M4 driver stops in the fast lane after being pulled over

The blue Chevrolet Matiz had been travelling at 50mph in the fast lane of the M4 near Swindon, Wiltshire, for 25 miles and without any lights on. 07-12-17
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M4 driver stops in the fast lane after being pulled over
The blue Chevrolet Matiz had been travelling at 50mph in the fast lane of the M4 near Swindon, Wiltshire, for 25 miles and without any lights on.
The three lane issue is confusing. Was it a a two lane road with a center turning lane? But you say you were in the left lane, so that does not match up with the above. How many total lanes? If there are four total lanes you call that a standard 4 lane road, if it has 2, and a center and 2, then you would say a 4 lane road with center turning lane. Setting that aside, if a car pulls across a another road then they need to make sure their is clearance. As a side note, never debate the other driver. Never make any statements, like you are sorry, I did not even see you pull out, etc. Simply take pictures and exchange info. If the other driver makes any statements write those down and note the date and time.
You feel the police were discriminating against you and pulled you over because you have tattoos? How did they see the tattoos at night before they pulled you over? Or is it possible they pulled you over for failure to maintain lane. And what does your home state have to do with you having insurance where you were pulled over.
The tow truck driver told me he was working for the police when he towed away my Ferrari. Do you think he pulled a fast one?
well my freind if you think 7 hrs on a train is a long time don't even think about the Megabus. with other pick-ups or drop-offs driver changes meal stops comfort stops you will not like it.
Actually, flashing headlights is illegal on the autobahn. Left lane is for passing only. There are many problems with the concept of no speed limit; trucks are only allowed to drive 100KMH (61MPH), so you come upon them fast. The suggested speed is 130KPH, 80 MPH. I drove a barren Autobahn section at 204KPH, 126 MPH, and the dashed lines in the road are a blur. With traffic, this would be dangerous on a two lane Autobahn. You can't imagine how fast you will come up to the back of a truck if someone is in the left lane passing you. Driving on the Autobahn is a full time job. I lived over there for 14 years.
Drive to Hanger Lane, W5, and park the car in a prominent position near the pub in the "Fox & Geese" public house car-park on Hanger Lane, it's uncovered and free. Stroll 100 yards up to Hanger Lane Tube station and get a zone ticket and that will cover you for the area where you are parked and the area where you are going. That works for me every time and is easier than driving in central London where it is now regarded as a serious criminal offence to even own a car and the driver must be penalised to the hilt, to the point of bankruptcy! Of course, now that I have said so publicly of my MO, you may wish to find another pub car park but Hanger Lane's a safe enough bet and as close as you will get, also, it's only just along the A406 from the bottom of the M1. Bon voyage, enjoy your weekend.
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if ur going 55 in the fast lane
In the Fast Lane In the Fast Lane Carroll Shelby's authorized biography tells of how a Sports Illustrated "driver of the year" became the designer behind the Cobra and other muscle cars.
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Are you on the ‘fast' lane?
On a ‘fast’ lane
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Fast lane in the UK? [duplicate] As an American, I am used to driving on the right, and that the left lane on a major highway is supposed to be the "fast lane"... If I attempt to drive in the UK, is the right lane the "fast lane" on ...
What does it mean to be in the fast lane in California? I don't think I've ever understood this. I travel frequently across the State of California by car. And I often take the highway to get to many places.One thing I don't understand is how fast lanes and slow lanes work. I was recently travelling on a fast lane near San Francisco driving at the speed limit, when I noticed a cop who was travelling behind me honk at me, presumably because I was going slowly? I noticed there was a long line of cars behind me. So I moved into the slow lane. But even weirder is that cars in the slow lane drive at the speed limit, and cars that drive in the fast lane drive way past the speed limit, even cops. And I have never seen anybody get arrested for going faster than the speed limit, except for really fast drivers.So I don't understand, even with 6 years of driving throughout California under my belt. I understand the fast lane is for fast cars, but doesn't driving at the speed limit constitute fast? I really don't understand. I talked to a local officer and they said that if there are cars tailgating you or lining up behind you, you should change lanes to a slower one, but if I'm already driving at the speed limit, how can I go any faster?
Do you move into the fast lane? Suppose you want to ask someone to change from slow lane to the fast lane while driving. What do you say to mean this? From the Web I see that the following two options may be used: 1) Pull into the ...
What's the reasoning behind sending a bruiser top-lane, AP middle-lane, ranged-AD + support bottom-lane and one player in the jungle? Most teams follow this team composition. What are the reasons for it? For example, why don't you typically see AP top with bruisers in the middle or a ranged AD in top-lane?
Another driver pulled me over on the motorway and asked for petrol. Was it a scam attempt? [on hold] These days, I was driving on the D11 in Czechia in the early evening hours. Shortly before Prague, I had stopped at a service area. Not too long after I had pulled out and was back on the motorway, I noticed the car behind me flashing its headlights at me and gesturing at me to pull over. The car had UK plates; I was driving my own car, also with foreign plates. Both cars are medium-sized passenger cars, European premium brands, around 10 years old. I remembered hearing about similar scams in other parts of the world, where people will stop passing cars, claiming there is something wrong with the car or, alternatively, that they need help, and then rob the driver or steal the car. With this in mind, I pulled over and opened a window but left the transmission in drive and the engine running. The driver of the other car got out, showed me a business card, asked if I spoke English and then explained in accented English (he claimed to be Arab) that he was having “petrol problems” with his car and was traveling with his wife and baby, and asked if I could help him. At that point I decided the whole thing was getting too fishy and I drove off. What raised my suspicion was: He claimed “petrol problems” (running out of fuel?) although we had just passed a gas station less than 2 km before. I would imagine that it would have been much easier for him to stop there and ask for help. In the unlikely event that something were to have happened on the short stretch of road after the service area, there are still emergency phones along the highway, which he could have used. Why would he flag down a car with foreign plates instead of a local one, whose driver would be more likely able to help him (e.g. speaking the local language, knowing where to get help)? Whereas I would expect scammers to be more likely to target foreigners (more valuables in the car, less savvy driver). How likely is it that this was a scam attempt? Does this resemble any well-known scams—and if so, are they known to have occurred around Prague before? Or is there any good reason why this behavior could be legitimate and innocuous?
