ALIEN COVER UP? 'Why won't NASA release Voyager probe data after it left solar system?

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ALIEN COVER UP? 'Why won't NASA release Voyager probe data after it left solar system?
Since NASA is always lying about everything, what are they waiting for to claim they found life on Mars? NASA does have a fetish about life on Mars. And life on other solar system objects. But life (as we know it) requires warmth, water and food. There is no place in the solar system other than this earth where all 3 of those things are known to occur together. So it follows there is no life on Mars -- no matter what NASA says. Well -- that is unless we find a place on Mars where water, warmth and food exist. We are not even looking for such places at the moment. NASA does happen to have the technology and the hardware to go looking. So the ball is in their court. And we wait for any developments. Be prepared for a long wait.
Who are the real deniers? NASA satellite deniers. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists base their research on fraudulent data from NASA and NOAA. The global warming scam depends on NASA and NOAA’s garbage data. Satellites are a problem for the climate mafia, because they show just how bad recent surface temperature fraud is. ---------------------------- Jim the troll lies like a rug. The data is 100 percent manipulated and you can't prove otherwise. How many accounts have you had banned? Get a job and move out of your mothers basement.
Is it just coincidence there have been more UFO sightings after the Nuclear Bomb tests in the 40s? The Space Aliens know that the ever growing population of humans will out grow any resources. Then humans will come swarming out of the solar system like a plague on the galaxy. The other Space Alien species must kill us all now and strangle humanity in its solar system cradle before it is too late. God help us all!
Why aren't they sending more space probes to Venus? You would think more attention should be paid to Venus exploration. There is NOT an extensive knowledge of Venus and it is NOT a waste of money. How many here have observed the Ashen Light of Venus? It is real and having observed it myself it is no optical illusion- the dark side of the disk is bathed in a reddish glow and the sphere of the disc is clearly delineated. It is similar to Earthshine on a crescent Moon, but earth light is not bright enough to cause this effect on Venus. It is still a mystery! The exploration of Venus is a series of probes and each time a new, more advanced probe reaches Venus, the earlier probes are deemed faulty. Much of the Venera data, such as the supposed detection of lightning, has been attributed to static discharges in the probe itself. I recall studying the Soviet data from Venera in the NASA tech translations of Cosmicheskie Issledovaniya (Cosmic Research). Much of that data and thus the conclusions drawn from it have been discredited. You would think that with all the Global Warming studies on Earth, a theory which originated with Svante Arrhenius' spectrographic studies of the atmosphere of Venus, that more attention would be paid to the atmosphere of Venus. Venus has a similar mass and size to Earth. The surface morphology relies on radar. The Japanese recently studied Venus with the Akatsuki probe:
Do many people know Spiro Agnew in 1970 committed America to a manned landing on Mars by the year 2000? No many people DO NOT remember that. History is bunk for them, total B.S. as far as they are concerned, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT ALIVE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Most people have BAD memories as well. Yes, i do recall something like that about Agnew. NASA as put the brakes on Trump's plans to get the Space launch system to Go AROUND the in 2018. Ever since the Challenger and Columbia disasters and Several other costly mistakes NASA had made over the years. NASA has put a VERY high priority on the safety of astronauts, Not even Trumps desire to SHOW OFF how superior The USA is is going to budge NASA. AND Trump has cancelled at least one probe. NASA CANNOT bring those 14 astronauts on Challenger and Columbia back, and that happened long before Trump got involved in politics.. Those who say there is nothing more on the Moon to b e discovered are totally ignorant of the value of the Moon. There 's much higher POLITICAL priority to get manned Mission to Mars off the Ground.. Trump will no longer be in office when the first manned mission to Mars happens. Yes, i KNOW Elton Musk thinks he can get manned mission to mars there a lot faster,, but those SpaceX rockets keep blowing up.
When will we return to the moon? nasa, american, and other world scientists are still analyzing the materials and data collected before, during, and since the last moon trip. it stands to reason that other countries are doing moon shots, and still need data. when we have a scientific reason to return to visit the moon, then we will. check the nasa web site to see all of the operations in space they have going.
Is NASA's Voyager about to leave the Solar System?
Nasa find first alien solar system with as many planets as our own Kepler scientists team up with Google AI specialists to detect eighth planet orbiting distant star Scientists on Nasa’s Kepler mission have spotted an eighth planet around a distant star, making it the first alien solar system known to host as many planets as our own. The newfound world orbits a star named Kepler 90 which is larger and hotter than the sun and lies 2,500 light years from Earth in the constellation of Draco.
NASA Wants 2069 to Visit Nearest Alien Solar System We already know there's at least one planet out there, so it's hard to resist looking for life.
