World's oldest eye' found on 530 million-year-old fossil

Researchers spotted a compound eye on the remains of a long-extinct sea creature. 07-12-17
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World's oldest eye' found on 530 million-year-old fossil
Researchers spotted a compound eye on the remains of a long-extinct sea creature.
The reason why Creationists say that they have same proof as Evolutionists, but interpret in their own way, is that, since the evidence actually supports evolution and refutes creationism, they must ignore the actual context of the evidence in order to make it fit the creationist "model." For example. creationists say the fossil evidence actually supports the biblical flood because, they say, a sudden flood would be the only way those fossils could result and be preserved. But, in doing so, they ignore the actual context of the fossil record. There are literally thousands of geological strata in layers, laid down by various processes and not just alluvial, one on top of the other, with the lowest being the oldest and the highest being the younger. In those layers the oldest have fossils of only very simple life forms, and as one observes the fossils that appear through the strata, the life forms change over time with sequences that follow evolutionary sequences, with NO fossil of a species found in strata that was laid down before that species could possibly have evolved. For example, the theory of evolution predicts that no fossil of a species will be found in geological strata that was laid down before that species could possibly have evolved. That has proved to be the case. All it would take to disprove evolution would be to find fossils of ANY of the 5,000 present-day species of mammals, including human, in ANY strata in which dinosaur fossils are found ANYWHERE in the world. No such fossils have EVER been found. The only mammal fossils to be found in the same strata with dinosaur fossils are of relatively small, early species having no clear relationship to any of the present-day species. It was only after the demise of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago that the mammals came into their own and, over tens of millions of years, eventually evolved into the present-day species. On the other hand, if the creationist flood model for the origin of the fossil record were valid, there SHOULD be such a mix of all the species of animals that have ever existed, since, according to the flood myth in the Bible all species (or "kinds") were created at the same time--and actually there should also not be the thousands of geological strata that actually exist either. So, the creationists ignore, or are actually ignorant of, the actual nature of the fossil record, when they make their "interpretation" of that record. As evolutionary biologist and Eastern Orthodox Christian Theodosius Dobzhansky said, .
Approximate 4.65 BILLION years. The oldest Rocks on Earth are 4.4 BILLION years old, but it took time for the crust solidify and then it was ripped off when Theia impacted the Earth and seismic waves ripped of the crust and the mantle, part of which became the Moon. '...4.4 billion years Jack Hills, Australia, where rocks were found to contain the oldest known minerals on Earth, a 4.4 billion-year-old zircon. Just three of the very oldest zircons have been found, ones that date back to almost 4.4 billion years ago.Feb 23, 2014..."
Not really, no. What you seem to be suggesting is that, if we had a cheap way of capturing and sequestering CO2, we could go on using fossil fuels to power our economies *and* solve the global warming issue. This might be the case, but there's another aspect to it. If you look at the costs of fossil fuels over the past 30 years, you find they are 'volatile'. They fluctuate up and down greatly. Oil is a prime example - you'd pay more than 140 dollars for a barrel in June 2008 (using 2017 dollars) and about 58 dollars today. If you look at the cost of solar or wind over the past 30 years the graph looks very different ... it's been falling and falling. In many cases, it's actually cheaper to generate power using solar and wind than fossil fuels. But don't take my word for it, take the World Economic Forum which, in January this year, reported that solar and wind were now the same price or cheaper in 30 countries than new fossil fuel capacity. Wind and solar are not replacements for fossil fuels. They are fuel-saving technology. When you're producing lots of power using wind or solar, you can cut back on energy generated by fossil fuels. This saves those fossil fuels (and reduces your CO2 emissions). When the wind and solar aren't generating, you use your fossil fuel stations to compensate. And if wind and solar are currently the same price or cheaper, and the costs are on a downward trend, why wouldn't you want to use solar and wind to reduce costs and save fossil fuels? Even if you ignore the global warming issue, or simply don't believe it, there are very good economic reasons why wind and solar should be included in the energy mix!
Birmingham,UK retain oldest train station building in World(which look ugly in isolation)to HS2 link.Do u think it's World's oldest station?
7 million is all? The GOP fed us a four-year long 30 million dollar nothingburger, and Mueller is getting results for his 7 million. BTW, it costs U.S. taxpayers @ 3 million each trip to fly Trump to his golf courses.
