Oxford student Lavinia Woodward fights suspended sentence

"Extraordinarily able" Lavinia Woodward was given a suspended term for stabbing her boyfriend. 07-12-17
  • [07-12] I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:#Oxford student #LaviniaWoodward fights suspended sentence -…
  • [25-09] Lavinia Woodward gets a suspended sentence to save her medical career.....I wouldn't want her anywhere near me #LaviniaWoodward
  • [25-09] What was the reason for Oxford University med student #LaviniaWoodward receiving a 10 month suspended sentence for stabbing her boyfriend?
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  • [30-09] Read @itosha on the Lavinia Woodward case @Poetry24blog
  • [29-09] Omg outrageous the judge who sentenced Lavinia Woodward should be struck off!!! ?#LaviniaWoodward
  • [25-09] Top 5: 1: Lavinia Woodward 2: Cardi B +9 3: #STAGESCHOOL -1 4: #ItTakesTwo +7 5: Anthony Weiner
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  • [05-10] I'm doing an article for my journalism assignement and would like to know what your view is on the Lavinia Woodward case? #laviniawoodward
  • [25-09] How does this f***er, Lavinia Woodward get off stabbing someone? ?Typical rich kid story. Justice system gone to pot ?#laviniawoodward
  • [25-09] Top 5: 1: Lavinia Woodward +3 2: #STAGESCHOOL +9 3: Loris Karius -2 4: Bobby Knutt -2 5: Anthony Weiner -2
  • [07-12] Privileged Bunny Boiler Lavinia Woodward, seeks further leniency from the courts because, well;She's worth it.…
  • [25-09] Lavinia Woodward: Too posh for jail. If she was working class, male, black or god forbid all 3 she would have got 4 years. #LaviniaWoodward
  • [07-12] Princess Tippy Toes (Lavinia Woodward) back in the news again, stabbed her boyfriend in aviolent attack whilst hi…
  • [25-09] Muhammad Rabbani Konta Lavinia Woodward #agriculture Cardi #LANvSUR Marouane Fellaini Matthew Vaughn
  • [19-12] Here at #Manchester Crown Court - 19 year old Manchester student, Jack Chappell, has been given a suspended sentence for at
  • [25-09] #laviniawoodward apart from the sentence ? who wants the future Dr Lavinia to be a surgeon .. her bread knife skills were appalling !
  • [27-12] Hope he's given a suspended sentence.#OscarPistorius
  • [25-09] Suspended sentence for "unlawful wounding". Disgusting
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  • [07-12] Now let's think, you receive a suspended sentence for attacking someone with a knife - then you feel that an injust…
  • [28-01] @ThaiPBSEnglish 5 mths jail is NOT a suspended sentence despite what @phnompenhpost thinks.
  • [25-09] The trending of #laviniawoodward & her insane 10 mth suspended sentence reminds me why i'm doing this Masters...#femaleprivelegeexists
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  • [25-09] Or these soldiers, given a suspended sentence for assault, cos 'a lack of good people in the army'
  • [20-09] Porn-actor-turned-spy who posed as jihadist gets suspended sentence #TheGuardian ()
  • [07-11] Since #OscarPistorius got only 6years for #feminine then #MduduziManana will get committee service+maybe 2years suspended sentence
  • [07-12] Ridiculous. She's appealing a suspended sentence re. a crime she plead guilty to. She's lucky she's not in prison.…
  • [08-02] Alexis Sánchez hit with 16-month suspended prison sentence & £525,000 fine for Spanish tax fraud >…
  • [14-12] In Sept RFE/RL's #Semena was found guilty of ‘separatism’ & given 2.5 yr suspended sentence #EndImpunity #JournoSafe :
  • [25-09] #LaviniaWoodward given a 10 month suspended sentence for stabbing her now ex boyfriend whilst she was drunk. All becau
Oxford student Lavinia Woodward fights suspended sentence
"Extraordinarily able" Lavinia Woodward was given a suspended term for stabbing her boyfriend.