Voyager not yet outside solar system ... but close
Voyager 1 Facts as NASA Probe Marks 40 Years in Space Space agency will host a live event to celebrate the probe on September 5.
[EU] NASA has finally sent a probe to the mysterious Planet Nine, the 'super earth' floating in our solar system beyond Pluto. Turns out it's a long abandoned death star.
[2012-10-06] More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system [science]
First alien star system with as many planets as our own discovered by NASA...
A world in our own solar system could support alien life, scientists say
NASA missions on solar system
Planet Nine does exist in our solar system: NASA The elusive 'Planet Nine' does exist, and may be 10 times the mass of the Earth and 20 times away from the Sun than Neptune, NASA scientists say. Planet Nine could turn out to be our solar system's missing 'super Earth' - a planet with a mass higher than the Earth's, but substantially lower than the masses of ice giants Uranus and Neptune. The signs so far are indirect, mainly its gravitational footprints, but that adds up to a compelling case, they said. "There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of
Using AI, Nasa discovers another solar system like ours; has 8 planets The eight-planet system -- the largest known outside of ours - orbits a star called Kepler 90 some 2,545 light-years away
Google AI helps Nasa discover solar system like ours Kepler's four-year dataset consists of 35,000 possible planetary signals
NASA Finds Comets Hiding at Edge of Solar System Understanding these comets is important, as they could have delivered icy materials to Earth—and may affect the planet in the future.
For 1st Time, NASA Finds 8 Planets Orbiting Star in Kepler-90 Solar System
NASA uses Google artificial intelligence to discover eighth planet in distant solar system Researchers from the US space agency and the tech giant have taught a computer to review massive amounts of Kepler Telescope star data. The discovery puts a distant solar system's planetary count on par with our own.
NASA Voyager Golden Record Now Available to Earthlings Take your soundtrack out of this world with a boxed set of Earth’s greatest hits.
NASA: let's say something to Voyager 1 on 40th anniversary of launch NASA is seeking suggestions from the public for a message to beam far, far out into space to the probe Voyager 1 in time for the 40th anniversary of its launch. NASA said on its website that people have until August 15 to make submissions of a maximum of 60 characters. NASA, its Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Voyager team will cull them, and the public will vote to pick the winner to send toward Voyager 1 on September 5.
NASA fires up Voyager 1 thrusters after 37 years
NASA Fired Up Voyager 1 Spacecraft Thrusters Its thrusters hadn't been used since the 80s.
NASA, PBS marking 40 years since Voyager spacecraft launches CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Forty years after blasting off, Earth's most distant ambassadors - the twin Voyager spacecraft - are carrying sounds and music of our planet ever deeper into the cosmos....
NASA's Voyager Missions Could Guide Aliens to Earth The maps depict Earth’s position relative to the sun, using pulsars that can remain active for billions of years.
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of NASA’s Voyager Spacecrafts
NASA to mark 40th anniversary of Voyager launches NASA is to mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1 and 2 - the farthest-travelled and longest-lived spacecraft in history.
Did NASA receive a tax refund on a diamond window when it left the Earth aboard a space probe? According to Hughesscgheritage.com: “Probe” is an export; diamond duty saved—Hughes News January 6, 1979 The cost of HAC’s highly successful Pioneer Venus mission was reduced by $12,474 ...
Story where stardrive test-pilot visits alien solar system and is attacked by a psychic (alien) child Looking for story title and author. Can't remember if the story was a short story, novella or novel. Here's the storyline as I remember it. In the near future humans have just created a prototype ...
Story about a probe sent outside the solar system, awaiting a signal from it I'm trying to remember the name of the short story, or TV episode, where the plot is that it's set at a mission control centre on Earth somewhere, and they are awaiting the signal from a probe which ...
In the Alien franchise, is there any evidence of colonisation within our solar system? I've been wondering if, in the Alien franchise, humans have been colonising any other planets or moons in our "home" solar system. We have many different stories where people are somehow overrun by ...
What are the factors for detecting an alien ship coming to earth from outside the solar system?
Would humanity be able to detect an alien ship coming to earth outside the solar system?
Did the space probe voyager leave the solar system? No, not yet. It is still at the edge of the solar system.
What date and country did voyager probe go out of the solar system? Country??? Anything in outer space doesn't correspond to a particular country. The Voyager probes were, of course, launched by the United States, which is the only context in which "country" could possibly have any meaning in this case. Also, "out of the solar system" is nebulous enough that it's difficult to assign a precise date. It's not like there's a sign out there reading "Now Leaving the Solar System, Please Come Again." About the best we can do is say that on December 8, 2004 Voyager 1 passed the "termination shock" where the solar wind slows to subsonic speeds, and some time in June 2
How did Gravity Assist help the voyager space probe navigate the solar system?
