Kerry Katona messes around with her kids in the salon as she gets a new set of blonde highlights with Ampika Pickston

KERRY Katona was spotted brightening up her barnet before Christmas as she headed to the salon with her kids and new BFF Ampika Pickston. The ex Atomic Kitten singer pepped up her peroxide blonde cropped style with a new set of foils and was seen entertaining her brood as she waited for the bleach to […] 07-12-17
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Kerry Katona messes around with her kids in the salon as she gets a new set of blonde highlights with Ampika Pickston
KERRY Katona was spotted brightening up her barnet before Christmas as she headed to the salon with her kids and new BFF Ampika Pickston. The ex Atomic Kitten singer pepped up her peroxide blonde cropped style with a new set of foils and was seen entertaining her brood as she waited for the bleach to […]
What hair color do you currently have? Blonde, which started out as highlights but I've been doing it for so long it's now completely blonde, even though I only get a halo highlight.
How much does chamomile tea lighten hair? It may bring out your highlights but you're not going to get platinum blonde from that. Sorry you would have to use a high lift blonde dye or bleach it.
If I have brown hair with blonde highlights am I considered a blonde?
Brunette or blonde? Can't decide. Which one looks better.? I think you look very pretty in both pictures! I do know from personal experience though, that blonde dye is very harsh on your hair's health. Maybe you should go somewhere in the middle, like a medium brunette shade with dark blonde highlights?
Are you a real blonde ??? As a child and I had golden hair as a young adult I had dark blonde with highlights from being in the sun naturally and as a adult it became ashe blonde almost brown
Should I make my hair platinum or no? I don't think platinum will work with your skin tone and eye color. There's not enough color to platinum and you'll look washed out and pale. Plus your hair appear fine and fragile. the bleaching required for platinum will damage your hair to the point of no return. Try a warmer blond, similar to what happens to your hair when it's out in the sun. I can see your ends lighten naturally to a warm golden honey blonde and I think playing up these natural highlights will look amazing on you. Your shade of dark blonde can go lighter with a high volume developer only and not need a harsh bleaching. My other suggestion: The ends of your hair look very ragged and damaged. That's making your hair look more thin and lifeless. Take several inches off the ends and you hair will look thicker and healthier. Combine the cut and the golden blonde highlights and you will look amazing.
Kerry Katona’s daughter Molly is ‘loving’ her new life in Ireland after moving in with Brian McFadden’s parents KERRY Katona’s daughter Molly is “loving” living in Ireland with her grandparents after moving away from home. The 16-year-old has moved in with dad Brian McFadden’s parents in order to help her better concentrate on her upcoming GCSE’s and exams. And according to Brian – who also has 14-year-old Lilly with Kerry – the move has proved […]
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