Falkirk Council: Don't give teachers Christmas gifts

Falkirk Council in Scotland has asked parents not to give their children gifts to bring in for staff in schools across the area - but the stringent rules have caused outrage among many. 07-12-17
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Falkirk Council: Don't give teachers Christmas gifts
Falkirk Council in Scotland has asked parents not to give their children gifts to bring in for staff in schools across the area - but the stringent rules have caused outrage among many.
The three wise men gave presents to Jesus (God). So why do Christians give gits to each other on Christmas? That doesn't make sense? What that Christian said was not 'blasphemy': it's a historical fact. In the Middle Ages, gifts were exchanged at Epiphany, rather than Christmas itself, to commemorate the gifts the Magi brought to the Epiphany. Also the gifts that the shepherds brought, which aren't in the Gospel accounts but were well established in the popular mind (in one of the 15th-century mystery plays, the shepherds give Jesus their own humble gifts: a caged songbird, some cherries, and a tennis ball to play with). The point of Epiphany gifts was to put everyone in mind of that event and put them in a happy, generous and grateful mood to celebrate it, and that's what they did. When gift-giving shifted to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, obviously the point was lost. (St Nicholas only got in on the act more recently still; his feast day is 6 Dec and up till quite modern times he would turn up then to give children gifts or a beating with a stout stick; that was nothing to do with Christmas.)
What county is Glasgow in? Glasgow City 32 unitary authorities were established in Scotland on 1 April 1996. Map here http:// Aberdeen City Council Aberdeenshire Council Angus Council Argyll and Bute Council Clackmannanshire Council Dumfries and Galloway Council Dundee City Council East Ayrshire Council East Dunbartonshire Council East Lothian District Council East Renfrewshire Council Edinburgh City Council Falkirk Council Fife Council Glasgow City Council Highland Council Inverclyde Council Midlothian Council Moray Council North Ayrshire Council North Lanarkshire Council Orkney Islands Council Perth and Kinross Council Renfrewshire Council Scottish Borders Council Shetland Islands Council South Ayrshire Council South Lanarkshire Council Stirling Council West Dunbartonshire Council West Lothian Council Western Isles Council All the previous Counties & Regions are scrapped. http:// ♣
Am I wrong to feel slighted that my wife spent all our Christmas money on her 22 year old son and bought me nothing? It depends. My wife does not make a lot of money, compared to me. And most of the little she does make goes back to her parents, who are dirt poor. As far as gifts go, I have expensive tastes. I would not expect my wife to buy anything that I would want for Christmas, as she simply could not afford it. I am in the habit of buying myself a Christmas present each year, even as I shop for presents for my Wife and three children... if I buy myself a little something (this year it was a small, cheap windows laptop....because that is what I really wanted) then I know I am going to be happy on Christmas, as far as gifts go. I am not greedy. One nice present (I give myself) can keep me happy. But recently, my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her on Christmas day, I want her to give me a one-hour full body massage. Her massages are awesome!!! She agreed. And bluntly speaking, even if she spent like $500 or more on some kind of techy present to give me... I would not enjoy that as much as one of her awesome massages... You don't know what your wife might have planned. There are obviously some gifts a woman could give a man that cost nothing and yet will put a big smile on your face.... Report back on say, December 27th...
Do I have to give Christmas presents? Um, not particularly. Although Christmas is about "giving and receiving," you don't have to give gifts. There are many reasons people have to not give people gifts, and yours is fine. And so to answer your question, there is no rule to force you to buy people gifts.
What specifically are you going to buy people as Christmas gifts? Nothing. In my extended family, Christmas and birthday gifts are for the children. After age 15 gifts are not regularly given for a holiday or whatever. Though we will give gifts for the heck of it if we see a good deal on something. Like my mother's sister has bought several dresses on line that turned out to be too big so she sent them to me. Instead for my mother's 99th birthday, I took all my local relatives out for dinner and picked up the $350 check. Dir Christmas day, I will reward some of them with my company and chip in a bottle of wine with the dinner.
My little sister is 9 and still believes STRONGLY in santa claus, is she too old? I'm almost 70, and I KNOW Santa Clause, or at least St. Nicholas, does indeed exist. No, there is no living person who is Santa Claus (but St. Nicholas was a real, live person who lived around 300 A.D.), but the IDEA of love, and giving to others less fortunate than yourself out of that love, is found in each one of us -- IF you let it show.. What both you and your sister need to learn is that Christmas is not about GETTING gifts but about GIVING gifts. YOU get gifts ONLY because there is someone, somewhere, that loves YOU enough to give you gifts! Usually it is Mom and Dad, or maybe Grandma and Grandpa, but it doesn't matter WHO gives you the gift. What is important is that THEY gave you the gift BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU. So, to get the MOST out of Christmas, stop acting like a child and begging for things from Santa, but instead beg Mom and Dad to buy a special gift and give it to your church, or the police, or the fire department or someone else so that some poor child you don't even know gets a gift from "Santa", because many of these poor children have NO ONE to give them gifts EXCEPT YOU. And when YOU give a gift, then YOU are the one that shows love to these people who are poor and homeless, and because YOU are a real live person, "Santa Claus" DOES REALLY EXISTS -- because Santa is YOU.
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The Christmas gifts by the school board to the teachers of a Hungarian primary school: a printed out greeting card, a Christmas-themed poem, and one decoratively packaged Mozartkugel (a marzipan-chocolate ball). For the entire faculty.
The diamond tipped drill bit I bought to drill drainage holes gave out less than halway through my first hole. Any brand recommendations of high quality diamond tips? I have a ton more holes to drill! I was going to give out succulents as Christmas gifts
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Best gifts for the gamer in your life this Christmas Is there a person in your life that, no matter how many times you call them into the kitchen for dinner, they’re “in the middle of a game”? Then instead of interrupting their heated gaming moment, perhaps gifting them something related to their interest would be a better call. After all, the holidays are about bringing us closer together, and that includes you and your gamer friend or relative.But, for non-gamers, who are clueless as to where they should start, we have an easy answer in the form of a list...
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Shout out to u/galenorla for the Christmas gifts!
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What happened to Father Christmas' gifts to the Pevensies? For a novel I'd like to start, I'm interested in discovering what happened to the gifts that Aslan (through Father Christmas) gave to Peter, Susan, and Lucy Pevensie: Peter's sword Rhindon and his ...
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