Corbyn cheerleaders Momentum probed

The Jeremy Corbyn-supporting group Momentum is being investigated by the Electoral Commission over spending during June's election. 07-12-17
  • [16-10] #Corbyn's communist advisers probed by MI5.And with good reason...
  • [01-10] Urgent! Momentum seem to have released the ultimate weapon in Manchester. A white, middle class samba band! #momentum #corbyn
  • [29-09] @uncleporkie @TheaDickinson Keep going. Remind them of Corbyn's Hitler youth, Momentum. #Corbyn dressed as policeman?
  • [28-09] VOTE #CORBYN is a vote for the virulent anti-Semitic anarchist low life Momentum. It is #Momentum & UNITE who pull…
  • [14-10] #corbyn Straight out of the Momentum Handbook." It is decreed that if someone does not support Corbyn he/she must…
  • [14-10] and people wonder why #Corbyn is getting 'momentum'....
  • [07-11] So #Corbyn #Momentum #Labour spin your way out of this
  • [19-12] Sorry to correct the statement here. #Corbyn does not say anything. #Momentum does it all for him.
  • [22-11] #Corbyn & his #momentum bullies are mad bad and dangerous.
  • [27-09] Even after promising the uk voters free everything #corbyn comes 3rd! Doh! What #Momentum ??
  • [16-11] @holland_tom All must be secret #Marxists go join #Corbyn and momentum then!
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  • [26-09] #Corbyn hasn't changed. You were just wrong. #Momentum #Labour
  • [10-10] stop telling the truth says Corbyn #momentum #labour
  • [30-09] @GuidoFawkes A taste of things to come. We should all be afraid #Corbyn #Momentum
  • [30-09] 'Something sinister is on the march in #Corbyn's #Labour and it all starts with #Momentum' - @LBC
  • [16-09] Where has the #Momentum, #Corbyn's SS, Take Back Control Tour gone, #Labour?
  • [18-01] @eyejosh @thejournal_ie Democracy means nothing to them - clearly all #Corbyn wants is a Momentum led UK & #May wel…
  • [01-10] In which Tom Watson sings 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' & says 'We have the momentum'. #Lab17 definitely not to be confused with #
  • [04-11] #corbyn #momentum grassroot campaign promote antiausterity-sign up=
  • [01-10] This is what #MadDogMacDonnel's #Momentum -#Corbyn's praetorian guard will look like 2 years-after he's elected..if…
  • [30-09] @MichelleDewbs @aliciakearns Unfortunately this is what momentum running #Corbyn and @UKLabour have done, not one of them has condemned it
  • [26-01] @BjjJkelly @PeoplesMomentum I rejoined labour due to #Corbyn and #momentum,I'm 60 been in business since I was 19,…
  • [09-10] Coming to the streets if #Corbyn #Labour are elected in the #UK @UKLabour @Momentum
  • [19-12] Where is the useless voice of #Corbyn on #Brexit? All that rubbish that #Momentum came out with after the election.…
  • [20-11] Hats off to everyone behind #Labsummer doc. It shows Corbyn supporters and Momentum for what they really are : Regular
  • [16-11] @peteconnolly @TomThomas33 @sarahwollaston We know where' the violence emanates from - it's #Corbyn & #Momentum Lab…
  • [14-12] Here's #TheCanary, a support of #Momentum and #Corbyn, talking about "control freakery". Can you believe it?
  • [16-11] We arè aware of where the violence emanates from - it's #Corbyn & #Momentum #Labour - they are the cancer within our So
  • [27-09] So the thugs are feeling the heat. The momentum must continue... #Corbyn #LabourConference17
  • [24-11] @NHSMillion People should be aware that this twitter account is run by #momentum #corbyn, no interest in #nhs - usi…
  • [27-09] #TORIES rattled! The momentum in British politics is with Jeremy Corbyn. He must be stopped
Corbyn cheerleaders Momentum probed
The Jeremy Corbyn-supporting group Momentum is being investigated by the Electoral Commission over spending during June's election.
Quote of the week 'momentum is strong' when describing the Labour Party? Didn't they lost a recent by election? you do actually know that Momentum is a group in the Labour Party, who heavily support Corbyn. They are the ones who got him to be leader and they will be the ones, who through number of members within the Labour Party, would elect the new leader. So if Corbyn decides to stay as Labour Leader, despite defeat, due to the support of the momentum group, he will remain leader. Pity when you have to spell things out one word at a time to the thick and igorant
Annihilation help , physics !? yes as the other person said THE two photons must have the same momentum combined as the two particles that created them since the momentum of the system at rest is 0- the final momentum must be 0 since there are only two photons they must cancel each others momentum since one goes right the other must go exactly the opposite to the left with exactly the same momentum since the momentum is related to the energy both photons will have the same energy and frequency. remember though that this is a simplified case there can be 3 or 4 or more photons created .. just that 2 is the minimum with 3 photons they are at angles to one another and the calculations get more complicated ..
Physics angular velocity? initial: I = 197 kg•m² ω = 0 Angular momentum L = Iω = 0 so due to conservation of angular momentum, the total system momentum at the end must be that of the boy alone. linear momentum converted to angular momentum L = Pr where P = mV is linear momentum boy's linear momentum P = 52•3.4 kg•m/s converted to angular momentum L = 52•3.4•1.8 kg•m²/s I = mR² = 52•1.8² kg•m² after, L remains the same, but I and ω change new I is sum of MGR and boy = 197 + 52•1.8² kg•m² L is the same at 52•3.4•1.8 kg•m²/s ω = L/I = 52•3.4•1.8 / 52•1.8² = 3.4/1.8 = 1.89 rad/s
What should I name my daughter/son? I'd go with Lucas & Adelaide :) I also like Greyson, Corbyn and Noelle. But I wouldn't pick Corbyn as it's likely to become very popular due to Jeremy Corbyn, the likely next British prime minister, and I think Noelle only works for a baby born around Christmas.
Physics problem?!?!? Let's put "downfield" on the y-axis and "cross-field" on the x-axis. x-momentum px = 85.0kg * 8.00m/s = 680 kg·m/s y-momentum py = 75.0kg * 9.00m/s = 675 kg·m/s momentum is conserved, so these are the components of the momentum after the collision. |p| = √(px² + py²) = 958 kg·m² so speed v = |p| / m = 958kg·m² / 160kg = 5.99 m/s ◄ The direction of the momentum is the same as the direction of the velocity. Measured from the original direction of the linebacker (cross-field), that's Θ = arctan(675/680) = 44.8º ◄ If you find this helpful, please award Best Answer. You get points too!
Anyone good at physics momentum problems? I'm not bad at it, but you'll only improve your ability by understanding the math and applying it. Here are the basics: Momentum p is a vector value defined as the product of the mass m and velocity v of an object: p = m * v The change of a body's momentum is called impulse J: J = Δp = p₂ - p₁ = m * v₂ - m * v₁ = m * Δv Delta (Δ) is a symbol that means "change". For example, while p is the instantaneous momentum, Δp depicts the change of momentum that occurred over some period of time. Here is a link to a calculator for finding both Impulse (initial propulsive force) and momentum (quantity of motion of a moving body):
“Keep the momentum while you are moving to guarantee additional motion and momentum.” - Loren Weisman
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hoqw is the angular momentum related to linear momentum?
I2C only works when probed or loaded with 1Mohm I am trying to troubleshoot communications between an msp430fr5847 (master) and a slave sensor with unknown I2C chip (part of an industrial sensor) I am having issues with a new batch of sensors ...
How is the angular momentum related to linear momentum?
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