360 controllers have broken. Where is a good place to find replacement Xbox 360 controllers and even the Xbox 360 controller for Windows?
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My PS4 and Xbox One controllers frequently get laggy and disconnect
US Navy to replace joysticks on nuclear submarines with Xbox controllers
The U.S. Navy will use Xbox 360 controllers aboard nuclear-powered submarines Beginning this year, the United States Navy is going to start equipping some of its state-of-the-art, nuclear-powered submarines with Xbox 360 controllers. After complaints from junior officers and sailors about the clunky controls used to direct submarine periscopes, the U.S. Navy will start using Xbox 360 controllers aboard Virginia-class submarines instead, the Virginian-Pilot reported Friday. SEE ALSO: SanDisk just released the world's biggest microSD card Two years ago, the U.S. Navy started testing the controllers as replacement
Any SNES style controllers?
Original Xbox 2001 Launch Team Release Signed Bill Gates w/ Controllers, Games and Bag
Very simple - I want to be able to play guitar hero 3, 4, Aerosmith and Metallica but have an Xbox One. Are these games backwards compatible/are there any controllers I can buy that work on the One? Thanks!
I am The creator of this original series on youtube. And Id like to share it here, Me and my boys filmed this back When we had no capture software and a Xbox with 4 Controllers, this was how we brought MW2 to life. If you still appreciate MW2, you will f
5 soldiers missing in Indian-controlled Kashmir avalanches
/r/PropagandaPosters has a WWII German poster depicting an American sleeping with a British woman (the idea was to demoralize British soldiers on the front lines). How effective were these propaganda posters?
3 soldiers missing after avalanche hits army post in Indian-controlled Kashmir
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‘Little soldiers' pay tribute to Bose in patriotic style
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Iran seizes 15 British soldiers
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British soldiers arrested on far-right terror charges British police arrest four men, including some serving soldiers, on suspicion of belonging to a banned far-right group and planning terrorist acts.
Two British soldiers charged with terror offences Three men, including two British soldiers, have been charged under UK terror laws with being members of a banned neo-Nazi group, police said.
British soldiers rescue tourists in Atlantic British soldiers on a sailing expedition in the Atlantic Ocean have saved the lives of five German and Swiss tourists after their boat capsized.
Two British soldiers charged with far-right terror offences Three men have been charged with terror offences as part of an investigation into a banned neo-Nazi group, West Midlands Police said.
Controlled clinical trial, what is controlled refering to?
Can I use Xbox 360 controllers with Xbox Classic (first generation of Xbox)? This is a tricky question and I can't find reliable answer anywhere on the Internet. I love my old Xbox Classic (the first Xbox console from 2001). Unfortunately both my original pads have died, then ...
What was the wage of the soldiers serving in the CEF compared to the soldiers serving in the British army?
Do Xbox One Controller charge packs work in Xbox 360 controllers? I've got an Xbox 360 and some wireless controllers for it. As usual, the rechargeable battery pack things have lost most of their longevity, and I'm looking to replace them. I found a good sale for ...
Do I still need the Xbox Bluetooth adapter to use multiple Xbox One controllers on Windows 10? The new Xbox One controller (reviewed here) is advertised to have Bluetooth support and no additional adapter needed to connect to a Windows 10 PC. However, if I want to pair two of these to a laptop, ...
Do Xbox One controllers support Xbox 360 games on PC? I play games on PC using a generic gamepad and x360ce software. I use a generic controller like this one: But now I am planning to buy an Xbox controller and I am confused which one to buy? (Xbox ...
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