Police who pulled over black DJ were NOT being racist

Officers stopped DMO Deejay while he was filming a music video in central London and said it was common practice for black men to be stopped when they're wearing 'gangsta-style clothing'. 07-12-17
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Police who pulled over black DJ were NOT being racist
Officers stopped DMO Deejay while he was filming a music video in central London and said it was common practice for black men to be stopped when they're wearing 'gangsta-style clothing'.
I recently had an interesting Uber ride. My driver was a black man from the hood (that's how he described himself) and the other passenger was a man who was half Puerto Rican/half black. Both said they have been beaten by the police. However, both admitted that when that happened they were running from, arguing and fighting with, or cursing at the police. Both said when they've been stopped by police and were civil and cooperate, they never had any trouble. Do I think blacks get pulled over more because they are black? Yes, I do. But they get harmed by the police for resisting arrest or when guilty of "Contempt of Cop."
Everyone gets pulled over for no reason at one stage. African americans arent hated by the police.10% of police are black themselves. When it comes down to personal experience I've been searched by police, accused of crimes, hassled by shop owners and i'm a caucasion australian. Race is irrelevant.
You feel the police were discriminating against you and pulled you over because you have tattoos? How did they see the tattoos at night before they pulled you over? Or is it possible they pulled you over for failure to maintain lane. And what does your home state have to do with you having insurance where you were pulled over.
I don't believe "white man" is a racial slur, but "white boy" is a racial slur. Racism and prejudice work in mysterious ways,,,,, See according to liberal logic only white conservatives can be racist. Here are some examples of liberal logic. Black liberals supporting only black liberals is not racist.. Whites Conservatives supporting only white Conservatives is racist. Congressional Black Caucus not racist Congressional White Caucus is racist. Black Entertainment Television Network not racist. White Entertainment Television Network is racist. Washington Redskins is racist. Cracker Jacks is not racist. Black History Month not racist. White History Month is racist. N*e*g*r*o College Fund not racist. Gringo College Fund is racist. N*E*G*R*O is racist Redneck is not racist. Affirmative Action is not racist. Discrimination is racist. Racism is racist Reverse Racism is not racist. Voting for a president because of his race is not racist. Voting against a president because of his race is racist. Just ask Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson: I Voted For Obama 'Because He Was Black
Have U.S racist police ever shot and killed a black actor or a black basketball player?
Blacks wonder why they are racially profiled by cops, maybe it just could be because the 6% of the US population that are black males murder 40% of all police officer murdered in the US. Or it could be that the 12.8% of the US population that are black commit 86% of all violent crime in the US. (FBI figures, not mine) When a woman is raped, or a store is robbed, and the victim says the perpetrator was black, the police have to stop to question just as many white people, as black people or they are said to be profiling blacks. When the victim says the perpetrator was white, they don't stop and question black people, and are not considered racist for that.
No plans ✅ Couldn't convince Greek to carry the stream again ✅ So lets hire specifically black maids to bait racist donations ✅ Not racist btw ✅ Must be Ice ✅
A lady lightly hit my side mirror and only left a small black spot the size of a penny with no damage to her car and when we pulled over I told her it was fine and not to worry about it, should I have gotten her info and filed a police report?
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Ex-South Carolina cop who killed an unarmed black man isn't racist, attorney says The Scott family found strength in prayer as they sat through court testimony from the former South Carolina officer who killed Walter Scott two years ago.
Black Family Welcomed to Kansas Neighborhood with Racist Vandalism The Smiths had found their new home in Topeka through Habitat for Humanity. Racist vandals painted slurs on the grass where a black family will move into a Kansas neighborhood with the help of Habitat for Humanity.A neighbor discovered the racial slurs spray-painted on the grass and tried to remove them with a weed whacker, and he called Habitat officials — who then notified the homeowner-to-be, reported The Topeka Capital-Journal.“I wanted to cry,” said Shavonn Smith, who is black. “We’ve worked really hard to get to where we are
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Did Gandhi make racist statements about black prisoners? Did Mahatma Gandhi make racist statements? In The Guardian article Gandhi branded racist as Johannesburg honours freedom fighter, it's stated that he said "Many of the native [black] prisoners are ...
Does being pulled into a black hole always cause time travel? In the remake of Star Trek, certain individuals unintentionally travel through time by means of a black hole. Does being pulled into a black hole always cause time travel? If so, would this mean ...
Can black people be called racist without you being racist?
If after being pulled over taken to the police station taken to the hospital for blood alcohol level back to police station and then released how long do the police have to file charges?
Is saying black racist?
When being pulled over what does a police officer have to ask for?
If black people were from America or around the world howould you say black people withoute being racist?
How many black police officers are with the Los Angeles police department?
Can black people be racist?
Is baa baa black sheep racist?
How long does it take the police to get your details if you get pulled over in a car?
What car is the majority of cars pulled over by police?
Why are black people allowed to be racist?
Questions with 'Are you racist if you don't like black people'?
If im not attracted to black people am i racist?
Is Argentina racist against black people?
If you hate black people are you racist?
Should you put the gear selector in your car in park if you are pulled over by the police?
Can police make you pay a traffic violation when you get pulled over? No, they can't. In a few states, the law allows them to accept payment when they issue a ticket. I think this is incredibly wrong and set up for fraud and police abuse. I have been stopped and was given the option of paying the police officer in South Carolina. I refused and said I would speak to the Judge. I later found out that the Police Officers took turns being the Judge for Traffic Court. Even in this situation, they allowed me to pay the fine without having the ticket go onto my record. And they kept their word as I have the ability to check my record as the owner of an agency.
What happens if you are driving your friends car with no insurance and you get pulled over by the police? Of course, what will happen primarily will depend on the reason you were stopped. However, the general rule is that the insurance goes with the car. If you were a permissive user of your friend's vehicle, whatever insurance your friend has should cover you (unless you were unlicensed or under the influence of drugs/alcohol, - then your friend's insurer would likely deny coverage). Both your friend and you could face various levels of criminal prosecution for driving without insurance. Those penalties vary by the state
D’Souza says racist Democrat Woodrow Wilson 'a pretty good candidate to have his statue pulled down' - D'Souza says Woodrow Wilson is almost single-handedly responsible for the revival of the Ku Klux Klan. D'Souza spoke with "Breitbart News Daily" SiriusXM ...
**UPDATE: DNC PULLED Racist Ad Portraying Republican & Flag in Truck Running Down Immigrant Children - BREAKING UPDATE: 11-1-17 **UPDATE: DNC PULLED Racist Ad Portraying Republican & Flag in Truck Running Down Immigrant Children ...
Black Men Unsubverted by racist White Media Antagonism Who ONLY Date Black Women -
POLICE PULLED GUN ON US!! (PRANK GONE WRONG) - We were detained by the police for a joke gone wrong.. This wasn't my idea, but it was for sure a stupid one.Cops were great tho and understood that Jonah was ...
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