Toilet marketing campaigns in developing countries erode people’s dignity – this is not acceptable

More than half of the global population do not have safe sanitation. What is the best way to go about changing this? 06-12-17
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  • [07-11] So the ashes of #IanBrady were buried at sea.I wish it had been acceptable to flush them down the toilet. 😒
  • [18-09] On the all #allstopper and back to 2nd class conditions. Toilet doors locked and no out of order sign. Not acceptable #greateranglia
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  • [09-10] @serfine_achieng '1 in 3 girls in developing countries get married before the age of 18' #EndChildMarriage #IDG2017 @GMKENYAKBC
  • [19-11] #CarteBlanche Hon.Mugabe is an example that Democracy at the end of it all,is a term African developing countries use Theor
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Toilet marketing campaigns in developing countries erode people’s dignity – this is not acceptable
More than half of the global population do not have safe sanitation. What is the best way to go about changing this?
So that Indian style toilet is actually known as squat toilet.Squat toilets are used all over the world, but are particularly common in many Asian and African countries and those with a large proportion of people of Muslim or Hindu faith who also practise anal cleansing with water. Countries like Japan ,Turkey,Africa etc. Use this kind of toilet.
They are , in Arabic , Asian and African countries. Westerners choose not to have kids for personal economic and social reasons , while in other countries they do not. That is why in western countries the average age of the population is increasing and dying out , and in developing countries the age is younger and growing. Its quite ironic when a western country goes to war against a developing country ,, when in the end they will win through population growth.
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Why can't we use the toilet when the train isn't moving in some countries? I am not sure if the sign in the toilet said that we shouldn't use it if the train was not moving or that we shouldn't do so if the train was at the station.
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Why do tapeworms infect many people in developing countries than in the UK?
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How do developing countries maintain an advantage over developing coutries in the international trade? They maintain high tariffs on the agricultural goods that many developing countries export.
How do you find legitimate search engine marketing company to manage my Google adwords pay per click campaigns? Simple.. Ask them whether they are adwords qualified company or they have adwords qualified individual in their team. If they say NO, plz cut their call. If they say YES, ask them to provide the professional status page and validate it. Here is a real professional status page of a company who is running our campaigns. !!!
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Is it acceptable to cook for the public then clean out a toilet then go back and do some more cooking?
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