Treating a dying child made me reflect on my role as a paramedic

‘We made a difference to the parents and the bystanders.’ Photograph: sturti/Getty Images/Vetta 07-12-17
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  • [13-12] #PeterKay could have a child dying of a horrible illness, yet his fans are complaining "ugh, but I booked a hotel".Fuck away off, wankers
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  • [06-11] what about #NASL keeping a playoff but treating it like a league cup and treating the table topper as champion? @KayLMurray @TRongen
  • [11-08] @PrisonPlanet #UK has widespread ✅muslim child grooming ✅FGM ✅street violence, drug gangs ✅children dying as no funds to
  • [10-08] @TRobinsonNewEra #UK has widespread muslim child grooming FGM street violence & drug gangs at risk children dying as no
  • [31-10] There's a big difference b/w treating others how you want to be treated AND treating others how they treat you. #powerperspective
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  • [21-09] @jimmy_dore 100% OG full jim on AP tonight! Great energy, U actually reflect what so many of us are made to shut up about publicly. #tytlive
  • [15-10] @awaspinajar Your passion was tangible, I guarantee you made everyone ‘inside the room’ self reflect today. #Perspectives
  • [25-11] Happy #VeteransDay! I hope that you take a moment today to reflect on the sacrifices made by our troops & their families.
Treating a dying child made me reflect on my role as a paramedic
‘We made a difference to the parents and the bystanders.’ Photograph: sturti/Getty Images/Vetta
Paramedic Job in London? I'm n American and 18 and about to graduate high school. I want to be a paramedic and I also love the UK like a lot so would I go to collage in London and become a paramedic that way or could I take collage here in America and then move to London n get a job of being a paramedic in London? Help.
How to become a Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter/paramedic? This for anyone who is a firefighter/paramedic. I am currently a high school senior on Hawaii and my goal is to move to California to become apart of the LAFD as a firefighter/paramedic. what are the steps to become one? i have family living in Southern California so i have a place to stay, at least. what are the...
If a paramedic asks a Londoner where he is bleeding from, will he answer "Bleedin' Shoreditch"...? Yes.. Then the Londoner should form a cross with his arms,& shoot the paramedic in the heart with a silver bullet. Because you never know; THE "PARAMEDIC" COULD BE A VAMPIRE LOOKING FOR HIS NECKS VICTIM!
Im 13 and my mom won t let me wear anything!!! Any advice??? Get this... you are still a little girl and a child. You shouldn't be thinking about getting made up to high heaven and shaving util you are old enough to start to go out properly (like to bars etc). I don't think your mum is treating you any different to how other mums do.
Paramedic Job in London? The pathetic 6 month or even 2 year Associate degree in the US for Paramedic will not even get you a job washing an ambulance in other countries...definitely not the UK or London. The Paramedics there have at minimum a Bachelors degree with most being at Masters level with a very heavy clinical component...not the pitiful 300 - 400 hours of the US programs. You would also need excellent high school grades to even be considered for any college in the UK unlike the US where you need only a GED to get into a votech for a Paramedic program. There is also the chances that you would not even be considered for any Paramedic position in London since you are an American. Most countries require you to be a citizen and usually one who is born there.
My boyfriend kicked me out of the house after a 16 hour work day and me being 4 months pregnant? Would you go back? "I don't want it to end because I wanted a family" What KIND of family do you want? Do you want a partner who is going to basically be an abusive alcoholic toward you and your child? Do you want a man who will say insensitive things to you in front of your child or harshly go about treating you and being passive? He's giving you a preview of what life is going to be like. He threw you out of the house where you had no place to stay and you were a vulnerable pregnant woman. If he truly cared about his own flesh and blood growing inside you, he would not have done it. And even if he questioned if it was his, he still shouldn't do that. If he's treating you this way, document everything he does, because one day you may need it in court to fight for custody or child support. You don't want a man like this raising a child. Just sad the red flags weren't bright enough for you to dodge before getting pregnant. And NO, I would not take him back. Women nowadays are way too forgiving of the things men do. There are polite good guys out there waiting to treat you right and they're scratching their heads as to why many of you women insist on staying with a man who mistreats you.
