My anxiety is called The Anxious Hug Monster

Bex, 24, illustrates how anxiety makes her feel by drawing something she calls a hug monster. 07-12-17
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  • [11-08] So thought my anxiety was going away, untill I had a rough anxious day like today.... So glad to be back home. :) #anxiety #work
  • [03-10] I'm going to start counseling for my anxiety and, of course, I'm up all night anxious about it ? #anxiety #lol #lookingforward
  • [15-10] A monster, a monster, I've turned into a monster, A monster, a monster, And it keeps getting stronger ? #morningvibes #ImagineDragons
  • [26-09] Dak a monster Zeke a monster Dez a monster the whole team some monsters. Cowboys gotta get it this year. ?? #CowboysNation
  • [12-10] This was the last collection I did under my old label #BlaspheminasCloset. It's called "Party Monster." #ProjectRunway
  • [09-10] Is it a compliment or an insult to be called someone's hormone monster @nickkroll #PuberMe
  • [30-11] if @realDonaldTrump its what the monster called reasonable progress poops on your plate, what's stopping you from d…
  • [01-10] #ConfessToSomethingStupid When I was a kid I called "mustard" "monster" and didn't eat it because I thought it was made out of monsters!
  • [05-10] So spare me your false equivalency & recognize the monster you've created. #DotardTrump called him #RocketMan at the UN
  • [07-12] #MolochtheLoveless:This one monster called #DeegorDon said, "I'll make you a deal, Moloch, as long as you promise t…
  • [02-10] Morning hotrods. Dreamed there was an evil monster gobblin up @chaseelliott success. It was called the Newman Nigh…
  • [06-10] If I see you and I don't speak...that means I have social anxiety and on the inside I'm having an anxiety attack #CardiB ?
  • [09-10] My deepest anxiety is playoff baseball anxiety. Holy shit man. #FlyTheW
  • [10-11] #BBCTheBriefing social media causes more depression and anxiety - anxiety for people faking their perfect lived and…
  • [11-10] #WorldMentalHealthDay2017 i suffer from quite a lot of things, Chronic and Clinical depression, Extreme Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and ADD
  • [04-10] "If we can prevent anxiety from developing, that's a whole lot better." #PennState research on anxiety and children…
  • [10-10] Y’all need to fucking realize the difference between feeling anxiety and having anxiety #MentalHealthAwarenessDay
  • [09-12] anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety #2018PredictionsIn5Words
  • [10-10] Trump called Chuck Schumer to see Dracula, Wolfman, and the Monster, not crazed Onslow Stevens, Larry Talbot w a bandage.#TCMParty.
  • [07-12] Ive got ANXIETY over the fact that DARYL might die, and I’m so not ready for it, IVE GOT ANXIETY OVER A TV SHOW. Se…
  • [12-07] Science Says Anxiety Isn't the Problem. Your Response to Anxiety Is What Matters:
  • [17-09] @Shakespeare A monster truck! A monster truck! My trailer home for a monster truck! #UpdateShakespeareBadly
  • [10-10] sadness ≠ depression shyness ≠ anxiety stop playing depression n anxiety down #MentalHealthAwarenessDay
  • [27-11] The Monster enjoying a Monster Martini - art submitted by Mike Bell for the Frankenstein Project:…
  • [12-10] On my way in search of Loch Ness Monster! #Scotland should be on everyone's bucket list! #monster #supernatural
  • [15-11] Introducing the Monster Maker where you can make your very own furry friend! ❤ this Tweet to meet a monster!…
  • [17-11] "I'm only a man with a candle to guide me. I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me. A monster, a monster, I'v…
  • [07-12] #MolochtheLoveless:This one monster called #DeegorDon said, "I'll make you a deal, Moloch, as long as you promise t…
  • [09-12] anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety #2018PredictionsIn5Words
My anxiety is called The Anxious Hug Monster
Bex, 24, illustrates how anxiety makes her feel by drawing something she calls a hug monster.
probably not-even though you say you aren't anxious--you are sounding anxious and saying you are stressed and tired--(sounds like a duck)-it is making your stress anxiety worse!! all that caffeine will make your heart race and your adrenaline pump and it can actually give you an anxiety attack--so quit drinking that swill....
You're becoming an adult, there's nothing to be nervous about. It's not normal to have anxiety about turning 21. If you think that's bad I can't wait to see what you're going to think about turning 31 or 41. Birthdays shouldn't make you anxious. If you have anxiety then you shouldn't be drinking a lot. Alcohol is a depressant which can increase your anxiety symptoms. If you think it's interfering with your life then you should see a doctor and get some help for your anxiety.
i feel anxiety at the thought of my apartment collapsing? im a man in my late 30s, i live alone in an council flat, a small block of flats, i live on the 3rd floor of a 4th floor building. i suffer terrible anxiety, and sometimes often, i get anxious thoughts....i live in manchester uk.. before i had a very anxious thought as i was sat here at my computer.....i thought ...
