Mum shares her six-year-old son’s VERY disgruntled letter to Santa… and it’ll make you laugh out loud

IT’S coming up to Christmas and many children are already writing their letters to Santa, but for one boy, this wasn’t as exciting a prospect as you may think. Instead of listing his favourite toys or what he wanted as a gift, this child took the time to write to Santa about his “emty” life […] 04-12-17
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Mum shares her six-year-old son’s VERY disgruntled letter to Santa… and it’ll make you laugh out loud
IT’S coming up to Christmas and many children are already writing their letters to Santa, but for one boy, this wasn’t as exciting a prospect as you may think. Instead of listing his favourite toys or what he wanted as a gift, this child took the time to write to Santa about his “emty” life […]
Poll: does he not want to hangout if he says “lol” after I asked a time we could hangout at? ANYBODY who says or writes "lol" is a total f-ing loser jackass with whom you should permanently end any contact. Laugh Out Loud. Really? Kein scheisse Sherlock. To laugh is to express emotion, usually mirth, in a series of inarticulate sounds, often with your mouth open in a wide smile. Do you GET that ? SOUNDS. With you mouth open. Therefore, anus face, it is IMPOSSIBLE to laugh EXCEPT "out loud." What conehead came up with that ridiculous phrase anyhow?
How do I keep my mother from ruining my holidays? You need to stop taking your mother and her asinine rants seriously. Start reacting with humour. When she goes on and on about how you're ruining her life, laugh out loud and say something like: "Mom, you're such a jokester! Have you thought about giving up your job and doing full-time stand-up comedy? You'd make a killing! I swear, I don't know where you get your hilarious material from." Simply refuse to be drawn into a serious discussion about your (alleged) flaws and laugh at everything she says.
Is Krampus an evil part-goat, Part-demon Christmas elf from hell? It's the elusive man-bear-pig. It's a part time job, like the elves you see at Santa's grotto in the mall. Man-bear-pig only eats once a year so it's kind of a compromise. He eats as much naughty people as he can, thus it thins the line for Santa. Actually does that make santa a bit of a jerk?
Is it okay to hire a santa with a disability? What my mom did when I asked how Santa was at all of the malls and why they looked different every year she said they weren’t actually Santa but “Santa’s helpers” and they went to all the malls because he was busy getting ready for Christmas so his helpers made sure to tell Santa what everyone wanted and who should be on the nice list. You can say that if any child asks... he’s Santa’s helper and will tell Santa’s what they want. I believed it as a child.
Loud noises scare me & make me cry? A few months ago I was in Paris, when there was the terrorist attacks. I was about 2 miles out, I never heard any of it going on, other than police sirens all through the night. But now every loud noise scares me, fireworks, something dropping, loud machinery. Everything and everything loud just makes me so...
I'm trying to make my friend laugh. Would it be funnier to receive a letter from Bernie Sanders or Fiat?
What is the last thing to make you laugh out loud ?
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6-year-old writes scathing letter to Santa Santa gets lots of letters, but none like this one. A 6-year old writes, "I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty." CNN's Jeanne Moos has the story.
6-year-old writes scathing Santa letter Santa gets lots of letters, but none like this one. A 6-year old writes, "I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty." CNN's Jeanne Moos has the story.
7-year-old student's heart-breaking letter to Santa inspires overwhelming support Adorn the top of your Christmas tree with these inspirational women First grade teacher Ruth Espiricueta at Monte Cristo Elementary Read more... More about Culture , Santa , and
Mother shares touching letter to her 5-year-old daughter Toni Hammer , who is based in Portland, America, wrote an empowering note of life lessons to her little girl, which has quickly garnered an incredible online reaction.
Mother shares hilarious letter from eight-year-old daughter thanking her 'for having sex A young mother has shared a note written by her eight-year-old daughter in which the child thanked her “for having sex”. Libbi Boyns left the unusual message on a whiteboard in her bedroom in which she thanked her mother and father for procreating her and her 10-year-old brother. "I love you Daddy and Mummy,” she wrote...
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Which locations are traditionally Santa's home - i.e. where can you visit Santa Claus year-round? Obviously around this time of the year, Santa and his minions will be out and about, finding out who is naughty and nice, and delivering presents.However, the rest of the year he's back at his home. Where is that generally considered to be visitable?Yes, in some traditions it's the 'North Pole', but I know at least one other country (Finland) has Rovaniemi as his home.Image source: Wikipedia
How can I tell my aunt that I won't be 'Santa' next year
Should I tell my 11-year-old daughter that Santa isn't real? Okay, so my daughter is 11 years old and still believes in Santa Claus. Normally, I would be okay with her believing for another year or two, but the past Christmas or two her belief of Santa is ...
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You can make this girl laugh when you are relaivly alone but when her friends are there she doesnt laugh that much what does this mean?
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How do you make a letter to Santa? well you get a paper and write dear Santa and Wat wound you like for Christmas i like a doll a boll a boy doll and a doll house dear Sana from Abby
Will a guy who likes you stop doing anything and move on if you never react to whatever he does to you like talks to you or does something funny to make you laugh for over a year?
[10-12] If you make a letter to santa and put it on the elf on yhe shelf wil the elf take it to him?
Why do people make a letter for santa? because they want every thing on there list
What made car make a loud noise when making a right hand turn sounded like someone threw a rock at your car continued to make noise but not a loud bomb?
I want to write a letter to Santa Claus in Germany. Can I still receive a reply letter from Santa Claus if I send the card after Christmas? I think Santa will have a snooze after Christmas after all that work. You'd better send it before Christmas just to be safe.
Why would a 26 year old maytag dryer make a loud noise while drying? Yes almost all older appliences tend to make more noise unless it is a very strange, out of the ordinary noise
If Santa Claus is real then why don't you get any presents when you write a letter every year? Well, if you aren't getting the presents you asked for, it could be for several reasons. Sometimes things break down, even with Santa's worldwide network of helpers, and mistakes are made. It could also be that what you asked for isn't a very good thing for you to have. For instance, one girl this year asked for a pony, but doesn't have a yard big enough to keep it in, and feeding it or putting it in a stable out of town would cost the family a lot of money, so Santa had to bring her something else. Another boy asked for a real bow and arrow. Since the boy isn't old enough to use a real bow an
Fed ex had earnings after taxes of 10000000.00 in the year 2003 with 200000 shares outstanding On January 1 2004 the firm issued 50 000 new shares Earning after taxes increased by 75?
Where is Santa's laugh? Santa's laugh comes from his big round belly and big heart: Ho ho ho!
What does it mean when you write a letter to Santa Claus and he does not respond for a week and you have been a good boy all year? That means he is dead. But he is real.Maybe he is talking to the children( in 2010 December ) and to busy about it.I mean like maybe you been bad and you thought you were good all year long.If he doesn't send a Christmas present to you on Christmas for a few more years,that means you are bad,he is dead,his reindeers died,or he left the north pole.Oh, or maybe you don't believe him.
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Family of a dying 27 year old woman shares her life advice in a heartbreaking letter - Family of a dying 27-year-old woman shares her life advice in a heartbreaking letter. A letter written by a dying woman has been shared online by her family after she passed away last week....
Eight year old girl's heartw arming letter to Santa - This year, I ask for nothing': Eight-year-old girl's heartwarming letter to Santa goes viral after she writes that she already has 'toys, a home, family and love'. An eight-year-old girl's...
Waring!!! Loud... Maybe. hope u laugh! - Waring this might be kinda loud but hope u like the audio might be weird sorry..
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