Paramedic accused of failing to help save a dying heart patient David Prideaux facing ban after failing to attempt resuscitation
My SO made 11k laat year , i made 36k . We have one child together and are trying to figure out who should claim the child . Used the turbo tax refund app and it has her projected to get a higher refund than me , is this correct ?
Prayer Has a Role In Treating Illness Prayer Has a Role In Treating Illness In "When Spirituality Kills" (Houses of Worship, July 8), Mitch Horowitz refers to Christian Science and alludes to its safety. While the track record of its practice over the last 140 years isn't perfect, any connotation that the cumulative record suggests it is inherently unsafe doesn't square with the facts.
‘Ayurveda has key role in treating mental illness’
“Mother's role key in treating mentally-challenged children”
Treating options made easy
Accent on role of gene therapy in treating inherited disorders
When a Child Doesn’t Speak: Treating Selective Mutism When a Child Doesn’t Speak: Treating Selective Mutism A program works to coax children who stay silent in public out of their shells.
IQ number may not reflect a child's abilities: Howard Gardner
Key-hole surgery performed on child for treating polycystic kidney disease
Child Line 1098 plays key role in rescuing child workers
once you go black you never go back" is actually about dying hair but someone somewhere made it about something different.
Jay Leno Made a Dying Rodney Dangerfield Laugh
My father has made photographs from me as a child. Naked and I had to spread my legs. Does this count as sexual abuse / child porn?
Why suppress a dying declaration made before magistrate, asks Supreme Court
Treating Special Snowflakes May Keep Mental Health Providers from Treating People with Real Problems
Does it sniff the butt before treating, therefore not treating sticks or other "impostor" butts
Trauma surgeon in Texas church massacre: ‘It is gut-wrenching to look into the eyes of a dying child’
Nurse in Finland charged with stealing dying child’s drugs, replacing it with water
Treating (or Not Treating) Mental Health Issues at NY Base The Army's 10th Mountain Division located in Fort Drum, NY, has been the most deployed unit since the 9/11 attacks. A new report highlights an inadequate system in place at the Army base for treating soldiers with mental health issues. The report, published by the advocacy group Veterans for America, said soldiers can wait more than a month before seeing a proper health care worker.Fort Drum is located near the Canadian border. Its remoteness and harsh winter weather doesn't exactly provide the most uplifting setting for soldiers recently back
My mother on her wedding day 1970s. My parents were married in a hospital so my grandfather, who was dying of cancer, could attend. This picture made it on the front page of the newspaper.
I should have a child now just so I can harvest its liver when I'm dying from liver cancer. That way I can keep drinking without having to wait on an organ donor waitlist
Attempting Dying Light again. However this time I made a music playlist to listen to during (high energy beats and rythems) and also messed with the settings to make it a but more bright and less grainy......GOTY now.
Child development: role of parents and teachers
How do I get my parents to stop treating me like a child at 24
What is the recommendation for treating a feverish child? When her young children became feverish, my sister would undress them and try to bring their temperature down. However my mother is adamant that the right treatment is the exact opposite- Wrap them ...
How can I ask my parents to stop treating me like a child without getting too confrontational
How long should it take for iCloud Drive on Yosemite 10.10 to refresh and reflect changes made elsewhere? I haven't really used iCloud Drive yet since I'm not a fan of putting my documents on the cloud, but I gave in yesterday and dropped my holiday greeting card spreadsheet on to it from my main desktop (...
iPad's Apple ID did not reflect the change I made on and now I can't turn off Find my iPad So this is quite a headache already. I'll lay out what I've done chronologically: Not knowing that the Apple ID is still in use on a device (iPad), I've changed the associated email address on the ...
I've made an addition to my home: how to I reflect the adjusted basis for home office deduction purposes? For some years I have operated a home office, and taken the home office deduction. The home office deduction (at least prior to the introduction of the simplified method) mandates calculating ...
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