Gender Identity Shouldn't Be A Battleground

The Church of England, Topshop and the NHS are not often bracketed together, but all of them have been in the news recently over their handling of issues around gender identity. 06-12-17
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  • [07-10] Salman Rushdie talking about gender identity on #Newsnight. Stay off topics you don't have any idea of, mate.
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  • [21-09] Alex Salmond on #scotnight praising Barcelona saying they are the club of Catalonian identity.His OBFA has targeted Celtic's Irish Identity
  • [13-10] Identity politics and Identity itself ... is problematic.#BoyScouts #GirlScouts
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  • [12-12] To those attending - have a GREAT #BlizzCon !Just like 93% of my time in a Battleground - I'll be there in spirit....
Gender Identity Shouldn't Be A Battleground
The Church of England, Topshop and the NHS are not often bracketed together, but all of them have been in the news recently over their handling of issues around gender identity.
Just wanted to say: Gender roles, societal expectations for a person based on the apparent gender, and gender identity, how we internally perceive ourselves in a gendered way, are different things. While gender roles are social constructs, gender identity is not. Gender identity is programmed into the brain during fetal development. .
"Why does gender exist?" Gender is just another word for sexual identity. And as we have seen, it's feminists and social justice warrior revolutionaries that now want us to believe that it's "normal" to have a different sexual identity (gender) to the sex one is born with. Now; we didn't make up different words for racial identity or personal identity. But if we saw an Asian person who claimed he was Black (racial identity), or some guy on the street claiming to be Jesus (personal identity) we would rightly think they had a physiological problem at the least. .
If you were born transsexual (gender identity-body mismatch) and diagnosed as such, yes. However, nobody is going to respect your identity unless you take steps to affirm your gender identity. Steps such as: Extensive therapy with a gender therapist. Hormone replacement therapy. Legal name change. Living as your female self 24/7/365. .
psychology has about 18-schools of thought, developed since 1910. if you base your self-identity on what others think of you, and characterize other's themes as your own personal style; you might need to contemplate your own self-reality. these issues are discussed under gender-politics, including self-image, mental-image, body-image, social-image, as well as authentic self-identity, which i suppose is compared to a fake-identity. gender identity, sexual identity, and sexual-orientation in gender and sexual psychology discuss these issues in a social context as roles we paly to gain membership based on our sex, our gender, or our orientation. if other do not perceive you as you want them to, perhaps it is only because of a hidden desire to "belong" to a group. can you force a group to accept you?it is more difficult if you try to force other people to accept you. maybe, if you are a good person, irregardless of sex or gender, you will be loved for yourself. basically, there are gender identity, gender roles, and gender membership in sociology; also, there are sexual-identity, sexual roles, and sexual membership in sociology; but psychology points out that we have 7-gender identities, 3-sexual identities, and 7-types of sexual orientation. 7X3X7=147-types of self identity based on sex and gender differences. gender identities are : heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, transsexual, inter-sexed, a-sexual, and omni-sexual. sexual identities are: male, female, inter-sexed. sexual orientations are labeling attractions to a gender-identity, so 7-gender-identities = 7-orientations.
"Are feminine gay men simply transgender?" No. You're conflating gender expression with gender identity and they are separate things. Gay men, no matter how feminine, still identify as male. Gender expression is how we all walk, talk, dress and mannerisms. Gender identity is how we all internally perceive ourselves in a gendered way. .
If you're agender you have no gender identity, and man is a gender identity, so you can't really be both based on the definitions. You can, however, be non-binary and transmasculine, or a trans demiguy if you feel more masculine but not fully.
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At what age is gender identity developed? Recently, I've been seeing videos and news that say that gender identity is formed much earlier than commonly believed, with respect to gender identity disorders or being transgender. Such information ...
Is there a relation between brain physiology and gender identity? I recently came a cross a blog post that talked about DSD or Intersexuality as they rather call it. One of the claims that was made is that gender identity (that is, whether I think of myself as male ...
At what age do children develop a sense of gender identity? To make things clear, I want to state that I have no doubt about whether people are transgender and what that means. I simply am asking about what age children are able to comprehend their personal ...
Are gender identity and sexual orientation federally protected?
Does Canadian law allow the government to take children away from parents that don't accept their gender identity? Canada to take kids from Parents that don’t recognize Gender Confusion A Canadian province has passed a law that gives rights to the government to take away children from families that don’t accept ...
Which linguistic data should I use for a sociolinguistic p. on traditional and constructivist approach on gender identity(pop culture, corpus)?
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Do animals suffer from gender identity disorder? No. This is a mental disorder and animals do not operate on a sufficiently high enough level cognitively or intellectually to be plagued with such. EDIT: GID is not a mental disorder.
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How is gender classified on a New York City Identity Card? By law, the gender shown on a NYC ID is "self reported". This means that the City will put whatever gender you tell it to, regardless of what your birth certificate or other identification says and regardless of what gender you appear to be a member of.
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