Mistrust haunts £4bn London housing project

Haringey and Lendlease under fire for 20-year regeneration scheme to build 6,400 homes 06-12-17
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Mistrust haunts £4bn London housing project
Haringey and Lendlease under fire for 20-year regeneration scheme to build 6,400 homes
The simply answer to your question is that the property market, like any other commodity, is subject to the laws of supply and demand. Due to the fact that London has approximately 10 million people living in a relatively small area means that there is a huge demand for housing. Add to the fact also that in London the wages can be double that of anywhere else in the country and this helps to fuel the housing market. Also, because London is such a cosmopolitan capital other influences in the housing market exist - e.g. wealthy buyers from abroad etc. As you are from the US prices in London will seem even more expensive due to the decline of the dollar against sterling which is now at it's lowest level in 25 years! This may be rectified somewhat if you live in the UK and are paid in Sterling as therefore no exchange risk will take place. However, if still paid in US dollars you will find London nightmarishly expensive! There's a bonus! London is still a remarkable place! Good luck!
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The British Government needs to get moving and increase the new housing in the country for it's own citizens - regardless of immigration or refugees. The rise in house prices is a national disgrace - and people have a right to good housing. It is pathetic that the housing market is dominated by building luxury flats in London for billionaires. Repatriation is an excuse for poor Government in this area. Don't be fooled by mythical armies of refugees - you already have a housing problem.
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Despite the protests, which were not just from people who's homes are in the proposed route, but others who simply cannot understand how the Government can justify spending what they estimate will be £54 Billion, but which many industry experts have said could run to as much as £85 Billion, the Government are hell bent on going ahead with the project, which at the end of the day will achieve the magnificent target of taking 20 minutes off a journey from London to Birmingham yippeeeeee. The writing was well and truly on the wall when the Government announced that they were in "Consultation" in regards to the project, and within a week appointed a chairman to oversee the work? It is just another example of how out of touch the Westminster elite really are. Let's not forget that the Labour and Lib Dem parties could have opposed this and would have won if it had been forced to a vote, but they did not. I hope supporters of those two parties remember that if and when they complain about it. We need to build one house every 7 minutes to keep up with the demand from the standing British population. That would not address the current back log, it would just cope with the naturally growing demand. Add to that the net current inward migration of 4000 per week, all of whom are added to the housing queue, and you can see that we are drowning on the housing front. Whilst we are about it, those 4000 per week are of course going to have children, and our School places are as inadequate as available houses, our NHS is crumbling, in fact in all matters, our infrastructure is not fit for purpose. Most would agree that the Rail network is in need of upgrading, but that is a very different proposition to this project. Yet another case of the Westminster bubble carrying on with their pet projects at any price.
London may be a bit ****, but for people who - yah know - work for a living, it's the place where the jobs are. some London councils have been 'encouraging' people (in social housing projects) to move out of their areas, for a long time Brent council have been meeting their social housing requirements by moving people as far away as high Wycombe and even Birmingham
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London suburbs set for housing boom as Sadiq Khan relaxes rules Mayor plans to build more than 250,000 new homes in capital’s 13 outer suburbs, more than double the current rate London’s suburbs are braced for a wave of construction after the mayor, Sadiq Khan, announced that rules protecting local character would be lifted to enable a big increase in housebuilding. The capital’s outer boroughs must build more homes over the next decade than there are in the city of Manchester , according to Khan’s draft London plan. One-third of new housing planned in London will be built on small sites, including
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What US federal government department makes direct loans for the construction or rehabilitation housing project for the elderly or handicapped? The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may make direct loans. You may also want to check to see if your state or municipality offers matching loans or grants.
What do you think about the London 2012 Olympics. I need to know for a Geography project? I personally think it is a amazing event, and a once in a lifetime chance for me. It's in my country. It will be throughout England, not just in London. I hope you see this in time.
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