Woman vandalizes cheating boyfriend's house with graffiti

A woman vandalized her boyfriend's house and garage with graffiti after discovering that he had been cheating on her. The entryway walls, the door and the garage were all defaced. 06-12-17
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  • [15-01] #Ikhaya That man has the nerve imagine cheating like that. Married to another woman secretly while you have a wife at home 😲😧
  • [27-07] Graffiti isn't cool when it appears on the side of your house, shop or place of worship. We can remove it!
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  • [30-10] #OurPerfectWeddingAowa basadi nibekezela amasimba. If he was a cheating boyfriend he'd sure as hell be a cheating husband
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Woman vandalizes cheating boyfriend's house with graffiti
A woman vandalized her boyfriend's house and garage with graffiti after discovering that he had been cheating on her. The entryway walls, the door and the garage were all defaced.
Is she cheating? Yes she is cheating. Not just emotionally but what she is doing is enough to call it plain old simple cheating. I think was you should do is find a way to anonymously reach out to her boyfriend and let him know things are getting carried away with them to and he slept on her bed. That is so messed up. After years of dating her boyfriend does not deserve that and even though people will tell you its none of your business, just think if you were in that situation you would be thankful for who ever it is telling you that your partner is cheating.
If your boyfriend slept with other man; one time, bicurious thing, is it considered as cheating? It's up to you and your boyfriend how you define cheating. Consider these questions: Do you consider it cheating for your boyfriend to have sex with other people? Do you make exceptions if sex is with a person the same gender as your partner (and if so consider why)? Most importantly... Did he ask you if he could do this/did you discuss this exception prior to him having gay sex with his friend?
My boyfriend cheated on me and I feel like crap now because he wouldn’t have to cheat on my if I were a good gf and it’s all my fault? Oh honey don't go down that road, trust me. I was cheated on twice. One of my ex girlfriends cheated on me when i was deployed. I gave that woman everything i had, And was willing to do anything for her. She lived in my house, drove my car with my gas, used my account for shopping, she didn't even have a job! I did everything for her, to be the best boyfriend i could possibly be to her. And she repays me by cheating on me when i am not home. Those people are garbage and they will ALWAYS screw you over no matter how good you are to them. In fact the better you are the more likely they are to screw you over. So don't ever blame yourself for them being shitty human beings. Ever!
My friend say it's okay for man to cheat and not woman? The idea that cheating is safer for a man than a woman is not scientifically confirmed. Think about it. If the woman makes the man wear a condom then she is protected. The tip of the penis can absorb all of the harmful germs from a contaminated vagina. That is how men get sexually transmitted diseases. However, the safety of cheating has nothing to do with its acceptability. Otherwise cheating with a condom would make it equally okay for both men and women. Cheating is just wrong because it makes both the man the women sluts. If a man cheats then he is a bad husband, a bad father, and a bad example for his children. He is not having sex for love but only to gratify his sexual appetite. That makes him a slut.
Do I️ break up with him or try to make things work? 1. Your boyfriend is not physically or sexually attracted to you. 2. Your boyfriend is cheating on you. 3. Your boyfriend is degrading you. Why is he your boyfriend?
I hate my dad, anyone else? Uh well there's no doubt that your father is not being a responsible father and he's being quiet immature because he's not only cheating your mother, he's cheating all of you: you're all part of a family. Since he has broken his promise once, I don't think you all should be "blindly" trusting him now. Try to make it clear with him that if he doesn't think your mother is a good woman, he can f*ck out of the house. Anyway, I would say that this is a tough situation and I can't say anything more than just "let it go", time is a healer. Good luck!
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How does a woman find out if her boyfriend is cheating on her with another man and are there signs? This is a very tough question as many men (or women) can be bi-sexual making the problem harder to catch. There is just no fast rule for catching him on this one. I'd sit down and talk it out with him. You must have good reason for suspecting this. Good luck Marcy
When your Boyfriend is meeting another woman for coffee is he cheating? Not necessarily. There could be any number of reasons why he is meeting with her that doesn't include any form of sexual relation. Coming from a male stand-point, the best way for the girlfriend to handle the situation would be to sit down with him and talk about it. Calmly and rationally express your concerns. Stay away from questions like "Are you cheating on me" Accusations and false charges will make matters worse even if he is not cheating. What he says may not be true, but give him the benefit of the doubt. You can't get to the bottom of any problem until you start at the top.
