Swan found 'lethargic and dehydrated' after fishing line gets wrapped around its beak

Fishing enthusiasts are being warned to clear away their equipment after a swan was found with a fishing line around its beak. 07-12-17
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Swan found 'lethargic and dehydrated' after fishing line gets wrapped around its beak
Fishing enthusiasts are being warned to clear away their equipment after a swan was found with a fishing line around its beak.
If you saw your husband come home with fishing line wrapped around his penis and testes?
What do you think the most important part when bought the fishing tackle (like fishing rod /reel/lures) on line?
Why do Christians continue to make the unproven claim that I am not an anthropomorphic raven? I mean, have you seen Christians? They make a lot of unproven claims. So do you type with your beak or your claws? if it's with the beak it really brings new meaning to "hunt and peck"
Is it true that Humphry Davy made the first lightbulb, and Thomas Edison just improved it? It was Swan's bulb that he improved upon. Edison went into partnership with Swan to mass-produce and sell them.
What is a level wind reel? How does it differ from a non-level wind reel? Somehow your fishing question ended up in the geology section. There are two basic types of reels in gear fishing, spinning and bait fishing(level wind). The main difference is in the spool holding the line. In level wind reels the spool is orientated perpendicular to the length of the rod and spins when line is pulled off or cast. Level wind refers to the mechanism that moves side to side guiding the line when being reeled in. Spinning rods have spools the are "sideways" and does not rotate when the line is cast. The line comes off the end of the spool when casting and is guided by a mechanism called the bail that spins around the spool when reeling guiding the line. The spool moves in and out to evenly distribute the line on the spool while reeling. The bail is moved to the open position to allow for casting and clicks shut when reeling is begun. Which reel is preferred is largely personal taste but spin casting reels are more often preferred for casting and level wind reels for trolling from boats especially for large fish. A quick google search would be helpful.
Can you use braided fishing line in rocky rivers, what's the best line to use on a bait caster to throw large lures for golden dorado?
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After finishing Black Swan & creating a Swan Lake Starry Corridor image, I can finally be at peace. (TᴗT) ft. my gurl Akshia
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First time fishing for pike- couldn't keep bait on the line! 32 inch one here!
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Between the branch and the beak
Looking down the beak at the rest
What is this black and white bird with thin brown legs and a multi-colored beak, found in Massachusetts USA in January?
Incorrectly line-wrapped
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How much xp per hour is fishing rocktails at level 90 fishing? How much xp per hour can I expect fishing rocktails at level 90 fishing on RuneScape?
Difference in meaning between: “It had been wrapped up…” and “It was wrapped up…” I read a paragraph in a book: Three months passed and then one morning, he found his wallet outside his front gate. It had been wrapped up in newspaper and contained half the money he had ...
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