Police who pulled over black DJ were NOT being racist

Officers stopped DMO Deejay while he was filming a music video in central London and said it was common practice for black men to be stopped when they're wearing 'gangsta-style clothing'. 07-12-17
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Police who pulled over black DJ were NOT being racist
Officers stopped DMO Deejay while he was filming a music video in central London and said it was common practice for black men to be stopped when they're wearing 'gangsta-style clothing'.
Conservatives, why do liberals think they can shut TRUTH? I recently had an interesting Uber ride. My driver was a black man from the hood (that's how he described himself) and the other passenger was a man who was half Puerto Rican/half black. Both said they have been beaten by the police. However, both admitted that when that happened they were running from, arguing and fighting with, or cursing at the police. Both said when they've been stopped by police and were civil and cooperate, they never had any trouble. Do I think blacks get pulled over more because they are black? Yes, I do. But they get harmed by the police for resisting arrest or when guilty of "Contempt of Cop."
Why do people believe racism and discrimination ended in 1968? Equality means being treated under the law equally. Blacks for example cannot be turned down for a job because of their skin color. Same as everyone else. They have the same opportunities to go to school, jobs etc. Many black people have been taught generation after generation that they live in a racist society that the white man is out to get them. That is what causes the racism divide. Why you see black people screaming everything happening to them is racism from white people. It's why they say the police are racist when a black man commits a crime and attacks police and then gets killed. It's not because the black man attacked a police officer. It's because in their eyes it's racism. Now racism has been redefined by progressive left to mean anything negative against a group based on their skin color. Which means everything I said here is racist to them because it simply points out facts and shows the negative aspects of black people and so therefor it is considered racist. Which it isn't but the progressive left will see it otherwise. Racism will never go away because the left can't even reconize real racism. For example, Hilary Clinton's mentor and idol who was a founding member of the KKK. Or the racism of blaming white people of all the evil in the world. Blacks, Asians, Arabs every race on the planet has racism. The left only sees white people as racist.
African Americans, have you ever felt like you were being pulled over for what they call "driving while Black" and not for a legit reason? Everyone gets pulled over for no reason at one stage. African americans arent hated by the police.10% of police are black themselves. When it comes down to personal experience I've been searched by police, accused of crimes, hassled by shop owners and i'm a caucasion australian. Race is irrelevant.
Is it normal to strongly hate ghetto trash people? I think you're racist I bet you hate ghetto black people more then ghetto whites or ghetto Asian. I bet if you saw a black person in a Wal Mart with ghetto clothing then you'd call the police on ghetto Black's then ghetto white which you wouldn't call the police. Simply because you perceive that they are white and wouldn't commit any crimes you racist "hoe"?
Illegal search by police? You feel the police were discriminating against you and pulled you over because you have tattoos? How did they see the tattoos at night before they pulled you over? Or is it possible they pulled you over for failure to maintain lane. And what does your home state have to do with you having insurance where you were pulled over.
Have U.S racist police ever shot and killed a black actor or a black basketball player?
No plans ✅ Couldn't convince Greek to carry the stream again ✅ So lets hire specifically black maids to bait racist donations ✅ Not racist btw ✅ Must be Ice ✅
A lady lightly hit my side mirror and only left a small black spot the size of a penny with no damage to her car and when we pulled over I told her it was fine and not to worry about it, should I have gotten her info and filed a police report?
Saw this guy and wish the picture were closer. His jeans are tucked into black socks pulled as high as possible and he's wearing black shoes with purple soles that are an awkward ankle hight. Also has a tiny pony tail...
Black Manta, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Black Talon, The Black Musketeers, Black Goliath, Black Racer and Black Spider (Eric Needham) Battle Royale
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I can't be racist... I have a black man on my family tree!
Black model who appeared in Dove ad says it was not racist
Black Artists Creatively Reimagine Racist H&M Ad Black artists have stepped up to create new versions of a racist H&M ad after the brand drew criticism for a photo on its website. The Weeknd announced he was ending of his partnership with the brand over the ad. Amid the backlash, black celebrities and creatives have stepped up to do what they do best: turn a horrible situation into a reason to celebrate.
Trump Administration Is Racist, Says Black Lawmakers The group promised to "call out" the president's racism.
This Butthurt Little Bitch Who Thinks I'm Black And Racist
Black student leaving K-State over racist graffiti on car
Trump seems to think that a low black unemployment rate proves he is not racist
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Just how racist is children’s literature? The author of ‘Was the Cat in the Hat Black?’ explains.
Guy tries to defend his racist/"not racist" comment and somehow manages to increase his stupidity, ft. another racist white boy
Ex-South Carolina cop who killed an unarmed black man isn't racist, attorney says The Scott family found strength in prayer as they sat through court testimony from the former South Carolina officer who killed Walter Scott two years ago.
Walmart UNDER FIRE . . . For 'RACIST' Black Friday SANTA CLAUS!!
Paris Mayor: Black Festival Racist Against White People Anne Hidalgo was asked about the Nyansapo Festival by the far-right National Front party.
Black Family Welcomed to Kansas Neighborhood with Racist Vandalism The Smiths had found their new home in Topeka through Habitat for Humanity. Racist vandals painted slurs on the grass where a black family will move into a Kansas neighborhood with the help of Habitat for Humanity.A neighbor discovered the racial slurs spray-painted on the grass and tried to remove them with a weed whacker, and he called Habitat officials — who then notified the homeowner-to-be, reported The Topeka Capital-Journal.“I wanted to cry,” said Shavonn Smith, who is black. “We’ve worked really hard to get to where we are
Dutch Santa’s 'Racist' Helper Black Pete to Be Given Slow Makeover The mayor of Amsterdam has announced that Black Pete's "Negroid character" will be slowly phased out over the next few years
A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy
[World] - Black man says no sense in charge alleging racist graffiti | NZ Herald
Deltas awarded in "CMV: Calling out Black Americans for "Acting White" is Racist
A movie about black activist whos ideas get turned down by racist radio producer only to become racist himself and get tortured and killed
Was a self-driving car pulled over by police for the first time last month (November 2015)? I read in this Bloomberg article Google cars have been in 17 minor crashes in 2 million miles (3.2 million kilometers) of testing. [...] Ten days later, a Mountain View motorcycle cop ...
Is a police officer 18x more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be by a police officer? PragerU is a YouTube channel for expressive conservative views. They published a video titled Are The Police Racist? (with over a million views) that has this claim [at 2:48]: a police officer is ...
Did Adria Richards tweet “Black people CANNOT be racist…”? Did Adria Richards (known for the "donglegate" and similar incidents) ever tweet the following? Black people CANNOT be racist against White poeple. Racist is a position of the opressor who has ...
Did Gandhi make racist statements about black prisoners? Did Mahatma Gandhi make racist statements? In The Guardian article Gandhi branded racist as Johannesburg honours freedom fighter, it's stated that he said "Many of the native [black] prisoners are ...
Racist and offensive term for a black person during the Civil War Is there a word like "colored" or "darkie" that would be offensive to a white southerner during the Civil War? I don't think the N word would work here. I'm working on a screenplay and want a southern ...
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