Grandparents are increasing kids’ cancer risk by doling out sweets and letting them laze about

GRANDPARENTS are putting kids at increased cancer risk by giving them too many sweets, a study claims. It warns they are putting their grandchildren’s health at risk through “treating and over feeding” – causing them to pile on the pounds. They are also more likely to allow youngsters to laze about than mum or dad. […] 14-11-17
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Grandparents are increasing kids’ cancer risk by doling out sweets and letting them laze about
GRANDPARENTS are putting kids at increased cancer risk by giving them too many sweets, a study claims. It warns they are putting their grandchildren’s health at risk through “treating and over feeding” – causing them to pile on the pounds. They are also more likely to allow youngsters to laze about than mum or dad. […]
Is cancer hereditary? Fewer than 10% of cancers are related to inherited risk factors. While this is a sad video it does not mention the cause of these young men developing cancer. There is not thought to be a direct inherited risk factor for liver cancer althougb there are some genetically related illnesses that can increase the risk of liver cancer. There are also a range of environmental risk factors that, as brothers, they would have experienced simillar exposure levels. No one watching the video has any way of knowing the cause.
Do vegans have a lower risk of cancer? You can't just pick a couple of people and question the statistics just because of those two people. Many foods, vegan, vegitarian, and omnivorian pose a miniscule risk of cancer. Sure there are individual foods that you can abstain from, but a varied diet, low in red meat is probably the most healthy. If you take red wine as an example. In excess it can increase your risk of various forms of cancer, yet in moderation it will reduce your risk of other forms of cancer!
Do vegans have a lower risk of cancer? no. Cancer and the exact causes is not well understood. There are a few things that science knows possibly raises the risk slightly of certain cancers but there is always those who still get those types of cancer who have no connection the risk factors...Non smokers get lung cancer, people who don't sunbath get skin cancers, people who are vegan get bowel cancer without ever eating smoked and cured meats, etc.
Does it sound like I found have breast cancer and snag should I do... I haven't told anyone? At age 15 - 20 the risk of breast cancervis 1 in 1,300,000. What you are describing sounds like hormonal discomfort, not breast cancer. If concerned, see a doctor but do NOT expect a breast cancer diagnosis. I had stage 3 breast cancer and my ONLY symptom was a continually growing lump. I was considered young because I was ONLY 46.. Over 80% of breast lumps on high risk women are NOT breast cancer. The odxs in a younger woman are even better.
Do vegans have a lower risk of cancer? There is no real evidence to suggest that vegans have a lower risk of any cancer. There are more than 200 types of cancer. A diet high in red and (especially) processed meat is a known risk factor for colorectal cancers. A diet high in red and processed meats is also thought possibly to increase the risk of stomach cancer, and a diet high in meat and fat is thought possibly to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. There has been a study that suggests that a diet high in dairy may be a possible risk factor in prostate cancer; other studies have not found such a link. That's about it for the known or suspected links between non-vegan foods and cancer. A vegan would be at statistically less risk of colorectal cancers than someone who eat a great many steaks and sausages etc. But so would someone who ate meat but avoided or restricted those foods. I've been a vegan for around 22 years, and was vegetarian for decades before going vegan. After more than 8 years as a vegan, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Through cancer support networks I've met four other vegans with breast cancer (one a lifelong vegan), and two vegans who have or have had other cancers. I've also met dozens of vegetarians with cancer, and many hundreds of meat-eaters with cancer. It that seems to me to pretty much match the percentages of each within the general population. Most people who develop cancer are meat-eaters, and so are most people involved in traffic accidents - simply because most people are meat-eaters.
Is it true what they say that grandparents love their grandkids more than their own children? Yes. 1. They made lots of mistakes raising their own kids. 2. They have no responsibility for the raising of their kids, kids. 3. They can afford to give the grand kids what they could not give the child's parents. 4. It only appears to be love, it is really a give-back at their own children for the tortures the grandparents were put through. 5. Some grandparents are glad the children have left the nest, and are equally glad that they can dote on the grand kids without any responsibility to them.
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Does burning your food increase your risk of getting cancer? About a year ago I heard that burning your food can lead to an increased risk of getting cancer. The explanation was that the burned portion of the food was carcinogenic. The Carbon that would be ...
Does eating meat increase your risk for cancer? I just read an article in the german magazine "Der Spiegel" about a recent study claiming that 40% of all cancers are preventable. The article states specifically that one of the factors is the ...
Does sodium bicarbonate reduce the risk of cancer? I have heard that sodium bicarbonate reduces the risk of cancer and the risk of metastatic cancer. In particular, an Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini is promoting this type of therapy (YouTube link ...
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