China's 'had enough' of UK's waste plastic

China has said it will no longer import recycled household waste from the UK, which has prompted concerns about where thousands of tonnes of scrap plastic will end up each year. 07-12-17
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China's 'had enough' of UK's waste plastic
China has said it will no longer import recycled household waste from the UK, which has prompted concerns about where thousands of tonnes of scrap plastic will end up each year.
California Democrats want laws against plastic straws. What say you? Plastic is becoming an increasing environmental problem. Plastic waste is turning up in huge amounts in the oceans and is disrupting the food chain. Here, in the UK, many restaurant and pub chains are ditching plastic straws and many county councils are banning them. If we're doing this, you can bet that other European countries are doing it too, so California won't be alone in this.
California Democrats want laws against plastic straws. What say you? I say plastic straws are one of the stupidest things we waste our money producing and disposing of in this country. They're not only bad for the environment, wildlife and humans they're also ridiculously useless. No self respecting conservative (there still are some right) should be for continuing use of plastic straws. I think it's something everyone should be able to agree on.
How do i properly dispose of my ink cartridges? Throwing spent ink cartridges into the garbage is bad for the environment and a waste of plastic. Unfortunately, some components of the cartridges make it so we cannot recycle these at home. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to reduce the impact of our printing waste and make sure these cartridges don’t just sit in landfills.
Poll: Do you like popping bubble wrap? Not really it means you can't re-use it so it just becomes yet more plastic waste.
What is your opinion on markets charging for grocery bags? They've done it in the UK for a while now in the supermarkets, Its a scheme to cut down on plastic waste. I use the reuseable ones.
Did you last use a waste bin or a recycle bin, to dispose of an object? waste bin, plastic wrappers are not yet recycled so i had to throw it away.
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India - China - USA | Passport with 3 weeks validity | China Southern refusing boarding, please help I have booked my tickets on China Southern airline for 1st May for travel from India to USA with a 16 hour stopover in China and my return is on 6th May via China with the same airline.My passport is expiring on 17th May. As per this link India is exempt from the 6-month rule: I also checked this link and it says the same: But just to be sure, I called up the China Southern office in India and the lady there said that even if the US Government rules allow this, the airline has its own rules for having 6 month passport validity for all travelers and that I may not be allowed to board my flight.Now I am losing my sleep over this because the cancellation charges are more than my monthly salary (the only reason I was able to book the flight was because of promised reimbursement). And if I cancel after refusal to board, the cancellation charges would shoot up to much more.Can somebody who may have access to Timatic help me out with information on what Timatic says about my case? Do the China Southern executives at airports usually check Timatic? Is it possible that the China Southern lady that I talked to was just a front-office person who doesn't know the exact rules/procedure and that I may still be allowed to board the flight?Thanks so-so-so-so much in advance!!!!!
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