I hear you. When I met Jesus I was a seasoned age, 42. One of the first questions I had to God was "What about the dinosaurs!!" He took me on a two year journey using science to teach me about pre-flood history. I can't go into great detail here because of space constraints, but I will tell you a tidbit to set you on a course to look into the matter from a different perspective: When a fish dies, it rots and floats or gets eaten. It does NOT turn into a fossil (same with all animal or plant matter). But fish fossils are found on the tops of mountains! So how did fossils get here? Think of the Japanese tsunami. Everything was overtaken by waves and trapped in mud then covered by miles of water for a year. The extreme pressure compressed everything - the minerals in the mud seeped into the tissues, effectively turning them into stone. Stone CANNOT BE DATED. I.e.: hold up a rock and tell me how many times it's been around the sun... you know... how we measure what we consider the passing of a year. The one and only reason why fossils exist is because of the world-wide flood. Gen. 10:25 and Gen. 11.8-9 talks about the division and separation of lands, peoples and animals. PS. Pre-flood everything lived ten times longer than now.... reptiles never stop growing as long as they live (even now). Their lifespans meant they grew enormous. But they never were carniverous.... they only ate green things like the biggest animals do today. You'll NEVER find the remnants of another animal in the stomach of a giant reptile fossil. Believe every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.... otherwise you are calling Him a liar.... and you will be a finger puppet for Satan.
World’s oldest primitive animal fossil found in China
Half A Billion-Year-Old Fossil of World's Oldest Eye This 530 million-year-old fossilized eye is the oldest evidence of this important organ, and shows just how little the eye has changed in the past half a billion years.
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Are hyphens required in ' a $100 million to $150 million a year industry'? Without recasting, would you include hyphens in any of the examples below? I think they're clear, as is, without them. If you would use hyphens, where would you put them? I know there are rules ...
Looking for a short story about a fossil found on Mars An early (first?) expedition to Mars finds a fossil and the geologist dies trying to get it back. The story is told by a survivor of the expedition many years later after Mars has been colonized, ...
Are fossil fuels making the world greener? The popular understanding (at least among those who are not climate skeptics) of global warming is that it is likely to create environmental catastrophe for reasons such as spreading deserts and ...
“Operate” on fossil fuels vs “Run” on fossil fules [closed] Example sentence: Since our obsolete power stations still run on fossil fuels, they emit substantial amounts of greenhouse gases. Would it be more formal, if it is changed into the following ...
Have meteorites been found in the oldest sedimentary rocks?
Why is fossil evidence in rocks older that 600 million years old compared with the number of fossil found in younger rocks?
The oldest fossil of dinosaurs occur in rocks that are approximstely how many million years old?
What is the oldest fossil found?
[05-12] Where was the oldest pigeon Fossil found?
What layer of rock is oldest fossil found?
[25-11] If a layer of sandstone lies on top of a layer of limestone in which a 300-million-year-old fossil is found and there are no unconformities the layer of sandstone must be what?
Why do scientists think mankind came from Africa- A 47 million year old fossil from Germany says otherwise- Did we all come from Europe? With the discovery of the "missing link" in Germany does indicate that we came from Europe instead of Africa.
What could you conclude if a dinosaur fossil and a bird fossil were found in the same layer of rocks?
The first dinosaur fossil and the fossil found on Vega Island in 1986 were representative of what geologic time period?
How does knowing the age of the rock in which the fossil was found help scientists determine the age of the fossil?
What is the age of the oldest found Mercedes car in the world?
What state was the oldest rock in the world found?
You just found out that you only produce about 3 million sperm cells per ejaculation are you still able to impregnate your wife as you are trying to have a child also why do you have only 3 million?
The oldest rock in the world dated about 3.8 billion years old was found in what state?
What is the oldest human fossil? Ardi- About 2 million years old.
What organism is the oldest fossil?
What is the third oldest human fossil?
Oldest dinosaur fossil? The oldest known dinosaur is Eoraptor, from the Late Triassic of South America.
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Catch And Cook: 450 Million Year Old Living Fossil - Horseshoe Crab - Catch And Cook: 450 Million Year Old Living Fossil - Horseshoe Crab The original plan was to do some Blue Crabbing. This would give me a break from fishing ...
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