Oceans are under the greatest threat in history, warns Sir David Attenborough

The world's oceans are currently facing the greatest threat in history, Sir David Attenborough has warned. In the final episode of Blue Planet II, Sir David issues a warning to viewers over the state of our oceans which are being hugely damaged by climate change, plastic pollution and over fishing. “It is now clear our actions are having a significant impact on the world’s oceans. 06-12-17
  • [11-12] "The oceans are under threat now as never ever before in human history." - Sir David Attenborough. #BluePlanet2
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  • [06-12] Oceans under *greatest* threat in history. Let’s think about that for a moment. This is happening on our watch. #OurOcean #
  • [20-11] #PlasticPollution is really bad for the oceans. It was really good to see David Attenborough highlighting this!…
  • [10-12] When Sir David Attenborough says we're destroying the oceans and planet we live on, you know it's true. #BluePlanet2
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  • [29-10] David Attenborough is the greatest living human. No question. #BluePlanet2
  • [01-11] "The health of our oceans is under threat. They’re changing at a faster rate than ever before in human history." -…
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  • [10-12] @BBCEarth Bravo to Sir David Attenborough and everyone involved with #BluePlanet2 for another breathtaking natural history
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  • [30-10] Take a bow, Sir David Attenborough#BluePlanet2 ??
  • [19-09] Fake news is the greatest threat to accurate, informative news, and a threat to democracy. Haven’t heard anything about it yet. #Axios360
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  • [30-10] Me watching anything narrated by David Attenborough. #BluePlanet2
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  • [25-12] If @Kuruptfm narrated #BluePlanet2 instead of David Attenborough.
  • [30-10] A bit of my footage. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.That'll do. #BluePlanet2
  • [21-09] If we're not going to put an age limit on PM, can we give the job to Sir David Attenborough already?! #bbcqt
  • [02-12] And David Attenborough's voice is very soothing. #BluePlanet2
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  • [23-11] #Blueplanet2 love listening to Sir David Attenborough ?
Oceans are under the greatest threat in history, warns Sir David Attenborough
The world's oceans are currently facing the greatest threat in history, Sir David Attenborough has warned. In the final episode of Blue Planet II, Sir David issues a warning to viewers over the state of our oceans which are being hugely damaged by climate change, plastic pollution and over fishing. “It is now clear our actions are having a significant impact on the world’s oceans.
Name a famous animal expert? David Attenborough.
Who is the better nature show narrator- David Attenborough, or Snoop Dogg?
Do you prefer reading a novel or watching a TV series ? And Why ? watching tv. i take the info in better from a tv. id rather watch blue planet and learn about whales from david attenborough than read some book about them! novels. no, i dont do fiction.
I realise this is an obscure question and only really for the thinkers. Israel is assisting Saudi against Iran. Thoughts? Some people fear the greatest chance for nuclear war is between the US and N. Korea. Others, with more reason, believe the greatest threat is that India and Pakistan will decide to throw down. Some others believe the greatest threat is that a terror group will acquire a suitcase nuke from a former Soviet state and strike the US or Europe. But Israel is most concerned about Iran acquiring the bomb, and from their point of view it's hard to blame them. Iran has the greatest economic and scientific resources in the region and is no friend to Israel, who they feel are interlopers, infidels and American puppets. They are clearly the most ominous threat to Israel's existence and at some point hostilities will break out between them. If Israel thinks the Saudis can help them in that fight they'll use them, if only for cannon fodder. In that scenario Saudi Arabia is to Israel kind of like Cuba was to the USSR: a nonentity whose only purpose is to antagonize the enemy into committing themselves into a battle the puppet-masters, in this case Israel, know is inevitable.
I need a new witch story plot. Can you help? What about one where the witch gets tied to a chair and dunked in a lake (to check if she's a witch) and she ends up doing a David Attenborough-like voiceover about all the wildlife she sees in the water and wants to stay there because she feels "at one with the tadpoles"?
If Trump were really such a liar liberals alleged him to be, how did so many Americans get fooled so easily? Did liberals lie again? He is not a liar. I believe what Trump says: 1. Biggest electoral landslide in history 2. Biggest inauguration crowd in history. 3. He's never heard of David Duke. 4. He's never settled lawsuits out of court 5. He can't release his taxes because he's being audited. . still. 6. He knows more about ISIS than the generals 7. Nobody reads the bible more than him. 8. He has the world's greatest memory. 9. Time magazine asked him to be "Man of The Year' ..he refused. 10. That was not him on the Hollywood Access" tape.
Oceans under greatest threat in history, warns Sir David Attenborough" There are so many threats to our survival on Earth yet we behave as if they do not exist. Thank you "Blue Planet 2" for raising the alarm.
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[WP] A passing alien ship receives an errant transmission of a David Attenborough nature documentary. In response, the aliens study the human race for a decade, then broadcast their own Attenborough-style documentary across the stars.
North Korea warns US of 'greatest pain in history' if new sanctions are imposed North Korea warns it is "ready and willing" to make the United States pay a heavy price if a proposal to impose the toughest sanctions ever on Pyongyang is approved by the UN Security Council this week.
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Sir David Attenborough: Seabirds feed plastic to young Sir David has described how the team on his latest documentary recorded evidence of the problem and spoke of being 'heartbroken' at what he witnessed.
Sir David Attenborough delivers speech of the night at NTAs
David Attenborough, Jon Snow and Russell Brand to appear at Edinburgh TV Fest Some of the biggest names in British TV will discuss the state of the industry as the Edinburgh International Television Festival gets under way today.
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Did David Attenborough say that Israelis are more cruel than any animal? Did Sir David Attenborough say the following about Israelis? From Israel has lost both the battle and the war (Wikipedia article on Arab News), but the quote has been circulating elsewhere as well: ...
The greatest threat to our environment is none other than man himself. Do you agree?
A man wakes up from stasis alone on a spaceship then creates the greatest story in history I read this story in the early 2000s, but it was a Chinese translation so the English version could be older. The beginning is a bit like the Passengers movie: on a spaceship, a man woke up from ...
Are some “right actions” not productive of the greatest happiness for the greatest number? The question refers to utilitarianism and I received it during my ethics class. I need to critically evaluate this by referring to 3 global examples. I don't really know what example I could give ...
“Offence threat” vs. “offensive threat” I was watching an NBA game. After Omer Asik missed an easy shot, the commentator said that Omer was not much of an offensive threat. I used to say offence threat often. Which usage is more established ...
Did Absalom ask David to come with him to his sheep-shearers knowing that David would say no and in return allow Amnon to go out of guilt? In Shmuel 2 Chapter 13, when Absalom asks David to come with him to his sheep-shearers, why does he ask King David to go with him? Is he asking him knowing that his father would decline? or did he ...
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