Do I sound like a bad student? You sound like a student that doesn’t care too much about school? Sure, you aren’t doing anything too bad, but are you trying to be a good student? Just because there are students that do things that are worse than you like fight or be disruptive doesn’t make you a good student just because you don’t. Having detentions and being suspended is demonstrating that you aren’t applying yourself. I’m sure you could be a great student that doesn’t get detention and succeds in life, just apply yourself!
What is the difference between the first wave of feminism versus the second wave? First Wave...Fought for Women's Rights to Vote! Fought for Equality! For better Life and choices! Fought for Equal Pay, for Equal Rights to serve and contribute!! They fought for knowledge, respect, and opportunities! Thanks to these Brave women!, this World has changed as we know it! Second Wave...Fights with Hate, Orange hair, Fights for non existing gender gaps, Fights for Political correctness, Fights for choice to abort children, Fights for Hateful blatant agendas!, rape culture, Fights for microaggressions, Fights for Feelings before Facts!, Fights for Hateful speech, and Falsified justifications! Fights until they are 30+, only to realize there is No happiness in their lives! Fights for a misguided Idea, that contributes, little to none to this society!
Should this 2nd grader be suspended? The teacher behaved terribly, and the student shouldn't be suspended unless it was purposeful violence. Giving small children a bad track record decreases their chances in life three fold. A teacher bullying a student is never ok.
Is it rude to interrupt a judge in the middle of a sentence? Not if you're trying for a suspended sentence.
Is Oxford very hard to get into as an American? Firstly, any of your grades from elementary school or middle school are irrelevant to college admissions. However, it is pretty difficult. For undergraduates the overall acceptance rate of Americans to the University of Oxford (2011-2012 admissions cycle) is 8.7%. Basically, it's hard for anyone to get into Oxford. The competition is intense. From the academic perspective, the requirements are no different from a local student.
Is University Lecturer a good job? (UK)? a teacher must tell department head about intimate relationship with student source : '6. The University requires that any close personal or intimate relationship with a student for whom a staff member has any responsibility is brought to the attention of the member of staff’s Head of Department in order that action can be taken to mitigate any unintended consequences. The member of staff should also disclose any former relationship with a current student for whom they are given or are to be given responsibility' in from google (oxford uni teacher student relationship) result 3
Judge who said toff Oxford student Lavinia Woodward was ‘too brainy for jail’ after stabbing her boyfriend is being investigated by watchdogs THE judge who said toff Oxford student Lavinia Woodward was “too brainy for jail” after she stabbed her boyfriend is being investigated by watchdogs. Ian Pringle QC gave the medical student, 24, a suspended sentence for attacking her then partner in a coke and booze-fuelled frenzy. He said sending her to prison would damage her […]
Oxford student appeals against suspended sentence for stabbing boyfriend Lavinia Woodward’s case was controversial after trial judge said ‘able young lady’ should not be jailed A University of Oxford student who avoided prison after stabbing her boyfriend has appealed against the suspended sentence handed to her. Lavinia Woodward, 24, received a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, for stabbing her then partner with a breadknife in a drunken attack.
Complaint against Lavinia Woodward judge is submitted Ian Pringle QC handed Lavinia Woodward, 24, a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, on Monday for knifing her then partner in a drunken assault last year
Watchdog dismisses complaint over Oxford student sentence They were thrown out because they did not relate to the personal conduct of Ian Pringle QC, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said.
Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' fights jail sentence in Germany A 96-year old Nazi death camp guard known as the "Bookkeeper of Auschwitz" has challenged his four year jail sentence. His attorney said that jailing him at his age would violate his basic rights.
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Backlash grows over Oxford student 'too clever for prison Lavinia Woodward - a medical student who hoped to become a surgeon - admitted stabbing her Tinder lover Thomas Fairclough in the leg during a clash at Christ Church college.
Oxford Student Who Stabbed Lover 'Could Be Spared Jail' "To prevent this extraordinary able young lady from not following her long-held desire would be too severe," said Judge Ian Pringle.
Oxford student who faced deportation allowed to stay in UK Brian White said he was "over the moon" he had been granted indefinite leave to remain so he can take up his place at Oxford university.
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