If a woman leaves her cheating boyfriend does he stay with the one he cheated with? Statistics prove that more than likely he won't. Especially if he is sucessful. Only 3% of successful men surveyed eventually married their lovers, and the divorce rate among them was a whopping 75%. The reasons for the high divorce rate include: intervention of reality, guilt, expectations, a general distrust of marriage, and a distrust of the affairee. Hope this helps :)
Why would a cheating boyfriend would want to spend time with the other woman and care if she with other men? because he tooted and he needs soap to not smell bad
My boyfriend has a newly divorced woman as his friend is he cheating? The key word is friend. He is probably just being friends with her, or maybe helping her through a hard time. This happens alot. You just have to know when the lines are being crossed. If you love him, and he says he loves you..you have to have faith and believe in that. Trust should never been an issue.
Is it cheating if your boyfriend has another woman's phone number in his belongings after a night out without you?
Your boyfriend has been cheating on you for the past year and when you asked why he told you he has stopped seeing that other woman should you believe him? Absolutely Not!!! If he cheated on you once, he'll do it again. Get rid of this loser NOW. There are way too many nice, wholesome boys out there trying to find girls like you, for you to hang onto this guy.
How should a sincere woman or girl respond when she becomes a prey of cheating husband or boyfriend?
When you boyfriend sneaks around to see another woman at her work and calls her and text messages her is he cheating?
If your boyfriend doesn't want you to stay long at your family's house is he cheating? Just because your boyfriend doesn't want you to stay long at your family's house doesn't mean he is cheating. He may feel uncomfortable and prefer to spend some time with you alone. However, he should try to get along with your family and you should let him know that. Staying an hour at your parent's home is enough unless time unless there is a special event and then he should be willing to stay longer.
If your boyfriend broke into your house to look for evidence that you were cheating is this a form of abuse?
What should a woman do if she is pregnant with her second child and suspects her boyfriend of two years and the father of her children is cheating on her?
Your boyfriend of nearly 2 years went to his staff Christmas do where he met a woman exchanged numbers and then had text sex with her he says nothing else happened is this cheating?
What is cheating.. My boyfriend thinks if you are not married and you have a long distance relationship that it is ok to have a friend that is a woman that he lives with? In my opinion, it's not cheating unless there's intimacy between them: hand holding, kissing, having sex, etc. I've had female roommates before, and the relationship was completely platonic.
Is your boyfriend cheating if he is having his ex-girlfriend come over to his house while you're at work to pick up a plant she left there 1 year ago? Okay Boo, i am only 16 but i am not stupid if your man is having his ex come over to get a plant from one year ago then i would say something is up with that and you need to get it together and question him about it ask him why she can't come over while you are there or why she has to come over at all after one year i mean the plant would be dead and gone by now . Trust me i know the longer you allow it to happen if nothing isn't going on it will be a matter of time before something does happen. so if i were u i would ask him about that and like my mom always tells me if you feel it in your gu
What should you do if you found out your boyfriend is cheating because the girl he is cheating with told you and your boyfriend doesn't seem to care that you know? Find another boyfriend that cares about you and won't cheat on you. Maybe he is trying to tell you something without directly saying the words to you. He apparently doesn't give a #*@*# about how you feel. the girl is jealous and the boy is gay
If your boyfriend says he saw a mark on your neck and there was nothing there then he accused you of cheating the night before when you were at a friends house supervised by the way should you leave?
A friend is sleeping with a woman for the past X months. The woman screwed him and wants to tell the husband regarding the cheating.Tell hubby or no Should you tell hubby his wife is cheating? just keep quite, but, if the truth doesn't come out in 4 weeks after the affair tell the husband, ( get proof more than just Ur say so )
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Woman Checks Into Guest House at Chetla With Boyfriend, dies of profuse bleeding - Woman Checks Into Guest House at Chetla With Boyfriend, dies of profuse bleeding.
Woman Checks Into Guest House at Chetla With Boyfriend, dies of profuse bleeding -
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