Trumplomacy: Key takeaways from Jerusalem policy shift

The BBC's Barbara Plett Usher analyses Donald Trump's move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 07-12-17
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Trumplomacy: Key takeaways from Jerusalem policy shift
The BBC's Barbara Plett Usher analyses Donald Trump's move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Do some people really want the apocalypse to come? Yes, including the Vice President of the United States. That is why the religious right wanted the US to recognize all of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Jerusalem was to be a divided city between Israel and Jordan. But the religious sites were on the Jordanian side. The city had been under arab rule for 1300 years before the British took over following WWI. At the time the capital of Israel was to be temporarily in Tel Aviv but eventually moved to West Jerusalem, but Israel captured East Jerusalem in the six day war and annexing occupied land is a violation of international law. They now consider the entirety of Jerusalem as their capital, again in violation of international law. Right-wing evangelicals believe Israel must control all of Jerusalem and rebuild the temple, located in East Jerusalem the area illegally annexed. So US foreign policy has been to resist recognizing Jerusalem and moving our embassy there. But with people like Pence in office, US foreign policy is not being set based on what is best for American interests, but on religious dogma! The US is not a theocracy, where public policy, especially foreign policy should be guided by religious doctrine. It is horrifying that we have been reduced to setting policy based on myths and legends instead of reality.
Why is it wong for Israel to move its capital? Jerusalem is de facto the capital of Israel, Israel calls Jerusalem its capital (as do most books and maps) but most countries don't officially recognize it. This is because Jerusalem is a holy city to all 3 major Abrahamic religions and plays a central role in the conflict, so its ownership by Israel remains a sensitive topic throughout the Islamic world. The Palestinian Authority also claims Jerusalem as its capital, even though they don't control it. If someone like Donald Trump were to change US Foreign Policy to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, all will be merry-rosey with Israel, but meanwhile the Palestinians and Islamic world will be very very angry.
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Why is Trump claiming victory when planning and the start of building the Jerusalem embassy could take 7-10 years? No, it is the prinicple of changing US policy toward Israel, regardless of how long it would take. The policy is what the arabs will be angry about. They did not want the USA to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as they still want it as the capital for Pakistan and the Islamic world. Evidently, the Arabs and Palestinians do not remember, they lost the war. ...and associated property.
What IS Israel's capital? Under Israeli law, Jerusalem is their capital. This is also true in fact, since it is where most of their national government is located (parliament, PM 's residence etc). However, no other country recognizes Jerusalem as the capital and all foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv. This is because the Palestinians also claim Jerusalem as their eventual capital (specifically East Jerusalem). The ultimate status of Jerusalem is supposed to be determined as part of a peace agreement between the two sides. It's been felt that acknowledging Jerusalem as the Israeli capital would prejudice those proceedings in Israel's favor, thus undermining the process. Trump, for domestic political reasons, decided to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital.
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Abbas says Trump's policy shift on Jerusalem was 'sinful' CAIRO (AP) — The Palestinian president on Wednesday again blasted Donald Trump in a fiery and emotional speech, saying the U.S. leader's decision to recognize contested Jerusalem as Israel's capital was "sinful" and "ill-fated."
Donald Trump says Jerusalem policy shift is 'long overdue Trump is expected to upend decades of US policy by stating that the holy city - part of which is claimed by Palestinians - rightfully belongs to Israel
1 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
2 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
3 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
4 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
5 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in policy shift that could spark unrest
Tillerson touts ‘good opportunity’ for Mideast peace despite criticism of U.S. policy shift on Jerusalem
@washingtonpost: Tillerson touts "good opportunity" for Mideast peace despite criticism of U.S. policy shift on Jerusalem
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After Gaza War, Tensions Shift to Jerusalem After Gaza, Tensions Shift to Jerusalem Israel is careening into a new crisis on the heels of the Gaza war—an escalation of violence in East Jerusalem unseen in more than a decade.
US shift on Jerusalem would bring chaos: Turkish FM Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warns rumored US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem would trigger new conflicts
Jerusalem: New warnings over US shift on city status France is the latest nation to warn Donald Trump against recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Mauritanians hit streets to decry US shift on Jerusalem Protesters also condemn Arab leaders' ‘weak reaction’ to US recognition of city as Israel’s capital
EU envoys to UN voice disapproval of U.S. shift on Jerusalem issue
India's deafening silence after Trump's Jerusalem shift India's two-sentence response to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital last week elicited mixed reactions after New Delhi for decades strongly backed the Palestinian cause. The static statement to a dynamic situation was described by some as muted, others as pragmatic, and still others alleging it imbibes the anti-Muslim right-wing consensus of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). "India's position on Palestine is independent and consistent...
Christmas in Bethlehem: Trump's Jerusalem shift looms large
Arab warnings mount as U.S. suggests shift to name Jerusalem as Israeli capital
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