EU hands Theresa May 72-hour Brexit deadline

The EU has declared there is still "no white smoke" over a Brexit deal and handed Theresa May a 72-hour deadline to make an acceptable offer. 07-12-17
  • [15-08] Theresa May sought election knowing #April2019 was #brexit deadline, now she says she isn't up to the job!!
  • [17-12] Exactly, hands firmly in pockets, trying to distract focus away from Brexit onto NHS etc. whilst praying Theresa wi…
  • [29-09] Loved the girl of #Gogglebox comment on Theresa May's speech She could not find her own arse with both her hands let alone deliver #Brexit
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  • [19-08] Theresa May is understood to be outlining a more detailed Brexit vision next week via @Brexit #Brexit #Economy
  • [06-10] Did you see? @CameronHouseLL 72Hour Flash sale started today. 72 hours only.
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  • [28-09] As Theresa May finally outlines Brexit plans 52% of Brits now want to STAY in the EU #Brexit #BBCQT
  • [22-09] Kicking the #Brexit can down the road. Theresa Mays Brexit vision looks like remain to me. #florencespeech
  • [07-10] Theresa May under pressure over ‘secret advice’ on halting Brexit#Brexit #BrexitReality
EU hands Theresa May 72-hour Brexit deadline
The EU has declared there is still "no white smoke" over a Brexit deal and handed Theresa May a 72-hour deadline to make an acceptable offer.
What is going to happen now with Brexit.? Brexit still on. Under May's appointed leadership UK PM talks Brexit plan with EU leaders PM Theresa May "emphasises commitment to delivering the will" of UK to leave EU in phone calls with European leaders http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-36570120#"
2017 predictions please? US economy tanks riots in US cities terrorism increases because of US interference and selling arms to anyone for profit brexit destroys UK economy, causing record unemployment riots in UK cities record UK immigration to beat brexit deadline
2017 predictions please? US economy tanks riots in US cities terrorism increases because of US interference and selling arms to anyone for profit brexit destroys UK economy, causing record unemployment riots in UK cities record UK immigration to beat brexit deadline
UK What are your thoughts on Theresa May denying the Scots a chance at a second Independence Referendum? Overwhelming indifference..Nicola was going to spoil Theresa's Brexit day speech..that was known for weeks.
If Theresa May can't even debate her opponents before the election, how she can possibly negotiate a Brexit deal?
How would you describe our current economy? Here in the UK businesses in the financial services sector are moving their main operations to European centres like Frankfurt and manufacturing businesses are holding back on investment in new production as Brexit looms. In the shops, I'm noticing how the increases in cost of imports like fruit and veg and wines are accelerating due to the fall in the value of the pound. The outlook for the future doesn't look good despite all the 'whistling in the wind' by Theresa May and Brexit negotiator David Davis.
Brexit deadline looms for Theresa May
[Bloomberg Business] RT @Brexit: Theresa May is surrounded - plus Monday's other Brexit headlines
Philip Stephens: Merkel’s message to Theresa May - Brexit means Brexit We have been here before. Misreading Bonn and later Berlin has been one of the more reliable threads of 44 years of British EU membership
Theresa May battles to hit deadline for deal on Irish border Agonising night of frenetic Brexit talks marks last-minute push for divorce agreement
Does Theresa May Know What She's Doing With Brexit? The British prime minister doesn't yet have the answers to the big questions raised by Brexit.
The Brexit Deal Theresa May Should Aim For There are huge mutual benefits to all concerned to make the negotiation process as quick and non-confrontational as possible.
Brexit: Theresa May says she 'will not be derailed The prime minister writes in two Sunday newspapers that she has "proven the doubters wrong".
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Theresa May’s Honest Brexit Review & Outlook Theresa May’s Honest Brexit A clean British break from the single EU market makes sense.
Theresa May won't say if she'd vote for Brexit now The prime minister dodges questions about how she would vote if there was another EU referendum.
Theresa May tries to move on from Brexit UK prime minister seeks to address everyday concerns, despite turmoil
EU Will Do A Brexit Deal With U.K., Says Theresa May May rebuffed criticism from Slovakian PM Robert Fico.
Theresa May Will Not Be Bullied Over Brexit The U.K., as the world’s fifth largest economy, will survive and prosper whatever the outcome.
Theresa May 'does not want government defined by Brexit Theresa May not wanting her government to be defined by Brexit is like Winston Churchill claiming he did not want to be be defined by the war, writes BLACK DOG.
Theresa May to Lay Out Brexit Plans in Brussels May to Lay Out Brexit Plans in Brussels Prime Minister Theresa May heads to her first Brussels summit of European Union leaders on Thursday as she wrestles to balance demands at home on how to extract the U.K. from the bloc.
The Key Points to Take From Theresa May's Brexit Letter The letter gives us some clues about May's negotiating priorities.
Theresa May just admitted she might get 'no deal' after Brexit
Theresa May Could Learn About Brexit From Charles I Both had fortuitous routes to power and assumed absolute authority over the matters of the day.
EU Leaders Discuss Brexit Without Theresa May EU Leaders Discuss Brexit Without May European Union leaders held a brief meeting Thursday without U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to agree on the division of labor between EU institutions as they choreograph the coming Brexit negotiations.
Is Theresa May Right to Delay Brexit Negotiations? Delaying till 2017 could mean January or December—and that could have high costs.
EU looks for answers from Theresa May’s big Brexit speech Bloc wants clarity on divorce and transition but also on the UK’s ultimate goals
Theresa May and the Folly of a Hard Brexit If the U.K. rushes to the EU exit, Brexit supporters will be in for an unpleasant surprise.
Ken Clarke: Theresa May Has 'No Idea' How To Brexit The MP also hit out at Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox—the "Three Brexiteers."
Brexit date to be set in stone... if Theresa May gets her way
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It seems “hard deadline” can be translated to 厳しい締切. Would “soft deadline” then be translated as 厳しくない締切? I have searched long and hard for a dictionary translation of "soft deadline" to no avail. Google Ngram shows that it has peaked in popularity in the last three decades, so it's relatively new. I ...
Does “I need it by September 30th” mean deadline 24:00 the 30th, or deadline 24:00 29th? [duplicate] I need to hand something in "by the 30th" according to instructions. Does that mean that I should hand it in latest the day before (that is the 29th), so the receiver gets it for the work day of the ...
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