Cashier accused of Emeli Sande bank scam faces retrial

Rasad Salam, 25, is alleged to have been the inside man in the scam, passing on the personal banking details of the Next To Me singer's ex-husband. 07-12-17
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Cashier accused of Emeli Sande bank scam faces retrial
Rasad Salam, 25, is alleged to have been the inside man in the scam, passing on the personal banking details of the Next To Me singer's ex-husband.
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How to tell if a Cashier s check is fake? YOU and your bank have NO way to check if a cashier's check is fake. ONLY the issuing bank can check it. If the issuing bank has a branch in your city go into that bank with the original check and ask them to look at it. They can tell from the watermarks, paper stock and also look up the check in their records If the issuing bank does not have a branch in your town, call that bank on the number on their website, tell them that you got a cashier's check that you think could possibly be fake, and ask them if they can look up the check number. They will ask you for the date and amount of the check and can compare it to what they have on file to see if the details match up or not
Is this a con game ? Is this ever a good deal ? SCAM The $2,500 will turn out to be a bad payment. It will take the bank a few days to figure it out. In the meantime, you've sent $2,200 to her leaving you with owing that back to the bank. In general, any time you get offers too good to be true from people you don't know then it's a SCAM.
Does this job sound like a scam? Scam. the payment by cashier's check or money order is the giveaway for me. The poor English is also a give away as is the job description. Hard to say if this will turn into an advance fee scam of some sort (if you aren't familiar with it, google it for examples) or an attempt at identify theft. If they at some point say you need to send money to a 3rd party, it's definitely a scam.
Does this job sound like a scam? Yes. I do not agree that "this might be a scam". This is definitely a scam. It could not be anything else. The first clue is the sender's e-mail address. Companies use their own name in the domain name; they don't use a gmail account. Another clue is that payment will be by cashier check or money order. Companies pay employees by regular business check or direct deposit, or even cash, not with a cashier check or a money order. The writer claims to be the supervisor of a "fabric" warehouse, but then says you will be inspecting pharmaceuticals and various other things that wouldn't be in a fabric warehouse. You're right about the spelling, but poor spelling doesn't prove it's a scam. The method of payment and the return e-mail address and the other inconsistencies do.
If this happened to you how could you prove that you're not lying? Something like that actually happened to me, I asked for quarters to play games in Las Vegas and handed the cashier a 20. She gave me quarters for a five. What I did was I flagged down the manager and said that I wanted the cashier's drawer counted out, and told the manager what happened. Interestingly, the cashier's drawer was over by more than just my 15 bucks, so the cashier was doing this to other people. A good cashier will put the bill on top of the drawer (there's like a little shelf there) and then count the change back. Then, when someone says "I gave you a 20", the cashier can point to the bill and say "No, you gave me this five". I've been on both sides of the register, and let me tell you, there are plenty of people who will try to get more change than they are entitled to. So, the way to deal with this is to call a manager. If there is no manager available, go back and file a complaint. You might or might not get the money back, but if the cashier is in the habit of doing this, then at least the store will know that the same cashier is shortchanging customers.
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Ex-N.Y. state senate leader's corruption conviction vacated, faces retrial A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday threw out the conviction of former New York state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that narrowed the conduct that can sustain federal corruption charges. The ruling came two months after the court also vacated the bribery conviction of former New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, employing similar reasoning. Acting U.S. Attorney in Manhattan Joon Kim said in a statement that his office would pursue a "prompt retrial where we will have another opportunity to
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