Hello. Social phobia is another term for the mental disorder called Social Anxiety Disorder. People with social anxiety disorder (myself included) often experience VERY high levels of anxiety over the smallest possible social situations. For example, a person with social phobia/social anxiety disorder might feel too anxious to ask for the bathroom in class because they worry they might somehow embarrass themselves. They might be too anxious to walk by the same stranger again because "it would be awkward" and instead take a different route even if it adds an extra 15 minutes to their commute. They will avoid situations that make them anxious, at all costs. Even if it means getting bad grades. For example, they might be too anxious to go for extra help after school or to even raise their hands in class when they are confused, and as a result, they won't do too well in school/ a class. They might wait outside their apartment door until their neighbor has gone inside to finally step out of their home. Social anxiety disorder isn't just feeling jittery when you have to give a presentation, or worrying how others will perceive your texting habits. Everyone feels some anxiety when presented with the possibility of being under other's scrutiny, but individuals with social phobia feel so much anxiety they might have a panic attack. One of the main diagnostic criteria of Social Anxiety Disorder in the DSM-V (a diagnostic tool used by psychologists and psychiatrists) is that this affects your day to day life. Meaning it hinders your ability to live life the way you want to because the symptoms interfere with your daily life. So again, the examples I gave, you experience so much anxiety over potentially awkward situations, you add an extra 15 minutes to your commute even if you're late to work/school. You never go for extra help or raise your hand even if you know you're not doing well in a class. You worry about social events weeks in advance, and overthink about everything to the point where it might keep you up at night. So keep this in mind, and really ask yourself. How has my possible anxiety affected my day to day life? Is it affecting my quality of life? All the examples I gave to you were symptoms and events that has occurred in my life. It got to the point where I had isolated myself from everyone because of my anxiety, for quite some time I had no friends and that's not an exaggeration, I had no nobody that I could call a friend because again I was too anxious to even approach anybody. I had so many missed opportunities because they all involved meeting people, my academic career suffered because I was not able to ask for help. So if you really, truly think you have social anxiety after reading this, and this anxiety affects the way you live your daily life, and your day is planned around your anxiety and not what you want to do, then seek help. It took me years of researching and going over symptoms to finally accept that I might have this disorder, and to seek help because if I didn't, my anxiety would hold me back from so many opportunities and essentially success. Remember, there is nothing wrong in seeking help for mental health related issues. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
I don't like it too but that's only when I'm anxious. Do you have social anxiety? If you don't have any anxiety with it then you could have aspergers or another form of autism.
Social Anxiety fluctuates depending on who has it. From what you've said, it sounds like you have a similar case of social anxiety to mine. I've been diagnosed by a psychologist saying that I do have a mild case of social anxiety. Being introverted usually means you don't get nervous around people, but just prefer alone time to social interaction. If you legitimately feel anxious before going into social situations it could be likely you do actually have social anxiety.
[Spoilers] when Ben called the smoke monster in season 4, did he seal Johns fate to then become the smoke monster?
Late onset social anxiety/Anyone else get really anxious a few weeks into a new friendship??
A monster called drug-resistant tuberculosis
I'm a guy with anxiety who's too anxious to even leave my room to make dinner because my housemates are in the living room, which I'd have to get past to go to the kitchen. AMA.
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@NPR: About 60% of study participants w/ severe anxiety who got both treatments were free of anxiety disorder at 12 weeks.
Anxiety Stop app is an automated system of breathing exercises that are clinically performed by patients with anxiety disorders.
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Adjective order : I saw an (anxious pale/pale anxious?) girl I'm familiar with with OSASCOMP rule for order of adjectives used, which states the order of adjectives as Opinion Size Age Shape Color Origin Material Purpose The adjective pale can be categorized as color but I'm not able to decide the type for the adjective anxious .
Anime story. Monster and monster-hunter become unlikely friends due to a time distortion I believe the story came from some sort of anime. There was a monster and I think a hunter/hero. The monster destroys some villages or something. So then, the hero chases after the monster to kill it. ...
Short story about “the monster under her bed”, where the monster protects the girl from abusive parents
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When a person who has experienced artillery bombardment feels anxiety during a thunderstorm what is his anxiety called?
You have social anxiety and general anxiety and thinking of taking Lexapro cause you have heard good things. Has anyone taken this for anxiety?
What is freuds realistic anxiety moral anxiety and neurotic anxiety?
What monster do you need on question 8 of the advanced monster scout proficy test in dragon quest monster joker?
What kids Halloween film has the song monster mash in it watched it years ago but cannot find which film it was it's not called monster mash? The 1967 animated film "Mad Monster Party?" ~ see links below .
After the car hit the brakes Janes heart started racing and she felt anxious What is Janes response called?
What monster would win in a fight an electrical monster or a water monster?
What are the episodes associated with anxiety disorder called?
Is it normal to have anxiety attacks about others drinking I am 17 years old and I feel like I am having an anxiety attack when other people drink around me?
Is it possible to have an anxiety disorder due to your IBS. And can anti-anxiety meds make your IBS go away completely?
What anti-anxiety drug has helped someone get rid of dizziness due to anxiety disorder?
Drugs that relieve anxiety and induce sleep are called?
Is it healthy to rent an apartment from my father who was verbally abusive to me as a child causing childhood anxiety since I haven't had any anxiety riddled crises in over 15 years?
What distinguishes anxiety disorders from ordinary anxiety?
How do you deal with social anxiety attacks do to having a condition called vitiligo and not feeling comfortable around people?
When was the wall at Fenway first called the Green Monster? Prior to 1947, the left field wall was covered in advertisements. The Green Monster was born in 1947 when the advertisements were painted over with green paint.
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Why is the Loch Ness Monster called Nessie? It's a nickname made from the 'Ness' in the full name. Also many people believe the Loch Ness Monster to be female.
7 Hour Playlist to Calm Anxious and Restless Cats! Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety Music for All Cats! - 7 Hour Playlist to Calm Anxious and Restless Cats! Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety Music for All Cats! Relax My Cat are experts in creating relaxing music to help ...
How To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety In 6 weeks? The Facts Anxiety Destroyer System - CLICK THE DISCOUNT LINK TO visit official Anxiety Destroyer How To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety In 6 weeks? The Facts ...
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