What was the data transmissions from the Voyager 2 that NASA can't decode say?
Why did the voyager and pioneer and Galileo probe did not have solar panels? The Voyager, the Pioneer and Galileo probes were not solar powered because when a probe goes past Jupiter the sun rays are 25 times weaker than than on Earth, and to have a system large enough that would make use of the little light would double the weight of the probe.
Is the pioneer space probe out of our solar system yet?
Where is voyager 1 in your solar system? It is exiting our solar system.
How many alien worlds do you know exist outside of your solar system? The meaning of the term "alien world" is somewhat ambiguous. No evidence of life on any planet in the solar system except earth, or on any planet around any other star, has yet been found.
When will voyager 2 leave the solar system? That kind of depends on where you consider the boundary of "the solar system" to be. It's currently in the "heliosheath" and will probably reach the heliopause... which is one reasonable definition of "outside the solar system"... within the next ten years or so. Voyager 1, which is further away and moving faster, is expected to reach this boundary in about 2015, but Voyager 2 reached the heliosheath significantly closer to the Sun than Voyager 1 did... this boundary appears to be "dented" in the direction that Voyager 2 is heading. Voyager 2 is well outside what most non-scientists think of
Will a pool's solar cover be damaged if it is not covered after it is rolled up on the cover roller and left at the pool in the sun? Generally, no, it won't be damaged. A solar pool cover is designed to withstand the sun and the weather. Leaving it out in the sun/weather on the cover roller WILL cause only the exposed section to see any wear. But serious damage will take a long time to happen. Hope this helps... The top layer of the rolled up cover transfers heat etc through several layers deep each in turn burning the other. Covering the solar blanket reduces the damage somewhat. The "burning effect" is compounded and will eventually reach thru several layers all the way to the reel. The bubbles act like a magnifying gla
What does an alien planet with different atmospheric and solar system compositions see when light is reflected or refracted through water like a rainbow like ours Or something else? One of the Best questions I have ever seen, you have an awesome imagination. Sadly the answer is rather dull. If the planets composition is different along with the Solar system, the life form that evolves, could be very different to us. If that is the case, they may not even view the same spectrum of light that we do. If you have seen the film Predator, the Alien does not see visual light but looks through UV and IF. In which case we would have no idea what light looks like to them. However, the basic physics of electromagnetic radiation is the same everywhere. If there are aliens that see in
What is the easiest way to repair a hole in a solar cover which is from the solar cover reel straps pulling out? There are clips that you can buy in camping stores that are used for tarps whose round grommets rip out. I think these would work well. They work well for potatoe chip bags too!
Do the findings of nasa's gravity b probe suggest the eventual creation of a time portal?
How do you cover an overheating solar hot water system in the heat of summer? Seems to be a pretty common problem in certain parts of the country, during hot, summer months.I found a few DIY forums, which talk about shading, covering, or adding on special rolling liners which block about 90% of the sun's energy, from the solar panels.Google "home power magazine" for some DIY and commercially available ideas.Commercial companies appear to make special covers for this use, too:Google radiantcompany, solarblind, etc, to see more.
Which scientists gathered data that confirmed the heliocentric model of the solar system? i think it's Kepler
Have you ever left your solar system?
Where did the voyager probe go? Both of the Voyager probes are still in outer space. They passed the orbit of Pluto in approx. 1990 and are still sending back data.
Can you reason with an alien who is about to anal probe you? Whatever you're thinking, that isn't an alien. It's someone you know.
voyager 1and 2 mission nasa | spacecraft | space travel | solar system | alien technology - This is SHYAM TOMAR and welcome to Tech & Myths #T&M48 REAL TIME DISTANCE OF VOYAGER 1 & 2 क्षमा करें ...
Strange cigar-shaped object in our solar system ‘could be an alien probe’, scientists say - Strange cigar-shaped object in our solar system 'could be an alien probe', scientists say Last month, for the first time ever, astronomers spotted an object which had entered our Solar Syste...
NASA to send space probe to neighbouring star system Alpha Centauri to search for alien life - NASA to send space probe to neighbouring star system Alpha Centauri to search for alien life. NASA is planning a space mission to our nearest star system Alpha Centauri in an attempt to find...
Voyager 1 Trajectory through the Solar System - This visualization tracks the trajectory of the Voyager 1 spacecraft through the solar system. Launched on Sept. 5, 1977, it was one of two spacecraft sent to visit ...
Voyager 1 Took a Family Portrait of Our Solar System - The "Family Portrait" is an image of the Solar System acquired by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990 from a distance of approximately 6 billion kilometers from ...
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