Driver 1 pulls to the far left lane which is the oncoming traffic lane to make a wide right hand turn but Driver 2 behind Driver 1 is going straight and gets hit by Driver 1 then who is at fault? This is a very common accident to see involving Tractor-Trailers who must often swing left before turning right, and end up with a car whizzing up their right side. In spite of the fact that the manoevre was necessary, the onus is still on the driver who swung wide to ensure his right side remains clear. Therefore, Driver 1 is most likely at fault.
I was in the middle lane waiting to switch into an ongoing lane far left fast lane I looked over my shoulder and the lane was clear so I switched Not even 5 seconds later a car came and hit me.? This is the full question. I was in the middle lane, waiting to switch into an on-going lane(far left, fast lane). I looked over my shoulder and the lane was clear so I switched. Not even 5 seconds later, a car came out of nowhere and hit the back right side of my bumper. The car is insured, but I`m not under my sister`s policy. Not only that, but I only have my permit and the owner of the car gave me permission to drive her car, since my destination was only 15-20 blocks away. The other party`s insurance called and told me they`re holding me responsible, denying any liability when I haven`t e
Who is at fault if driver a is turning right into center turn lane to make left at an intersection and driver b is driving in center lane before the opening and hits driver a? If the driver has completely turned into the center lane and vehicle B rear ends vehicle A directly from behind then it is driver Bs fault. If vehicle a has not completed the turn into the center lane and vehicle B impacts on an angle at say the drivers side door or left rear passengers door, basically anywhere along the left side of the vehicle then it is driver A's fault.Another View: When turning right onto a multi-lane roadway, the law requires you to turn into the right-hand lane of that roadway. You may change lanes only when you determine that the lanes to your left are clear to merge i
Who is at fault if driver A is driving on the right on the other side solid white line no parking lane and driver B is stopped and pulls into the same lane and side swipes driver A? From what I'm reading here, Driver B would be at fault. The vehicle already in the lane of travel has right-of-way always, and merging traffic must yield to traffic in the lane they are merging into. On top of that, the solid white line indicates that merging into that lane was prohibited to begin with, so Driver B was in the wrong just for that alone, before you factor in their failure to yield right-of-way.
Who is at fault when one driver changes lanes and slows down and is rear ended and is cited for 'illegal lane usage' and the other driver is cited for 'traveling too fast for road conditions'? It depends on the State, but most will require that the blame be shared, then you get to fix your own.
Which lane delivers the driver to the acceleration lane and primarily gives the driver time to evaluate traffic conditions? merging area or entrance ramp
Who is at fault if driver A has a left turn arrow and turns left onto a three lane road into the far right lane and driver B is turning right onto the same road from the opposite direction? If you're proceeding (A) with a left arrow, you can be pretty sure the traffic signal is holding all conflicting traffic with a red signal. Otherwise the signal is defective. That said, the other driver (B) is likely at fault for failing to properly yield after stopping for a red light.
Who is at fault if driver a was changing lanes and driver b who was already in the lane hit each other Damage is to driver a's car above front left tire and driver b's car above the back right tire? Generally the car making the movement, in this case 'A', will be the driver found at fault.
If you are in the right lane to make a right and your stopped and the the driver in front of you is in the middle lane and makes a right turn also and hits you who is at fault? The driver turning from the middle lane is at fault.
Who is at fault when on a double yellow two lane road a car stops suddenly you go into the left lane to avoid the collision and the car turns left Car possibly had a right turn signal on? Sorry but you are at fault.
Who is at fault when driver A is making a signaled right hand turn from a right hand lane and driver B strikes driver A in rear passenger side bumper and Vehicle B receives a citation? Almost without exception (actually I can't think of any) if a moving vehicle strikes a stopped vehicle from the rear, the operator of the moving vehicle is held responsible.** The driver of B. That's why and what they were cited for. A strong hint is in the question - the one who strikes another is almost always wrong.
Does the right lane or left lane driver have the right of way? It depends on which country you are in. Countries may drive on the left or right carriageway and local rules may apply to lanes.
Who is at fault when one driver A leaves a parking lot and turns left while another driver B changes into the lane which driver A turns into? Traffic/Motor Vehicle law varies from state to state and may be a matter of local government law if the accident was on their paved road(s). Your best source of information is a local attorney. Depending on where this happened, both drivers could be charged. Driver A for improper entry into the flow of traffic and driver B for improper/unsafe lane change and or failure to have care and control of his vehicle. This depends on the investigating officer and the situation at the time. Most likely a review and ruling by traffic court would be needed. The normal rule that an officer would operate
Who's at fault if driver a is approaching a yellow light and realizes they will not make it through and suddenly stops and is rear ended by driver b who thought driver a was going to try to make it? It is driver B's fault because you now that driver A should stop because other cars are already driving so he should of stopped instead of you keep going
When passing another vehicle a driver should wait until the entire car the driver just passed is visible in the rear view mirror before turning back into the right hand lane?
Who is at fault if A stops suddenly at a green light cause they thought it was red and driver B rear ends driver A? both a and b (i think...)
Who is at fault if you hit the car behind you when you return to your lane after going around a car that was pulled over? If you changed lanes and hit a car in the lane you are trying to get into you are at fault.
Does a car have the right of way if it stops in a travel lane for no reason? no
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